Value and characteristics of anonymous vacancy announcements


Anonymous vacancy. Who, for what purpose, and for what reason hides the name of their company? Let us get all this straightened out, whether this is some deception, or perhaps some trick to lure specialists, or just an objective necessity.

The answer to this question is ambiguous, and the cause and effect may be different.

Reason # 1

In each company arise situations that receive the “confidential” status. If such “confidentiality” is related to the issue of finding a specialist, then the employer cannot inform the market about the situation that has happened. Publishing an anonymous vacancy is the solution to this situation.

Let’s imagine that the company is going to have a restructuring, or a decision to replace the top manager has been made. The publicity of such moments with the company’s personnel being not ready to such situations can lead to employees’ worry, uncertainty about the future of the company, employees will start looking for work in case of their possible reduction, gossips can occur, conjectures arise, false conclusions. As a result, the stability of the company is broken, efficiency is reduced, and a lot of resources are required to resume normal working process.

Reason # 2

There are situations when it is important to find a replacement for an employee without causing their suspicion about the intention to part with them. Of course, many can say that it is not fair to the employee. However, the situations are different, and the situation that has arisen does not mean that the employee will be treated unfairly. A normal company that values ​​its reputation will always pay money for several months of the comfortable existence of such an employee and a calm search for a new employer.

There are situations when a company intends to part with a “difficult”, conflicting employee, when both the company and some employees suffer from him/her.

The value of an anonymous job

The main advantage of such a vacancy is its anonymity: the name of the company-employer has not been disclosed, and there is no way to track it. Thus, it is possible to avoid specifying the name of the employer, but at the same time conduct successfully searching for an appropriate candidate.

peculiar features

When searching for an employee with the help of an anonymous vacancy, HR is recommended to devote much more time and resources to the process of preparing a publication for this vacancy. This is due to the fact that in an anonymous job the name of the employer is hidden, that is, the employer’s brand will not work as part of this job. This means that special attention should be paid to the very text of the vacancy announcement: a description of the benefits and conditions of work, the correct indication of the target audience with the help of a clear indication of the profile of the desired candidate. These actions will help reduce the number of irrelevant resumes.


To sum up the forgoing, we come to the following conclusion: all anonymous vacancies have their own motivation and history. It can be said with confidence that anonymous vacancies are not accidental, the employer does not make sense and benefit to create and maintain their activity without good reason. And it is important for the job seeker to remember that employers who post anonymous vacancies on professional career sites are proven and can be trusted.

But the most important thing in this case is understanding of the motivation of each of the parties in difficult life situations, as well as the highest respect for their reputation and the reputation of their company in the labor market.