As a rule, high-level professionals do not look for work through Job Search Site. You will most likely find a pair of suitable resumes in the general database, but the likelihood that the first selected specialist will immediately come to your job is minimal. Moreover, almost all of these questionnaires will either be irrelevant or placed for the sake of monitoring the level of wages in the market.

In our experience, half of the potential candidates have never posted their resumes on Job Search Site. And did not explore it for interesting proposals. These people are ” found” through narrow-profile communities, thematic events, with recommendations, or lured away from other companies. Therefore, the search for such specialists takes time and very delicate negotiation tactics. And it is the recruitment agency that knows how to interview several candidates, while maintaining the confidentiality of each parties.

Important conditions for Executive Search:

– Employed candidates may fear your call, suspecting a “test of loyalty” from the current leadership. Here, by the way, is not an easy moment for everyone – sometimes the failure of one specialist can shorten an already short list to 2 people, which will affect the performance indicators of the headhunter. Therefore, a good recruitment agency works on a proven communication algorithm. Inexperienced HR managers can do a lot of harm in this situation.

– Reputational risks escalating in small markets. In areas where is only 10-15 large companies work and all the chief engineers are good know each other, word of mouth works well. Some unsuccessful negotiations with an incompetent hunter, and the reputation of a careless employer will be fixed for a long time. At the same time, positive negotiations, even without a positive result, can bear fruit in a year, two or three.

– Understand the difference between finding an ordinary employee and a unique specialist. A large resume database on job search sites is no guarantee that at least one of them will meet expectations. Unfortunately, many tend to exaggerate their abilities on paper, and in order to understand the real level of competence, you will have to go through more than one stage of interviewing.

– Awareness of the risks, when the deadlines grow. If in Ukraine there are only two necessary specialists, then choosing between them in the period of 6 months means losing both. Without a clear timing and constant contact with the candidate, this nuance can be missed

– Salary is not always the deciding factor. Good specialists can already choose between other types of motivations, since they are provided with high wages in any of the companies. In order to immediately determine the type of future employee and understand whether a 50-year-old design engineer is suitable for a team with an open-mind and an open-space-office, you need to be more than just a hiring manager.

The list is endless, but the main conclusion is: if you want to get a result, trust the professionals. The Recruit Alliance team for almost 20 years successfully closes all possible personnel searches for Ukrainian and foreign companies.

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