Clear signs that your employee has outgrown his position

Employee enthusiasm may run low. It is very difficult to be optimistic in the work everyday. A person can get tired, burn out, get carried away with a new hobby and concentrate on him the maximum of his attention. But sometimes passivity is a signal that in the place of an employee you will soon have to look for a new person.

The signal for the selection of frames may be the following “bells” in the behavior of personnel. By the way, sometimes this is a signal that he simply outgrew his tasks and it is time to open new levels of access / functionality / to set more ambitious tasks.

The American recruiting company OfficeTeam conducted a study in which each of the interviewed office workers admitted that they were bored at the workplace for about 10 hours a week. All that is more is a signal of a possible soon “flight away” if nothing changes. And you can diagnose boredom only by individual parameters, a drop in efficiency and other personal indicators – here, unfortunately, there are no universal indicators.

Another indicator is that the employee has ceased to undertake complex goals, striving to learn something new. The only way to be a good specialist is to constantly grow and improve your skills by overcoming difficulties. Any call of a person who is tired of work, passively responds to any new load, tries to avoid even the most interesting tasks. It is becoming more aggressive and withdrawn, especially in corporate correspondence.

Solving such situations is worth it in stages. The first is to try to discuss the current situation and invite the subordinate to go on vacation. Perhaps he just accumulated fatigue. If this does not work, you will have to make a decision: either offer career growth, or layoff. Do not try to keep an employee who wants to leave without offering him anything in return. He may agree, but the efficiency will soon fall anyway.

If you are faced with the need to find a new person to replace the one who left, but cannot clearly state what kind of position will be discussed, contact the Recruit Alliance and we will help you make the vacancy.
And then we will offer you a selection of the most suitable specialists during the week.

5 “right” things that show the seriousness of a new employee’s intentions

A successful interview is just the beginning of the journey. The new person shows his real level of professionalism in the first three months of employment. And this is not about the ability to clean up after oneself in a shared kitchen or to maintain a conversation in an informal chat room of colleagues. We have prepared a list of the 5 first steps of the new frame, which, according to recruiters, are indicators of a responsible approach to work.

  1. Immediately after talking with a recruiting agency, but before official employment check your social networks. On LinkedIn, specialists after the project / dismissal collect positive feedback from colleagues and partners, on Facebook and Twitter – they look at content and personal information. Of course, each person deserves privacy, but sometimes a reputation can suffer due to an unsuccessful joke. Remember the case of Justin Sacco, given in an article by experienced crisis managers.
  2. Establishes personal connections, makes contacts or, more simply, “joins the team”. Unfortunately for many introverts, office mode implies minimal communication skills, and even more often – teamwork. If we do not talk about individual cases, often the reason for dismissal in the first months of work is precisely the inability to find a common language with the old-timers. By the way, the task of the hr-manager is to timely detect an emerging problem and neutralize it.
  3. After the first meetings and skype calls, the global goals of the company become clear. At this stage, the new TOP manager should review his strategy first, the new head of the marketing department to recount the campaign and distribution by communication channels, Team Lead – to change the architecture of the code, if necessary, of course. Well, or at least he will have a desire to discuss what he heard, to speak out ideas.
  4. They offer new tools for optimizing tasks, but they do it unobtrusively and without depreciation. Especially if they occupy a managerial position in a highly specialized industry company. For example, New Biz can recommend a recruiter an article with a selection of useful tools, but should not criticize his communications scripts without significant arguments and similar work experience.
    They refine the scheme of internal communications, study the general schedule, pick up ongoing projects. They themselves offer help, but provide an opportunity at the first stages to other more experienced to determine their level of involvement. Here, by the way, it’s important not to overdo it – not to take over everything at once, so as not to lose the reputation of an executive officer.

We remind you that there are no good employees – there are suitable or not. Therefore, the main thing is that the work of a new person resonates with the general mood within the company. If even one of the steps will be taken a little later than the trial period – it is not problem. It is important that the adaptation process is completed in a timely manner and that work begins.

A great way to make the right choice of a person in a team is to entrust the selection to the agency Recruit Alliance.


Now there will be material not for recruiters, but it will probably be useful to HR managers or business owners. This material is a kind of reference to the best-selling book by Igor Mann 8 years ago, “Marketing without a Budget,” which once helped companies grow their brand without much cost. Similar events can be held with yesterday’s students, beginners and “June”, who are just starting their career paths. Please note that the advanced training of TOP managers should take place in a completely different way.

1.Closed clubs, professional societies, meetings for the exchange of experience

Open Facebook, in the left column select “Interesting” and find a list of free / low-cost events on any topic. For example, for IT it can be meetings of Code and Coffee Kyiv enthusiasts in the Dial, for HR benefits from recruiting agencies, networking and social initiatives – these are the IV Forum of Creative Industry. If you increase the budget to 1000 UAH, the offers increases tenfold.

2.Communicate with partners

At least one of the 5 major clients holds seminars / round tables on interesting topics. Find out more about their PR or advertising strategy, there may be some places left for some events. In return, you can offer useful feedback or support on social networks.

3.Share cases inside the company

The longer an employee works, the more he needs recognition and respect 🙂 Try to combine business with pleasure by offering him a small allowance for mentoring or training other employees. To optimize the process, use primarily the format that is convenient for him: either public speaking to colleagues once every couple of weeks, or preparing an article for internal mailing, or presentation.

4.Start the practice of group readings

Make a selection of 12 required books to read per year and invite colleagues to get acquainted with one of them once a month. This practice is useful to companies related to sales, marketing, copywriting, design, etc. Ideally, stimulate a collective discussion of what has been read and offer to integrate knowledge into company practice. You can enter a conditional “motivator” for the most active reader. Well, buy books, of course.

5.Use free features

Youtube courses, online libraries, introductory courses, online schools with lectures that can be watched by the whole team… The list goes on and on. In order not to waste time in vain, be sure to study the personality of the lecturer, listeners’ reviews or look at selections on thematic resources. For example, the reputation of IT courses is well covered by the well-known Ukrainian thematic site.

Remember that when looking for training programs you should pay for:

Unique experience
– Inaccessible to the general public practices
– Save time on independent reserving
– Networking
– Confirmation of skill development
– In all other cases, information can be found, if not free, then much cheaper.

By the way, very soon we will launch one very useful course that will help change your occupation to a more profitable one. If you are just in search – write to us by mail and we will continue the dialogue 🙂

Should salary levels be indicated?

In the Baltic states, almost all countries have passed a law stating that an employer is required to indicate the level of wages in a vacancy. If not a number, then at least a plug. A recruiting agency working on behalf of the owner of the company will also not be able to hide information from the applicant. However, the selection agent does not need this – as an expert, he almost immediately understands both the financial expectations and professional skills of the applicant.

But why the employer does not want to indicate the level of remuneration? Far from always the reason is low numbers. More often the situation is defined by the popular phrase “the level of wages will depend on skills.” Simply put, the more tasks a new employee will take on, the more he will earn. If, however, a novice specialist comes to the team, he will, of course, be trained, but he will earn less. Finding a specialist is a difficult decision requiring the closure of many of the “fears” of the company owner. Especially if the company is a startup or a family business.

What fears does the employer face (why does not want to indicate the level of salary):

  • If I write a lot, then I will miss the opportunity to save or spend the budget on inappropriate reviews.
  • I’ll write a little – I’ll miss the professional because of the small difference that I could cover if I knew.

By the way, often the TOP manager or a rare specialist himself calls his terms of cooperation, which greatly simplifies communication.

What we want to say: to indicate whether or not it is up to the employer (recruiter), but according to statistics, more applicants respond to offers with exact numbers (up to 38%, according to data

The remaining components are already clear:

Company Description
Job description (including goals)
Candidate Expectations
You can focus on special skills / level of education / experience / feedback
Working conditions
Responsible person contacts
A junior specialist can be found through ordinary sites. But for professionals more abruptly and managers will have to think over more points than indicating the level of wages.

Want to know which ones? Write to us, we will consult you and help with the hiring.


If you are a business owner, then your only and main subordinate is the director of the company. All other employees are his team with which he realizes his goals. You may not know the exact number of employees, but the loss of control over the actions of the manager is a signal for serious consequences.

Having talked with customers, our recruiters identified several common signs of an imminent change of head of operations. Just let us immediately determine that theft and other illegal actions are not a signal for selecting a new leadership, but an excuse for contacting the police. So:

  1. Learned from acquaintances, received a letter from a recruiting agency or saw an ad on social networks – it doesn’t matter how, but they learned that the CEO is considering job offers. Even if he did not accept them, he is no longer interested in working with you – fire him.
  2. He becomes the reason for the dismissal of key employees of the company. A good specialist is not always a good leader, and here you need to understand whether he is worth it to recruit a new team for him.
  3. The company staff appears more and more strangers. The General Director hires people without consulting the owner, the team puts “his people” in the head, who cannot really explain what they are doing at the moment.
  4. Breaks deadlines, does not stand KPI. Even if the leader is a very good person, this is not a reason to give him more than 2 chances. Otherwise, you will lose your staff, company, and reputation.
  5. Changes the strategy without coordination. Or, for example, redistributes resources, changes the target audience, prices – in a word, throws the chosen path of the company for unproven opportunities without taking risks into account. If he is not stopped in time, even dismissal will not be able to stabilize the situation.
  6. Avoids meetings, does not give full reporting constantly referring to employment. If something is in doubt, this must be checked. Information for owners can only be faked if they are inattentive and trusting. Once a recorded fact of “embellishment” should be a signal for the revision of the candidacy.

Finding a good TOP manager is a quest, but let the fear of a new person not become a reason for you to endure the unscrupulous management of your company. Contact the Recruit Alliance agency and we will help you determine the key characteristics of a suitable leader who will fit into the team and take the company to a new level.

9 key tips for hiring talent born after 1995

In America they are called “Generation Z” – these are the youngest of job seekers who post their resumes on job search sites. They grew up all their lives in the field of communications, the Internet was available to most almost from birth. But these they are not looking for just what kind of job – they are ready to wait for the profession of a dream.

Yesterday’s teenagers are very valuable for the marketing departments, because no one like them feels current trends. IT companies often engage opinion leaders under the age of 22 to collaborate on application development. But the recruiter and HR must understand that what is truly valuable to Generation Z can be very different from the standard benefits for the rest of the staff.

But the question remains open: how to interest the younger generation? As an answer, we prepared an adaptive translation of article, which is useful to recruiting agencies and business owners.

  1. Be honest in vacancies. If the work does not live up to expectations, the Z-worker simply will not return and will not feel remorse about this.
  2. Write down the company’s mission, be socially responsible, start taking care of the environment
  3. Try to organize mobile workstations equipped with portable equipment. It is more convenient and cheaper.
  4. Take care of education – invite a new Z-employee to take specialized courses at the company’s expense (for example, now popular “Fish”, KAMA, Svitlo, etc.) – this event will improve the quality of the services provided and become a platform for networking.
  5. Give them the opportunity to accelerate career growth. The recruiting agency receives one of 3 resumes for the position of TOP management from candidates up to 30 and this is normal.
  6. Search for candidates through video clips in social networks, in telegram channels or through advertising on Instagram
  7. Develop a personal leader’s brand – today it’s with great pleasure that they go to work in a team with a cool leader or on a good project. Often just a company name in a job is not enough.
  8. Indicate that you are open to offers and try to keep a promise.
  9. Get ready to set budgets – Marketing without a budget doesn’t work in the modern digital world. Here, even with an infinitely talented marketer, if you want to be No. 1, be prepared to invest in promotion.

These recommendations have been adapted to current needs from our practice. If you want to know more, contact the Recruit Alliance.

6 big mistakes in hiring it-specialists

The rapid growth of the IT-market in Ukraine contributes to a change in the balance of the employer-applicant. According to our analytics, today the number of open vacancies is 2 times the number of applicants for developer positions. Therefore, the number one task for an IT recruiter is to find a worthy specialist and be able to attract him to the customer company earlier than others.

Our recruiting agency does not lose hope of making the selection process mutually beneficial, therefore, we have prepared a list of simple tips on how to become a more desirable employer. Make at least a couple of them and your rating among applicants will increase significantly. Please note that the discussed senior level vacancies.

Stop looking for superheroes and rock stars

Ask any HR specialist: IT employees are a very calm audience that knows the cost of an hour of their work. Very rarely, they show a desire to compete for a place only if it is truly worthy. Moreover, they do not really like excessive emotionality. Therefore, choosing between a “tasty description” and a simple but understandable presentation format, take the second.

Update the list of benefits

“Buns and coffee” remained back in 2010, along with and other sysadmin jokes. Today, IT employees will prefer more days of remote work, atmospheric conditions in the office or useful bonuses. If you think about it, look at the experience of colleagues:

Stimulate knowledge

If you do not train / do not motivate your developers to train, then very soon his skills will become obsolete. To make it easier to decide, be aware that finding a new person is always more expensive than investing in an existing employee.

Be open to new technologies

Nobody wants to return to the obsolete stacks that they had in their work several years ago. If the company follows the market news, then its employees will not get bored. Of course, without fanaticism 🙂

Do not forget to test candidates, conduct a technical interview

To hire a good person with a beautiful resume, so that after 3 months you will be disappointed in his abilities – this happens more often than we would like. Therefore, even in the case of 100 percent confidence, it is still worth spending time and testing skills.

Use current tools

Communicate on social networks, send SMS with gratitude after the interview, be in touch by mail and not make calls without warning. Ethical principles have changed, but are still in demand. Especially if you want to hunt a tough specialist who needs to be impressed.

To find out real statistics, to understand exactly who is needed, to find several good candidates for the same positions at once, to spend less than 4 months in the search – all this is real when recruiting, if you work with the Recruit Alliance.


To be a recruiter is to be a sensitive empathy, a good psychologist and an understanding person. To be honest, a recruiting agency is a kind of filter that saves time and nerves for business owners (or other decision-makers) and applicants.

But sometimes candidates do not understand that being honest in an interview is a way to quickly find a truly “their” place of work. At such moments, the recruitment manager should correctly consider hidden motives, making communication as transparent as possible. Here are some ways to understand what lies at the interview:

  • The candidate changes the rhythm of speech on uncomfortable questions (to be sure, use different formulations for the same topic). When inventing starts on the go, the applicant spends more time preparing the wording, due to which there are pauses, and the general pace slows down.
  • The number of parasitic words is growing (all of these: mmmm, that’s, so to say, uh). Similar to the previous situation, thinking time is replaced by verbal garbage. On the other hand, if a person does not speak very much due to the profession, then this may be a personal quality and have nothing to do with assessing the level of truthfulness.
  • Uses sayings to hide insecurity in his words and a desire to hedge against an “eternal” argument, to make a concession. These words: in principle, in general, in general, quite often, and so on.
  • Nonverbal manifestations. It is difficult for a person to control both speech and the body at the same time, because closed poses, rapid breathing, stiffness, and redness of the skin signal a possible deception. At the same time, this can be a banal excitement, therefore it is better to select personnel in the company of professionals.
  • The job seeker uses “avoiding” the answer or excessive rationalization. Care is an attempt to hide unpleasant information behind common phrases or socially acceptable language. Rationalization is the use of complex designs that, in fact, do not give a direct answer. There is only one way to deal with them: to give unexpected questions that are as different as possible from the template ones.

In fact, each hr-manager has his own proven methods, which can only be supplemented with our examples. There are questions – write us, we will consult.

Which professions are most promising

To be a recruiter means always keeping abreast of global news. Knowing about the main trends in the US labor market, one can gradually describe future requests to a recruitment agency. However, many non-resident employers are already asked to select specialists of rare professions. Which ones you will learn from our translation of the Technology Review of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) each year publishes a list of the most breakthrough technologies in the global economy. This year, MIT Technology Review attracted the cooperation of Bill Gates and the following areas of work, he recommends to pay attention:

  1. Robotics (in particular, work with agility). Today, the robot can easily perform the programmed volume of tasks, but once it is shifted slightly in space, the processes will stop. Learning artificial intelligence is now in first place for requests in the United States and other promising countries. Even in the selection of personnel from Ukraine there are requests for those familiar with AI.
  2. New wave of nuclear power. New nuclear designs promise to make this energy source safer and cheaper. Among them are the decay reactors of the fourth generation, the evolution of traditional structures; small modular reactors; and fusion reactors, a technology that seems forever unattainable. Developers of IV generation collapse projects, such as TerrestPower (which was made by Bill Gates as an investor) and TerraPower from Washington, entered into a research partnership with utilities, aiming for a full power supply in the 2020s. It sounds, perhaps, too optimistically, but still people are attracted to this area all the time.
  3. Prediction of preterm labor. American scientists believe that one of the most difficult problems of medicine is the birth of premature babies (today it is 1 child out of 10). A number of startups are developing safe tests to determine the vibrations in seven genes that are associated with preterm birth. For example, Quake has already learned to fix fluctuations through a blood test for quite reasonable money – $ 10. But this is only the beginning for such a promising and socially important direction in medicine.
  4. Another example from medicine is technology optimization. In particular, the creation of an intestinal probe in the form of a tablet, which can be used to study the gastrointestinal tract without the use of anesthesia in adults and children of all ages. The global goal is to minimize discomfort, but at the same time, get the maximum image, including a three-dimensional image and a small section.
  5. Meat substitutes. In 30 years, the planet’s population will increase to almost 10 billion people. And this people will be much richer, the level of consumption of various goods will grow exponentially, which does not bode well for the environment. For example, meat consumption will increase by 70 percent and the only way to preserve the natural resources necessary for keeping cows and other “meat” animals is to find a laboratory analogue to meat. Already today, companies from the Netherlands are engaged in the cultivation of muscle tissue, but the main focus of the day is the taste of the product. If scientific research is yours, then be sure to explore this promising direction.

If your field of activity was mentioned above and you do not know where to look for specialists, then contact us for an Executive search. For over 15 years we have successfully found representatives of the most unusual and rare professions.