Chief Technology Officer (Kharkiv)


The company-developer of computer games invites to work of the technical director of the department of programming (СTO) in Kharkiv.
The essence of the work: the distribution of tasks in the team, eshtimation, the adoption of architectural decisions, code-review, participation in the development of a new functional

confident knowledge of C ++ and PLO;
work experience of a programmer of 5+ years;
work experience in leadership positions;
experience of cross-platform development;
acquaintance with Java and Objective-C;
initiative, responsibility, goal orientation, desire and ability to develop new technologies.

experience in development of gaming projects;
experience with tools for automated assembly

The company offers:
the salary is approximately $ 3,500
participation in the development of interesting projects;
annual paid vacation;
flexible working schedule;
all conditions for professional growth.