Pros and cons of it outstaffing

Outstaffing and outsourcing are two different concepts that are often confused. In the IT sector, this is even more difficult, since the client often does not understand himself which of the services he needs. He spends time collecting information and choosing a contractor, hoping that he will solve his problem with the development department on the remote. Although in fact one or two specialists outside the state may be enough for him. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

IT outstaffing is a collaboration format in which a hired it-shnik closes all client work issues, but is legally subordinate to the outstaffer provider. The employer determines the tasks and levels of responsibility, and the provider calculates the salary plan and is engaged in tax optimization.

This business model can be a good solution for enterprises:

  • Controlling their expenses
  • Preserving a certain number of staff
  • Planning to enter new markets in another country, but without opening a legal entity
  • Recruiting staff for the project
  • “Closing the window” for the duration of illness or long-term leave of a permanent employee
  • Those in need of good, but “expensive” specialists with a small budget

There are also disadvantages of it-out-wiring – these are possible communication problems within the team that affect the result. However, this risk appears in many work processes and is solved by a test drive.

This is absolutely legal cooperation, with only one limitation – the outstaffer must be a resident of the country in which the service is provided. In the era of globalization, this is decided by agreement.

If you want to know more about this service and its cost, contact the Recruit Alliance.


We talked so much about outstaffing that it was time to uncover the nuances of its subspecies with unique functionality – it outstaffing. Technically, it is no different from other activities, but, at least in Ukraine, it is almost more popular. It is important to distinguish between the concept of IT outsourcing, where the provider provides services, performing tasks in his office, and IT outstaffing, where the intermediary “leases”, arranges for the project work for the client of its performers.

Outstaff developers do the same as regular employees. The customer does not take responsibility for micromanagement and the solution of labor, tax issues. In the Ukrainian it-labor market, the number of Middle + vacancies significantly exceeds the number of relevant candidates, which is why they dictate the working conditions. For employers, it becomes a problem to find a competent employee and keep him on the staff. It is even more difficult to attract a high-quality, high-level contractor to the project work, while leaving the opportunity to really influence his schedule / task performance. IT outstaffers come to the rescue.

What IT outstaffing saves from:

  • Search for artists on the freelance exchange
  • Attempts to persuade a senior level specialist to complete a test task
  • The need to control and verify the quality of work on the remote
  • Selection, employment, dismissal on new projects
  • Workflow interruptions due to employee dismissal / illness
  • Temporary waste of accounting and HR departments
  • Tax burden

The team of the IT outstaffing provider can work with specialists of any level and specialization: from Junior to Senior + developer, QA, PM, DevOps, UX / UI designer, product marketer, copywriter, etc.

As a rule, the monitoring of tasks is carried out in a format convenient for the client. In the case of remote cooperation, the performers are controlled through Jira, Teamwork or any other tracking system. If it’s convenient, then every week begins with planning the team’s work to avoid “downtime”.

Payment can be either a subscription or a project – as agreed by the customer and the contractor. When choosing a contractor, we recommend clarifying his specialization and ordering a portfolio so as not to run into scammers.

In addition, do not forget that in Ukraine, only a resident outstaffer can conduct activities that are legal in terms of labor legislation.

How does the selection of an IT specialist in Ukraine begin?

To begin with, in it-recruiting agencies, requests for the selection of developers come, for the most part, to the general mail. Next, negotiations with the client begin, drawing up general requirements and discussing the algorithm of work (in some cases, the requisition may be confidential or have other restrictions). We will discuss in more detail the first stages.

The sales funnel in it recruiting looks like this: sourcing (at least 300 cold contacts) – contacts (20 warm) – interviewing (8 meetings) – 2 offers – 1 employee. Given the low efficiency, it is necessary to carefully prepare the text of the vacancy and the interview script.

In addition to the clear requirements for hard skills, it is advisable for the client to get complete information about the project, its prospects and team. We understand that Team Lead is most likely very busy with current tasks, but a short discussion with him of expectations from the candidate will greatly simplify the search.

In the labor market, the requirements of employers for employers are slightly different from other professions. For them, basic needs are wider, including those that are considered to be “buns” or additional bonuses. For example, this applies to personal adaptation in the first week, paid training, regular corporate events for a reboot, tight work with the team, openness and accessibility of management, etc. Of course, there is nothing unusual in this list, but, alas, not every Ukrainian company can provide such working conditions.

In the item “not necessary, but desirable” for a strong employer brand, transparent information about the company, work on the development of talents, the ability to influence business processes and implement your ideas remain.

What exactly should be in a perfectly composed vacancy for an IT worker (from the most important to the least significant):
– Technologies and methodologies used in the work
– Working conditions
– Salary
– Project Description
– Company specialization
– Learning opportunities
– Social package
– Buns
– A few words about the team
– Corporate Culture at a Glance

And only after the finished vacancy and clarification of additional issues with the client, sourcing and selection begins. You can learn more about them by leaving a request on our website.

Out of staff – can it be legal?

Last month, Ukrainian Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Timothy Milovanov unveiled the curtain on the draft new Labor Code. Now it will talk about outstaffing and outsourcing, which will help staff to build more flexible relationships with the employer. An international practice with 50+ years of experience will finally be on the agenda with us. All this once again confirms: outstaffing services is not only legal, but also very convenient for all its participants.

All outstaffer activities are regulated by the contract and the Laws of Ukraine. Therefore, the withdrawal from the state is an absolutely legal way to optimize costs. We have already described the mechanics of the interaction of participants many times, and what nuances can be and what to look for when choosing a contractor.

The outsuffing service will interest the owner of the company who is ready to move away from operational processes and focus on global goals, for example, developing a new direction or increasing sales department performance. In Ukraine, large international companies have resorted to optimization, which have already used outstaffing in countries where both head office (USA, Korea, European countries) and production are located.

Litigation occurred exclusively with non-resident providers. Those outstaffers who work under the laws of Ukraine and are current registered legal entities in our country, have probably never encountered legal proceedings. Moreover, if their client is it-companies, “renting” Ukrainian developers on a large scale for a project and on a long-term basis.

By the way, in the field of IT, the concepts of “outstaffing” and “outsourcing” are often considered similar. Of course, their mechanics are somewhat similar, and the nuances are exclusively in the legal field.

If you are a representative of an IT product company or a startup, and are looking for a reliable development partner, be sure to learn more about the following points:
– The real level of salary of the corresponding specialist in the market – it may turn out that you were looking for a Senior engineer, and “rent” Middle, at best, for $ 7000 with real $ 2500
– How many more projects are there in the partner’s work, so as not to be yet another temporary customer with whom they work without a soul (which is really important)
– Confidentiality
– Duration of contract and penalties in case of break

These are just the first steps to consider. You can learn more by calling 0632371696 and 0673214664


IT specialists are now in demand more than ever. Their salary level is growing every year, and the number of vacancies greatly exceeds the purely “free” Middle + level developers.

Question: Is it realistic to choose the best IT specialist in your segment without spending the entire company budget on it?

We answer: Of course, yes, but with nuances. The easiest way is to contact an it recruiting agency. But if there is a desire, then you can try to do it yourself.

If you are the owner of the company and before that did not face the closure of it-vacancies, then urgently try to delegate the task to a more competent employee (ideally the manager of the department of the it department). Surely, you simply will not have time to learn the intricacies of it-recruiting (stacks, programming languages, GitHub checks, etc.), and without this knowledge, the chances of finding a developer that meets your requirements tend to zero. At the same time, your full-time it-schnick will be able to correctly create a vacancy, and check the competence of candidates, and, which is especially valuable, think over additional tasks that will help to “load” a future employee.

If you have an idea about the it sphere, but you are a beginner startup without a budget, think of alternative ways of motivating / attracting specialists. What could it be:

  • Junior graduate, you can offer a paid internship + topic for his future diploma based on your development
  • an experienced specialist is more likely to work in good faith if you give him a percentage of the profit (not indicators of salespeople, but a constant income of the enterprise)
  • Do not forget about exchanges and freelance. Yes, it’s more difficult to work with them, but also cheaper

If you can boast the skills of a good negotiator / salesman:

Try to find an opportunity for collaboration: if you are launching a useful product (for example, an online advertising optimization service), offer it outsourcers free access to the product with no limitation period for a good sale discount.
Chat the artist, giving him flexible conditions: not tough deadlines, the ability to work on the project not a full time, a limited number of edits, etc.
Offer the implementation of your project as a diploma to teaching it-schools with a proposal to immediately hire a student who can get as close as possible to solving the problem (at least have an idea of ​​the development stages). The mentoring of teachers should protect you from unsustainable developments.
Frankly, all these methods may not work in your case. We strongly recommend that employers save their nerves and time by contacting a trusted it-recruiting agency with a large base and experience.

We will be happy to advise you on any issue related to it recruiting.


It is hard to imagine that in Ukraine there were still business owners who had not heard about outstaffing of staff. When almost every year in our country there is an increase in taxes on officially employed citizens. Therefore, each taxpayer at least once thought about whether it is possible to legally optimize these costs.

We decided to save you time and prepare answers to the TOP-5 questions that arise at the first and second meetings before signing a contact for staff withdrawal.

1) How it works?
The client company removes employees from the state (actually dismisses it on paper), after which they are employed by the outstaffer company. A contract is concluded between the client and the provider for the provision of personnel for the performance of work. Employees remain their physical jobs, salaries, benefits and accruals, but now they are watched by an outstaffer. Likewise, the provider falls responsibility in case of judicial issues regarding staff. The client pays for the services and conveys the wishes regarding the personnel changes.

Significant savings are obtained on the payment of salaries (and other payments), which not only covers the costs of the contractor, but also allows the company to remain in the black.

2) And who orders this service?

In Kiev (and throughout Ukraine), our clients are distinguished by similar “problems” that unite them:

often work with seasonal staff, but prefer to do it legally;
want to stay on a single tax, but the staff is growing;
“Nuleviks” who are also growing in the size of the team;
preparing for grants, for example, the EBRD;
They prefer to “test the time” of new employees before taking them to the main team;
IT companies recruiting people for a project without FOP.

3) What are the benefits of outstaffing?

makes it possible to expand staff without legal and accounting restrictions on its number;
optimizes the process of HR administration (reduction of time and costs for issuing certificates, deductions, vacations, accrual and payment of salaries, loan obligations, etc.);
makes hiring seasonal / project / temporary employees legal and quick;
minimizes the risks of labor disputes for the client;
relieves business owners of many unpleasant working moments: liability, dismissal, etc.
It makes it possible to work in different regions without opening branches.

4) What are the disadvantages of outstaffing?

unscrupulous providers non-residents of Ukraine conduct illegal activities and may create risks for the client;
possible dissatisfaction with a full-time employee who does not understand why he was employed in one company, but became an actual employee in another;
there is little “noise” around this optimization process, why it seems to be a “gray” method (although this, of course, is not so).

5) What should I look for when signing a contract?

Here, rather individually, but as a rule, the contract should indicate: validity period, price for services, the mechanics of the provision of services, force majeure circumstances and obligations of the parties are prescribed.

Key issues when concluding an outstaffing contract

Do not be afraid of the new – it helps to focus on important tasks and delegate secondary ones. Which, ultimately, has a good effect on the growth of the company, and on the level of salaries of employees. If you still have questions – you can read about the service here or ask a direct question here.

What Ukrainian specialists (not programmers) will be attracted to it?

In 2020, recruiting trends retain their positions: the staff wants to work in IT, and employers cannot find developers and other specialists to work in IT. HR managers of companies are forced to change their requests to about-it professionals: now a marketer does not have to have experience with the blockchain in order to get an interview in the main business center of the country. However, a recruiting agency is more likely to hunt you if you have the appropriate skills. And wages, of course, will be better. In our article, we will prepare a list of recommendations that will help you grow as a specialist.

  1. In whatever near-marketing profession you would develop, shift your focus to the global goal – the growth and development of your company. For this, recruiters recommend “leaning” on training and practice in the field of product thinking. Learn more about product marketing, working with databases and their visualization to optimize production, produce product maps, principles of marketing design.
  2. If you work with people, then in the digital world your skills in writing manuals (internal communications, instructions, training programs), performance management strategies based on the received data (yes, again working with arrays and information) will be in demand. In addition, it is advisable to pump your skills of empathy, the ability to motivate and integrate a team for a great purpose.
  3. HR-s of it-companies will be looking day and night for cool sales managers for their products. However, even in our database of inquiries the number of required sales specialists is 3 times higher than the number of representatives of other professions. In honor will be the skills:
    – building a sales strategy (including recommendations for the marketing department)
    – knowledge of customer retention practices
    – the ability to maintain market position when changing the focus of the company
    – design service
    – ability to adapt quickly with internal changes of the company

4. Well, for those who are not afraid to change their profession and are ready to “enter IT” as an it specialist, you should pay attention to the following professions: frontend & backend developers, fullstack, testers (automation), devOps. The more “in the subject” and closer to development, the easier it will be to find a job and grow on the career ladder.

And some relevant statistics to explain why we talk so much about it:

Of 4921 it-specialist interviewed, 62.2% work in this area from 1 to 5 years (almost half – up to 2 years)
Moreover, the level of their wages is from $ 2000 and almost every year this minimum grows by $ 100-200.
And, best of all, working in it you can safely stay in your favorite city or look for yourself in any country in the world – smart specialists are easily taken for remote work and / or a convenient schedule.

If you are an employer and you cannot find the right employee, then we will surely cope with this task for you. Find out more about the Recruit Alliance extortion service.

The most famous major outsourcers and their success stories

Outsourcing (outsourcing: outer-source-using – use of an external source) is a service that allows delegating certain business processes to executors outside the company. This is a fairly common practice that allows you to optimize the internal work of the enterprise, concentrating on the main tasks for its growth. However, in the field of it, outsourcing of personnel covers a greater volume of work, for example, projects for the development, testing, and closure of technical maintenance issues.

It would be the right decision to divide the two areas of outsourcing companies into IT and general. In the field of information technology, according to the Global International Rating of the International Association of Outsourcing professionals, 18 companies with offices in Ukraine immediately got on the board of honor. Moreover, 12 of them are Ukrainian, with a staff of 200 to 4,500 people. These, of course, are well-known outsourcers:

  • SoftServe (more than 4,500 employees, head office in Lviv);
  • Ciklum (more than 2000 employees in Ukraine, head office in Kiev);
  • Infopulse (more than 1,500 employees, head office in Kiev);
  • ELEKS (more than 1000 employees, head office in Lviv);
  • Sigma Software (more than 800 employees, head office in Kharkov);
  • Intellias (more than 800 employees, head office in Lviv);
  • Miratech (more than 700 employees, head office in Kiev);
  • N-iX (more than 700 employees, head office in Lviv);
  • Innovecs (more than 400 employees, head office in Kiev);
  • AMC Bridge (more than 300 employees, the main office in the Dnieper);
  • Softengi (more than 200 employees, head office in Kiev);
  • Program-Ace (more than 100 employees, the main office in Kharkov).

And 6 more international companies with offices in Ukrainian cities:
– EPAM (more than 5500 employees in Ukraine, head office in the USA);
– Luxoft (more than 3,500 employees in Ukraine, head office in Switzerland);
– TEAM International Services (more than 300 employees in Ukraine, head office in the USA);
– Itera (about 100 employees in Ukraine, head office in Norway);
– Softjourn (more than 100 employees in Ukraine, head office in the USA);
– Artezio (more than 300 employees in the world, head office in Russia).
information taken from the open source site

In the field of general outsourcing, it is more difficult to identify market leaders, as Ukrainian companies do not fall into international selections. If you are looking for, for example, an outsourced marketing department, large local selections and ratings of leading experts will help you. If you need to find a contractor to resolve issues with outsourcing staff, please contact the Recruit Alliance.

What are the negative consequences with an unscrupulous outstaffer?

Outstaffing is a service that involves the removal of staff from the staff of a company to remove the load from the HR department and optimize work processes. A positive side effect is the reduction of costs within the enterprise due to the redistribution of resources.

The activities of outstaffing companies are regulated by the Law on Employment, in particular, the resolution on the activities of recruiting agencies dated June 5, 2013, and the Tax Code of Ukraine. If you choose an unscrupulous service provider, then you may be interested, including state labor inspectors.

The format of cooperation may become the main cornerstone, therefore it is important to immediately indicate in the contract that the services will be provided to you, and not the staff itself. Then the relationship between the customer and the personnel of the contractor will not be considered labor, and the regulatory authorities will not have a reason for close monitoring. In addition, the reason for the provision of such services should be stipulated (spelled out), ideally, the clause on the impossibility of fulfilling the entire volume of tasks on the client’s own resources.

To summarize, in order to avoid fines and lawsuits, the outstaffer must provide:
– proper service contract
– availability of the relevant NACE when registering your company
– proven reporting scheme that covers the issue of legality of cooperation

Otherwise, the client-customer will have to pay a fine for each illegal employee in the amount of 30 minimum wages, while the contractor will give up to 20 “minimum wages” for work without specialization.

For an attempt to evade taxes – which may also be noted by the fiscal service staff – up to getting under criminal liability and a fine of up to 50% of the amount of tax liability.

It sounds, of course, a little scary. In order not to repeat the mistakes of others, Recruit Alliance strongly recommends working only with trusted outstaffers working in the market for more than 10 years. If you have questions, you can contact us for a free consultation.

10 steps to successfully complete an Executive Search task

One unobvious complexity of Executive Search for those who are not professionally recruiting is the deadlines. And not the timing of the selection – everything is clear with him, the search for TOP management can last longer than the involvement of a marketer, engineer and developer. It’s the matter of payment: the fee for leaving a new person can be received already after a trial period, because the new leader must have time to show good results, otherwise the warranty obligations of the recruiting agency come into force.

All this leads to the main thing – the Executive Search consultant needs to act quickly and very accurately in order to close the vacancy as soon as possible. There are 10 steps that have been developed that are more likely to lead him / her to success.

  1. Determine with the client when withdrawing an application: you need a strategist or operation officer, identify 5-7 key objectives and 3-5 main areas of responsibility
  2. Prescribe the profile of the future candidate and sign the final version with the client (it will remove a lot of headache, especially with international companies)
  3. Prepare the main message for a conversation with potential applicants, where to indicate the UTP of this proposal: change of city for residence (for example, why not leave cold winter Kiev in pleasant Portugal), conquer a new market for the famous TM, release a socially useful product. Don’t forget about money, but, as agency practice shows, their size is secondary
  4. Make a map of the search for candidates: from competitors where TOPs with similar skills work, to individual specialists known in the market. In Executive Search, working at speed is good, but carelessness can be too expensive.
  5. To think over additional tools where you can “hook” the right candidate: thematic events, communities in social networks (do not forget about telegrams), professional associations, publications and blogs
  6. Do not be afraid to maintain confidentiality in the first message, but to maintain flexibility in the discussion of the client-customer. Most likely your candidate knows the company that hunts him, therefore lies can push him away at the wrong time.
  7. Do not rely on online communication – try at all costs (within reasonable limits) to arrange a tête-à-tête meeting
  8. At the first meeting, identify soft skills. If the person is not “yours,” then at this stage it is worth taking a break. The top manager must fit in well with the team, otherwise he will not be delayed.
  9. If everything went well with the first stage, prepare questions from the client for the second meeting (it is very desirable that they be), a hypothetical case for determining the level of competence and all important information about the customer’s company. You should have a fruitful dialogue.
  10. Check the adaptation is not the first 10 days, but periodically be interested in a new employee, and the company is everything ok. In order not to seem too intrusive, you can do this every 3-4 months.

How is outsourcing regulated in Ukraine in the legal field?

To begin with, in Ukraine, outsourcing is conditionally divided into 2 groups: it-outsourcing and general. In fact, outsourcing companies provide the same type of service, but in the field of IT this service has gained wide popularity and was able to go far beyond the borders of our country. Considering that last year Ukrainian it-outsourcers in Europe earned a total of $ 4.5 billion, this service quite predictably became somewhat isolated.

In the legislative field, “outsourcing of personnel” does not have clearly defined rules, more precisely, the “Law on Employment” contains information on the necessary permission, but it has not yet entered into force. Therefore, in order to avoid difficulties with regulatory authorities, outsourcing companies enter into a service agreement that can protect performers in court. This information is relevant for all types of outsourcing in Ukraine and abroad.

The first large outsourcing centers of large international companies began to appear in Ukraine in 2008. Moreover, Lviv became the epicenter because of its geographical proximity to the EU and convenient logistics. The second city is Kharkov, working with eastern destinations. However, due to globalization in Ukraine, many large cities, such as Kiev, Dnieper, Odessa, Ivano-Frankivsk, are charged with potential. Moreover, View Research predicts an increase in the number of outsourced business centers by 75,000 worldwide by 2020.

The main characteristics of an outsourcer who is more likely to get contact (based on personal observations and customer reviews):

  1. The more years on the market, the better. The more reviews (including those that are not always positive), the better. Rich experience and the ability to work with objections will be more useful in practice than a beautiful logo and relevant SMM. But, of course, it is better if all communications are at a high level.
  2. The presence of ready-made instructions for force majeure. These are the same guarantee cases, clauses on solving complex issues in the contract, the availability of an advance payment and a clear schedule of cooperation with the terms of compensation in case of failure. It is decided individually and strongly depends on the market where the outsourcer works.
  3. The presence of staff. Freelancers are good, but for a large company it is important to see regular managers in classic office mode. Exceptions to the rules are found, but extremely rarely.


Recruiting is the search, selection, selection and hiring of a specialist reward. Executive search is one of the areas of recruiting where the agency not only provides the client with a pool of suitable candidates, but also takes care of anonymity, conducts closed negotiations, lures, etc. Simply put, executive search means closing a job of increased complexity.

In large cities, such as Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov, and Dnieper, executive search is resorted to when hiring top management, while in small cities, applications are often sent to “rare” specialists: farmers, engineers, and specialists to attract investment.

Executive search firms, as a rule, charge higher fees for their services than for classic recruiting. But the guarantee for the candidate lasts longer – from six months to a year, subject to all points of the agreement on cooperation between the two parties. By the way, in the West, the cost of a “direct search” starts at $ 50,000 per candidate. In Ukraine, the price tag, of course, is ten times lower.

How does Executive Search work? After the vacancy is removed from the client, the recruiting agency analyzes the labor market and job seekers. It is not looking for a specific person who liked the company – this service is called headhunting. At this moment, work begins with direct competitors, because in their staff, as a rule, there is a candidate with relevant experience. Sometimes a direct search includes access to foreign markets, where it is easier to find a specialist, even when it comes to “returning” the applicant to Ukraine. By the way, right now there is a trend of reverse labor migration.

Recruiters study the agency’s internal base, view available analytics and publications on the Internet, and hold meetings in the conditions of maximum confidentiality. Only after obtaining preliminary consent from the candidate, the agency invites him to a meeting with the client.

Over 20 years of practice, the Recruit Alliance has applied for Executive search more than a hundred times. We have experience in closing vacancies of the level and TOP management, and key personnel in the restaurant business, scientific forwarders, it-specialists, the best representatives of the marketing market, farmers, logistics, sales, engineers and others.

If you are currently looking for a unique specialist, contact us – we will show you who is best suited for a vacant position and will orientate by its level of salary.

Who is the best export it-candidate – information from IT recruiting agencies

it recruitment agencies staffing companies specialists it employment hiring relocate it staffing agencies it staffing companies it recruitment companies it company recruitment it recruitment specialists it specialist recruitment agencies

The recruitment and job search portal has published a study that details the portrait of a potential it-emigrant. Firstly, he is included in 30% of specialists from all those planning to move. Secondly, he is most likely a man (70% of the resume), he is from 31 to 40 years old, he has a diploma of higher education and he has been in the profession for more than 6 years. The main countries that IT employees talk about in interviews with recruiting companies are Germany, Poland and the rest of the countries (here we group Cyprus, the USA, Czech Republic, Lithuania, the Netherlands, etc., because in total they give one third of the requests).

In 2018, the German labor market was filled with vacancies for it. Recruiters and direct employers placed 82,000+ requests, which is almost two more than in 2017. But, of course, developers and testers with experience are in demand. To be more specific, they are most often looking for C / C ++, ABAP (which is for SAP), Java, C # and front-end developers. All these guys are needed to work with cloud data, social media, mobile development. There is growing interest in Data Scientist and Virtual Reality Designer. According to the information of the portal, programmers without German knowledge will be able to find their place in large companies, but cozy lamp offices with up to 30 people are only looking for German speakers. However, do not forget about the “scaled ours” – there will be more mutual understanding with them.

As for it-vacancies in Poland, there are also a lot of them. Moreover, they forecast job growth by 6% at least annually. The Polish General Directorate of Statistics supplements the forecast with an expected increase in the minimum wage of 7% annually. Neighbors typically seek backend developers with UI / UX knowledge. Separately, it is worth noting the growing interest in DevOps to accompany local it-projects.

Everyone who wants to try to find a job in an another country needs to understand that for relocating, hard skills (professional skills) are most important. Given the growing interest in blind-recruitment in Europe, your external characteristics and the ability to be purposeful, sociable and customer-oriented may be left without any attention from recruiters.

Why IT outsourcing is not what you thought

Probably everyone knows the meaning of the word “outsourcing”. Thousands of outsourcing companies work in Ukraine, providing all possible types of services. This is not outstaffing, where legally “renting” of personnel takes place, but taking on some tasks of another company.

Outsourcing is almost in demand in it more than in other areas. Especially popular is the export of it services, which by 2021 will grow to 7 billion dollars – the opinion of the Ukrainian IT Association. Although 2 years ago, this figure barely reached 3 million dollars. In the local market, it business outsourcing began with the work of technical support and system administrators. Even 20 years ago, many companies successfully functioned without an individually designed database, gliders, applications, sites and other seemingly irreplaceable things. Today, the release of each product needs to be supported by media support, and in order to enhance the effect, it is often necessary to digitalize. So there are thousands of sites, games for phones, online questionnaires – almost everything that a modern person deals with daily was created by marketers in collaboration with engineers.

An experienced leader understands that the company cannot specialize in everything at once and gives out development or testing for outsourcing. Therefore, in Ukraine now more than 4,000 it-companies are registered and their number will always grow.

IT outsourcing allows you to significantly save money while obtaining stable quality. Working under the contract, the client knows that the contractor clearly follows the deadlines, otherwise he will not receive payment.

Among the well-known outsourcing companies in Ukraine, there are absolute leaders in terms of the number of personnel: these are EPAM (more than 7,500 people), SoftServe (about 7,000 employees), GlobalLogic (4,300 people). By the way, SoftServe is a Ukrainian company with a head office in the city of Lviv and representative offices in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro and even Wroclaw.

In 2018, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals released the TOP-100 rating of outsourcing companies in the world, which immediately included 12 Ukrainian ones. Considering that the quantity is increasing every year, it can be safely stated that it-outsourcing in Ukraine is not just one out of a thousand directions, but a completely self-sufficient type of activity with its own community and quality criteria.

Recruit Alliance Job Digest

A recruiting agency often receives good vacancies, which we want to talk more about. Especially if the selection of personnel for a specialty was ordered without an exact definition of the functional.

One of these is now in work – an international company needs analytics with a research function. You will not find this vacancy at headhunter Ukraine, but after reading you can feel free to send your CV to us at [email protected] and we will definitely consider it.

So what kind of frames are we looking for?

It’s good if you have already worked in railway logistics or other transportation. You know how to work with sources of information, independently determine the veracity and relevance, make reasonable, but not biased conclusions.

You will need to work in constant contact with the leader: he sets the task, answers clarifying questions, together defines goals. Further, the future employee will recount local and international sources according to the request, analyze and execute in a readable form. To make it easier, a person must first be able to use Excel and PowerPoint.

Our recruiting agency immediately warns that the work will not be easy, but you can determine your own schedule: full-time or part-time.

Salary: up to 35 000 UAH.

Another interesting proposal from the logistics sector is a Customs broker to a large logistics company in Kiev. If you are familiar with customs legislation, know the theory of customs processes and know how to draw up different groups of goods – this is an offer for you.

Expected experience of the applicant from 1 year. You have to deal with the preparation and preliminary analysis of documents, the planning of customs payments and clearance at customs in Kiev and the region.

The company’s office is located in the Shevchenkovsky district, near the Lukyanovka metro station. The work schedule is stable, official employment. Salary level – 20 000 UAH.

If you are interested in these offers, send your CV to our Recruit Alliance Recruitment Agency. According to statistics, more attention is drawn to applications with a cover letter and a photograph of the applicant, but we will certainly consider the request of each applicant.

See you!

How to open a recruiting agency in Ukraine

To begin with, let’s agree that this article is not about a recruitment agency (job search for a candidate), but about recruitment services. This information is relevant for large cities, such as Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov, etc., while for small settlements our instructions may not work for individual reasons.

It is advisable that the founder of the company be a headhunter with experience: either work in a recruiting company before, or freelanced. Ideally, he has his own accumulated base of HR managers and company owners, or a commercial vein and a diploma in recruiting modern courses. Then the routine begins, without which nothing will work:

  1. You register a company / individual entrepreneur with the appropriate KVED, for example, for 2019 – this is 78.10 “Activities of employment agencies”. We strongly recommend that you do this, because after a while, when you want to expand the package of HR services, you will find out that only officially working companies can provide them.
  2. Be sure to start an online database (CRM is not important) of customers, which will be filled with recruiters. Employees change, but one company can use the services many times. Especially, if every six months to a year you make ringing in the database and remind you of successful cooperation, selling your services is a normal practice among selection agencies.
  3. Create company platforms: website, social networks, catalogs, thematic portals, message boards. Develop a content plan, discuss SEO promotion with advertising, advertising – there is great competition in the market, you will have to maintain your position all the time. But the smaller the city, the cheaper marketing will cost you.
  4. Develop a unified application withdrawal scheme – here your recruiting skills and recommendations of more experienced colleagues will come in handy. Recruiting is not a new profession; you won’t have to come up with a bicycle.
  5. Think about creating a sales team at least outsourcing and the optimal number of requests that the agency will be able to handle. To take and not to carry out is as bad as looking for new customers.
  6. The recoupment period of the selection agency is up to six months maximum. To arrive at this figure, determine the percentage suitable for your market (from 5% to 25%) or a fixed amount (does not work long). In addition, we advise you to work on a prepaid basis, since a business based on communications should contain at least some guarantees of mutual interest
  7. Gradually identify your strengths and focus on it, not forgetting about your personal PR or PR brand: online training, webinars, participation in events, cooperation and collaboration.

Be effective and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Having traveled 20 years in recruiting, we can safely say that only experience will teach you how to achieve your goal the first time. But for this, time must pass and “your” team gain a foothold.

When is it profitable to order an outsourcing service from Ukraine?

Ukrainian programmers, as a rule, are ready to work both in grocery companies and in outsourcing companies. Moreover, every year the Ukrainian IT market is growing at a 26% minimum, which stimulates the development of other businesses, including HR outsourcing companies. Due to this fact, many developers, programmers, designers and qa-specialists not only were able to find conditions for high wages, but received unique experience working on foreign projects.

And yet, who should seek outsourcing specialists in Ukraine?

As a rule, they are looking for the same specialists as ours. In IT it will be: Senior JS, Senior Fullstack, Lead DevOps, Senior Java, Crm dynamicsm Middle Backend developer, Senior .net core, middle / senior react, middle \ senior python, QA, Android / IOS Developer, Java Developer, Fullstack Developer etc.

Especially popular are specialists from large cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkov), because it is easier to arrange a meeting for a recruiter with them. The salary level of the outsourcer will, of course, differ from the market average for local ones. In addition, you need to carefully read the offer, because the amount of payment can be indicated GROSS (before tax) or Net (final figure).

Studying the possibilities of outsourcing services, foreign clients are often interested in the number of candidates open for cooperation. That is, many companies are more comfortable immediately hiring a team of developers so that they close the issues on the project on their own. However, it is more convenient for some clients to independently assemble a team of specialists around the world and they invite one by one to cooperate. The average term of cooperation is a year with the possibility of extension.

It’s better to order services at the end of summer, when many specialists complete projects and look at offers on the market. The second most popular period is right after the winter holidays, when vacations are over and people are looking for interesting orders with renewed vigor.

By the way, outsourcing can be not only in the it-sphere. In Ukraine, they are also looking for marketers and their colleagues (especially from digital), call center operators, secretaries and representatives of other professions who are ready to work remotely according to a non-standard schedule.

Recruit Alliance provides outsourcing and outsourcing services. For details, please contact [email protected]

How not to miscalculate when choosing an outstaffing agency

Outstaffing and outsourcing are some of the most popular methods for optimizing business processes abroad. In Ukraine, outstaffing agencies are not so widespread, therefore there are no clearly defined norms and restrictions in the legislation. Only in the Tax Code can you find the definition of “staff rental”:

P. 14.1.183 .: “a service for the provision of personnel is a business or civil law transaction, according to which the person providing the service (resident or non-resident) sends one or more individuals to another person (resident or non-resident) to fulfill certain by this function agreement. An agreement on the provision of personnel may provide for the conclusion by the indicated individuals of an employment agreement or an employment contract with the person to whose disposal they have been sent. Other conditions for the provision of personnel (including the remuneration of the person providing the service) are determined by agreement of the parties. ”

The service “outstaffing” includes:

Staff removal
Taking over personnel issues when opening branches and representative offices in other cities or countries
Payment of wages, labor issues
Accounting services
Company cost optimization

What is an outstaffing agency that meets your expectations? One that will reduce the burden on the enterprise, will take on the risks associated with working with personnel, provide employees with a safe environment for cooperation (white wages, pay taxes, maintain benefits and accrual of retirement benefits) and allow company owners to concentrate on strategic tasks and business processes.

It’s good if the outstaffing company works with projects in different cities (at least in large ones – Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkov, etc.). Even better if her customers were representatives of foreign countries.

The only risk when “removing staff from the state” is to stumble upon an illegally operating agency. In 2018, there were a number of lawsuits in Ukraine with unscrupulous providers, which led to a reduction in the number of austeners. Therefore, when ordering services, be sure to check if the company has documents and positive reviews.

Recruitment in Ukraine: what kind of specialists does Europe need?

All specialists exporting their knowledge and skills abroad, the employment and staffing agency is conditionally divided into 3 groups:
– qualified specialists (physicians, pharmacists, engineers, IT, etc.)
– working staff (builders, waiters, assemblers, etc.)
– unique specialists who are either headhunted or found through executive search

According to the counter, 1,582,137 people have already left Ukraine, but this is only legally registered. In fact, according to the estimates of the Ministry of Social Policy, from 7 to 9 million Ukrainians are constantly working abroad. If we talk about remote work, then with IT-specialists this figure will increase significantly.

Depending on the level of skills, European salaries can range from 50,000 euros to 140,000 euros per year. In addition, the presence of a confirmed diploma (it is better if it is framed according to an international model) can serve as motivation. But qualified professionals will still have to take confirmatory exams.

According to the report of the World Economic Forum in Davos, in 2020 Europe will be in great need of various specialists from other countries. Recruiters and hr already today should pay attention to the presence in their database of representatives of the following professions:

  • analysts, business analysts, industry analysts
  • information security developers
  • biochemists, nanotechnology engineers
  • traffic managers, especially for mobile development
  • TOP management
  • representatives of creative professions and production
  • teachers, coaches and other teaching staff

According to preliminary estimates, today more than 2 million jobs are being prepared for representatives of these professions. To compile this list, 350 company executives from 15 countries were interviewed.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian list of the most sought-after specialists in 2019 consists of for the most part unskilled personnel (laborers, hostesses, waiters, sales representatives), marketers and their colleagues, drivers and cooks.

If you are looking for qualified personnel to work abroad, you can contact the Recruit Alliance – we will help you find employees, and it is faster and easier for applicants to make their dreams come true.


As invaluable as executive search firms are for companies, they can also make a tremendous difference in the careers of professionals who are in the market for a new job. Tapping into a recruiter’s help calls for forethought as well as networking skills — считает manager of executive search consultants & recruitment американской компании BridgeStreet Partners.

(c) 10 Tips for Networking with an Executive Recruiter

Executive Search is a direct search for highly specialized personnel, for example, top managers or representatives of unique professions, as a rule, without posting vacancies. A representative of an executive search agency does not directly hunt one specialist upon request from a client. First, he compiles a list of competing companies (or receives it from the client), approves the sample with the client, receives as much information as possible about the desired ones, and only then begins to communicate with them.

So, who could be the focus of executive search for a recruiter?

  • Successfully heading up the career ladder or director of a department. A person who has grown to TOP positions on his own will be interesting to competitors
  • A specialist with a cool portfolio that changed the history of the company. He or she could raise profits, successfully rebrand and increase recognition – the main thing is to be heard
  • Human-brand, known in the circles of colleagues
  • Maintaining the company’s income and / or reputation at a decent level. They do not always look for a “star”, it happens that you need someone who can hold the position of the enterprise in the rating of Ukraine or Kiev.
  • Graduate of a prestigious educational institution, course or MBA. The case when the client is most often a family-owned or maximally fundamental company that prefers to grow personnel on its own.

After determining the pool of candidates, the most interesting thing for the recruiter begins – he tries to sell the candidate the job of his dreams. In the first round, he tries by hook or by crook to find the direct contact of the right person (sometimes for this you have to call directly to the company where the candidate works and introduce himself as another person).

The second is to persuade him to consider the proposal, because in 9 out of 10 cases the “victim” of executive search has been working happily in one place for many years and does not see the need to look for something new. Well, or the boss is standing nearby, in which such conversations are not appropriate.

And only after that, perhaps, the first meeting will take place, where the candidate will tell for the sake of what conditions he can think about a job change. Next up is the right tripartite communications.

I must say that executive search is a very interesting and difficult task, because we are talking about “luring” and a dialogue not with one, but with several applicants at once. Therefore, it is important in the process of “negotiations” not only to complete the task, but also to maintain the anonymity, reputation and attractiveness of the client-company brand.

What is staff outsourcing and how much does it cost?

Outsourcing is the use of external labor resources to close urgent, temporary, routine, and sometimes permanent tasks. When a request arises, the contractors appear – outsourcing company – specialists providing hr outsourcing and other services.

What are the most common outsourcing companies in Ukraine:

providing it-services (development, management, storage)
closing business processes (from recruiting to taking on tasks to optimize internal processes)
sales, production and communications (marketing departments, production of video materials, call centers, quality control, etc.)
financial services and accounting

Outsourcing services are needed at the stages of rapid growth of the company, when all resources are thrown to new tasks. On the other hand, forwarding more complex tasks that are directly related to the company’s activities (for example, in the IT sphere) is also a very common practice.

Why will outsourcing staff always be a good offer? Provided that the client has found a responsible company that respects the terms of cooperation and confidentiality.

We give the most obvious figures. For the functionality of the back office of an IT company, you need: rental of premises, organization of a workplace (furniture and appliances), payment of wages, vacation and other mandatory expenses (office, coffee, electricity), taxes. Even with the most modest calculations and dubious working conditions, the costs will exceed the amount of $ 3,000. And this is without taking into account the time spent on communication with staff.

At the same time, a company engaged in personnel outsourcing assumes all costs and provides services through the remuneration of its specialists. In addition, outsourcing of personnel in the city of Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro and other Ukrainian cities allows an additional loan for VAT.

Recruit Alliance always offers more than just a service. Turning to us, the client receives full support and the opportunity to contact our manager 24/7 with a question.

Legal outstaffing in Ukraine: myth or reality?

Outstaffing in a free translation sounds like “the withdrawal of staff from the company’s staff.” Today Ukraine does not impose any legal restrictions on the services of outstaffing. The only exception is made in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 05.20.2013 No. 359: the so-called outstaffing services can be provided only by a legally working recruiting agency.

What does the Recruit Alliance offer?

Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro and other Ukrainian cities can count on a personal meeting with our specialist for consultation. We will talk about everything related to the optimization of labor costs for company personnel. The price of services depends on the size of the state and is discussed individually.

For those who want to understand the nuances of “ashore” we explain:

After the staff is removed from the state, the Outstaffer company leases employees to its client. In fact, people remain working in their places, but the agency takes care of all labor disputes, payroll and other nuances.

The customer is left with the Recruit Alliance’s labor process information and administrative expenses. Our company submits a report on internal HR administration and payments within the agreed time.

We recommend using the services of Ukrainian agencies. Because for official registration in Ukraine we make deductions to the pension font, which means that all employees of the client company accumulate experience, will receive retirement benefits and retain social benefits. In addition, their relationship with the employer is fully controlled by the Labor Code. On the other hand, the client company can maintain a certain form

To learn more about the format of cooperation, please call 0632370512 or 0673214664.

Clear signs that your employee has outgrown his position

Employee enthusiasm may run low. It is very difficult to be optimistic in the work everyday. A person can get tired, burn out, get carried away with a new hobby and concentrate on him the maximum of his attention. But sometimes passivity is a signal that in the place of an employee you will soon have to look for a new person.

The signal for the selection of frames may be the following “bells” in the behavior of personnel. By the way, sometimes this is a signal that he simply outgrew his tasks and it is time to open new levels of access / functionality / to set more ambitious tasks.

The American recruiting company OfficeTeam conducted a study in which each of the interviewed office workers admitted that they were bored at the workplace for about 10 hours a week. All that is more is a signal of a possible soon “flight away” if nothing changes. And you can diagnose boredom only by individual parameters, a drop in efficiency and other personal indicators – here, unfortunately, there are no universal indicators.

Another indicator is that the employee has ceased to undertake complex goals, striving to learn something new. The only way to be a good specialist is to constantly grow and improve your skills by overcoming difficulties. Any call of a person who is tired of work, passively responds to any new load, tries to avoid even the most interesting tasks. It is becoming more aggressive and withdrawn, especially in corporate correspondence.

Solving such situations is worth it in stages. The first is to try to discuss the current situation and invite the subordinate to go on vacation. Perhaps he just accumulated fatigue. If this does not work, you will have to make a decision: either offer career growth, or layoff. Do not try to keep an employee who wants to leave without offering him anything in return. He may agree, but the efficiency will soon fall anyway.

If you are faced with the need to find a new person to replace the one who left, but cannot clearly state what kind of position will be discussed, contact the Recruit Alliance and we will help you make the vacancy.
And then we will offer you a selection of the most suitable specialists during the week.

5 “right” things that show the seriousness of a new employee’s intentions

A successful interview is just the beginning of the journey. The new person shows his real level of professionalism in the first three months of employment. And this is not about the ability to clean up after oneself in a shared kitchen or to maintain a conversation in an informal chat room of colleagues. We have prepared a list of the 5 first steps of the new frame, which, according to recruiters, are indicators of a responsible approach to work.

  1. Immediately after talking with a recruiting agency, but before official employment check your social networks. On LinkedIn, specialists after the project / dismissal collect positive feedback from colleagues and partners, on Facebook and Twitter – they look at content and personal information. Of course, each person deserves privacy, but sometimes a reputation can suffer due to an unsuccessful joke. Remember the case of Justin Sacco, given in an article by experienced crisis managers.
  2. Establishes personal connections, makes contacts or, more simply, “joins the team”. Unfortunately for many introverts, office mode implies minimal communication skills, and even more often – teamwork. If we do not talk about individual cases, often the reason for dismissal in the first months of work is precisely the inability to find a common language with the old-timers. By the way, the task of the hr-manager is to timely detect an emerging problem and neutralize it.
  3. After the first meetings and skype calls, the global goals of the company become clear. At this stage, the new TOP manager should review his strategy first, the new head of the marketing department to recount the campaign and distribution by communication channels, Team Lead – to change the architecture of the code, if necessary, of course. Well, or at least he will have a desire to discuss what he heard, to speak out ideas.
  4. They offer new tools for optimizing tasks, but they do it unobtrusively and without depreciation. Especially if they occupy a managerial position in a highly specialized industry company. For example, New Biz can recommend a recruiter an article with a selection of useful tools, but should not criticize his communications scripts without significant arguments and similar work experience.
    They refine the scheme of internal communications, study the general schedule, pick up ongoing projects. They themselves offer help, but provide an opportunity at the first stages to other more experienced to determine their level of involvement. Here, by the way, it’s important not to overdo it – not to take over everything at once, so as not to lose the reputation of an executive officer.

We remind you that there are no good employees – there are suitable or not. Therefore, the main thing is that the work of a new person resonates with the general mood within the company. If even one of the steps will be taken a little later than the trial period – it is not problem. It is important that the adaptation process is completed in a timely manner and that work begins.

A great way to make the right choice of a person in a team is to entrust the selection to the agency Recruit Alliance.


Now there will be material not for recruiters, but it will probably be useful to HR managers or business owners. This material is a kind of reference to the best-selling book by Igor Mann 8 years ago, “Marketing without a Budget,” which once helped companies grow their brand without much cost. Similar events can be held with yesterday’s students, beginners and “June”, who are just starting their career paths. Please note that the advanced training of TOP managers should take place in a completely different way.

1.Closed clubs, professional societies, meetings for the exchange of experience

Open Facebook, in the left column select “Interesting” and find a list of free / low-cost events on any topic. For example, for IT it can be meetings of Code and Coffee Kyiv enthusiasts in the Dial, for HR benefits from recruiting agencies, networking and social initiatives – these are the IV Forum of Creative Industry. If you increase the budget to 1000 UAH, the offers increases tenfold.

2.Communicate with partners

At least one of the 5 major clients holds seminars / round tables on interesting topics. Find out more about their PR or advertising strategy, there may be some places left for some events. In return, you can offer useful feedback or support on social networks.

3.Share cases inside the company

The longer an employee works, the more he needs recognition and respect 🙂 Try to combine business with pleasure by offering him a small allowance for mentoring or training other employees. To optimize the process, use primarily the format that is convenient for him: either public speaking to colleagues once every couple of weeks, or preparing an article for internal mailing, or presentation.

4.Start the practice of group readings

Make a selection of 12 required books to read per year and invite colleagues to get acquainted with one of them once a month. This practice is useful to companies related to sales, marketing, copywriting, design, etc. Ideally, stimulate a collective discussion of what has been read and offer to integrate knowledge into company practice. You can enter a conditional “motivator” for the most active reader. Well, buy books, of course.

5.Use free features

Youtube courses, online libraries, introductory courses, online schools with lectures that can be watched by the whole team… The list goes on and on. In order not to waste time in vain, be sure to study the personality of the lecturer, listeners’ reviews or look at selections on thematic resources. For example, the reputation of IT courses is well covered by the well-known Ukrainian thematic site.

Remember that when looking for training programs you should pay for:

Unique experience
– Inaccessible to the general public practices
– Save time on independent reserving
– Networking
– Confirmation of skill development
– In all other cases, information can be found, if not free, then much cheaper.

By the way, very soon we will launch one very useful course that will help change your occupation to a more profitable one. If you are just in search – write to us by mail and we will continue the dialogue 🙂

Should salary levels be indicated?

In the Baltic states, almost all countries have passed a law stating that an employer is required to indicate the level of wages in a vacancy. If not a number, then at least a plug. A recruiting agency working on behalf of the owner of the company will also not be able to hide information from the applicant. However, the selection agent does not need this – as an expert, he almost immediately understands both the financial expectations and professional skills of the applicant.

But why the employer does not want to indicate the level of remuneration? Far from always the reason is low numbers. More often the situation is defined by the popular phrase “the level of wages will depend on skills.” Simply put, the more tasks a new employee will take on, the more he will earn. If, however, a novice specialist comes to the team, he will, of course, be trained, but he will earn less. Finding a specialist is a difficult decision requiring the closure of many of the “fears” of the company owner. Especially if the company is a startup or a family business.

What fears does the employer face (why does not want to indicate the level of salary):

  • If I write a lot, then I will miss the opportunity to save or spend the budget on inappropriate reviews.
  • I’ll write a little – I’ll miss the professional because of the small difference that I could cover if I knew.

By the way, often the TOP manager or a rare specialist himself calls his terms of cooperation, which greatly simplifies communication.

What we want to say: to indicate whether or not it is up to the employer (recruiter), but according to statistics, more applicants respond to offers with exact numbers (up to 38%, according to data

The remaining components are already clear:

Company Description
Job description (including goals)
Candidate Expectations
You can focus on special skills / level of education / experience / feedback
Working conditions
Responsible person contacts
A junior specialist can be found through ordinary sites. But for professionals more abruptly and managers will have to think over more points than indicating the level of wages.

Want to know which ones? Write to us, we will consult you and help with the hiring.


If you are a business owner, then your only and main subordinate is the director of the company. All other employees are his team with which he realizes his goals. You may not know the exact number of employees, but the loss of control over the actions of the manager is a signal for serious consequences.

Having talked with customers, our recruiters identified several common signs of an imminent change of head of operations. Just let us immediately determine that theft and other illegal actions are not a signal for selecting a new leadership, but an excuse for contacting the police. So:

  1. Learned from acquaintances, received a letter from a recruiting agency or saw an ad on social networks – it doesn’t matter how, but they learned that the CEO is considering job offers. Even if he did not accept them, he is no longer interested in working with you – fire him.
  2. He becomes the reason for the dismissal of key employees of the company. A good specialist is not always a good leader, and here you need to understand whether he is worth it to recruit a new team for him.
  3. The company staff appears more and more strangers. The General Director hires people without consulting the owner, the team puts “his people” in the head, who cannot really explain what they are doing at the moment.
  4. Breaks deadlines, does not stand KPI. Even if the leader is a very good person, this is not a reason to give him more than 2 chances. Otherwise, you will lose your staff, company, and reputation.
  5. Changes the strategy without coordination. Or, for example, redistributes resources, changes the target audience, prices – in a word, throws the chosen path of the company for unproven opportunities without taking risks into account. If he is not stopped in time, even dismissal will not be able to stabilize the situation.
  6. Avoids meetings, does not give full reporting constantly referring to employment. If something is in doubt, this must be checked. Information for owners can only be faked if they are inattentive and trusting. Once a recorded fact of “embellishment” should be a signal for the revision of the candidacy.

Finding a good TOP manager is a quest, but let the fear of a new person not become a reason for you to endure the unscrupulous management of your company. Contact the Recruit Alliance agency and we will help you determine the key characteristics of a suitable leader who will fit into the team and take the company to a new level.

9 key tips for hiring talent born after 1995

In America they are called “Generation Z” – these are the youngest of job seekers who post their resumes on job search sites. They grew up all their lives in the field of communications, the Internet was available to most almost from birth. But these they are not looking for just what kind of job – they are ready to wait for the profession of a dream.

Yesterday’s teenagers are very valuable for the marketing departments, because no one like them feels current trends. IT companies often engage opinion leaders under the age of 22 to collaborate on application development. But the recruiter and HR must understand that what is truly valuable to Generation Z can be very different from the standard benefits for the rest of the staff.

But the question remains open: how to interest the younger generation? As an answer, we prepared an adaptive translation of article, which is useful to recruiting agencies and business owners.

  1. Be honest in vacancies. If the work does not live up to expectations, the Z-worker simply will not return and will not feel remorse about this.
  2. Write down the company’s mission, be socially responsible, start taking care of the environment
  3. Try to organize mobile workstations equipped with portable equipment. It is more convenient and cheaper.
  4. Take care of education – invite a new Z-employee to take specialized courses at the company’s expense (for example, now popular “Fish”, KAMA, Svitlo, etc.) – this event will improve the quality of the services provided and become a platform for networking.
  5. Give them the opportunity to accelerate career growth. The recruiting agency receives one of 3 resumes for the position of TOP management from candidates up to 30 and this is normal.
  6. Search for candidates through video clips in social networks, in telegram channels or through advertising on Instagram
  7. Develop a personal leader’s brand – today it’s with great pleasure that they go to work in a team with a cool leader or on a good project. Often just a company name in a job is not enough.
  8. Indicate that you are open to offers and try to keep a promise.
  9. Get ready to set budgets – Marketing without a budget doesn’t work in the modern digital world. Here, even with an infinitely talented marketer, if you want to be No. 1, be prepared to invest in promotion.

These recommendations have been adapted to current needs from our practice. If you want to know more, contact the Recruit Alliance.

6 big mistakes in hiring it-specialists

The rapid growth of the IT-market in Ukraine contributes to a change in the balance of the employer-applicant. According to our analytics, today the number of open vacancies is 2 times the number of applicants for developer positions. Therefore, the number one task for an IT recruiter is to find a worthy specialist and be able to attract him to the customer company earlier than others.

Our recruiting agency does not lose hope of making the selection process mutually beneficial, therefore, we have prepared a list of simple tips on how to become a more desirable employer. Make at least a couple of them and your rating among applicants will increase significantly. Please note that the discussed senior level vacancies.

Stop looking for superheroes and rock stars

Ask any HR specialist: IT employees are a very calm audience that knows the cost of an hour of their work. Very rarely, they show a desire to compete for a place only if it is truly worthy. Moreover, they do not really like excessive emotionality. Therefore, choosing between a “tasty description” and a simple but understandable presentation format, take the second.

Update the list of benefits

“Buns and coffee” remained back in 2010, along with and other sysadmin jokes. Today, IT employees will prefer more days of remote work, atmospheric conditions in the office or useful bonuses. If you think about it, look at the experience of colleagues:

Stimulate knowledge

If you do not train / do not motivate your developers to train, then very soon his skills will become obsolete. To make it easier to decide, be aware that finding a new person is always more expensive than investing in an existing employee.

Be open to new technologies

Nobody wants to return to the obsolete stacks that they had in their work several years ago. If the company follows the market news, then its employees will not get bored. Of course, without fanaticism 🙂

Do not forget to test candidates, conduct a technical interview

To hire a good person with a beautiful resume, so that after 3 months you will be disappointed in his abilities – this happens more often than we would like. Therefore, even in the case of 100 percent confidence, it is still worth spending time and testing skills.

Use current tools

Communicate on social networks, send SMS with gratitude after the interview, be in touch by mail and not make calls without warning. Ethical principles have changed, but are still in demand. Especially if you want to hunt a tough specialist who needs to be impressed.

To find out real statistics, to understand exactly who is needed, to find several good candidates for the same positions at once, to spend less than 4 months in the search – all this is real when recruiting, if you work with the Recruit Alliance.


To be a recruiter is to be a sensitive empathy, a good psychologist and an understanding person. To be honest, a recruiting agency is a kind of filter that saves time and nerves for business owners (or other decision-makers) and applicants.

But sometimes candidates do not understand that being honest in an interview is a way to quickly find a truly “their” place of work. At such moments, the recruitment manager should correctly consider hidden motives, making communication as transparent as possible. Here are some ways to understand what lies at the interview:

  • The candidate changes the rhythm of speech on uncomfortable questions (to be sure, use different formulations for the same topic). When inventing starts on the go, the applicant spends more time preparing the wording, due to which there are pauses, and the general pace slows down.
  • The number of parasitic words is growing (all of these: mmmm, that’s, so to say, uh). Similar to the previous situation, thinking time is replaced by verbal garbage. On the other hand, if a person does not speak very much due to the profession, then this may be a personal quality and have nothing to do with assessing the level of truthfulness.
  • Uses sayings to hide insecurity in his words and a desire to hedge against an “eternal” argument, to make a concession. These words: in principle, in general, in general, quite often, and so on.
  • Nonverbal manifestations. It is difficult for a person to control both speech and the body at the same time, because closed poses, rapid breathing, stiffness, and redness of the skin signal a possible deception. At the same time, this can be a banal excitement, therefore it is better to select personnel in the company of professionals.
  • The job seeker uses “avoiding” the answer or excessive rationalization. Care is an attempt to hide unpleasant information behind common phrases or socially acceptable language. Rationalization is the use of complex designs that, in fact, do not give a direct answer. There is only one way to deal with them: to give unexpected questions that are as different as possible from the template ones.

In fact, each hr-manager has his own proven methods, which can only be supplemented with our examples. There are questions – write us, we will consult.

Which professions are most promising

To be a recruiter means always keeping abreast of global news. Knowing about the main trends in the US labor market, one can gradually describe future requests to a recruitment agency. However, many non-resident employers are already asked to select specialists of rare professions. Which ones you will learn from our translation of the Technology Review of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) each year publishes a list of the most breakthrough technologies in the global economy. This year, MIT Technology Review attracted the cooperation of Bill Gates and the following areas of work, he recommends to pay attention:

  1. Robotics (in particular, work with agility). Today, the robot can easily perform the programmed volume of tasks, but once it is shifted slightly in space, the processes will stop. Learning artificial intelligence is now in first place for requests in the United States and other promising countries. Even in the selection of personnel from Ukraine there are requests for those familiar with AI.
  2. New wave of nuclear power. New nuclear designs promise to make this energy source safer and cheaper. Among them are the decay reactors of the fourth generation, the evolution of traditional structures; small modular reactors; and fusion reactors, a technology that seems forever unattainable. Developers of IV generation collapse projects, such as TerrestPower (which was made by Bill Gates as an investor) and TerraPower from Washington, entered into a research partnership with utilities, aiming for a full power supply in the 2020s. It sounds, perhaps, too optimistically, but still people are attracted to this area all the time.
  3. Prediction of preterm labor. American scientists believe that one of the most difficult problems of medicine is the birth of premature babies (today it is 1 child out of 10). A number of startups are developing safe tests to determine the vibrations in seven genes that are associated with preterm birth. For example, Quake has already learned to fix fluctuations through a blood test for quite reasonable money – $ 10. But this is only the beginning for such a promising and socially important direction in medicine.
  4. Another example from medicine is technology optimization. In particular, the creation of an intestinal probe in the form of a tablet, which can be used to study the gastrointestinal tract without the use of anesthesia in adults and children of all ages. The global goal is to minimize discomfort, but at the same time, get the maximum image, including a three-dimensional image and a small section.
  5. Meat substitutes. In 30 years, the planet’s population will increase to almost 10 billion people. And this people will be much richer, the level of consumption of various goods will grow exponentially, which does not bode well for the environment. For example, meat consumption will increase by 70 percent and the only way to preserve the natural resources necessary for keeping cows and other “meat” animals is to find a laboratory analogue to meat. Already today, companies from the Netherlands are engaged in the cultivation of muscle tissue, but the main focus of the day is the taste of the product. If scientific research is yours, then be sure to explore this promising direction.

If your field of activity was mentioned above and you do not know where to look for specialists, then contact us for an Executive search. For over 15 years we have successfully found representatives of the most unusual and rare professions.


Hiring the best candidates and keeping them in the company – don’t you think that very soon Ukrainian companies will start incorporating hr-branding into their marketing strategies?

The reason is simple and clear: good employees make the company richer and more attractive for investment. And if earlier marketers used CX (customer experience) in their communications for social platforms and media more often, now they are replaced by EX (employee experience). Photos of smiling employees, funny shots from corporate events, participation of the company’s teams in charity marathons – all this contributes to the growth of brand loyalty. And then it becomes a working tool for a recruiting agency and hr-manager when recruiting.

CEOs are telling journalists about bonus systems and inviting them to interview in their informal business spaces where the spirit of non-conformism reigns. IT companies go even further: they offer their employees the services of a massage therapist in the office, hire a full-time travel agent and start up office animals. People spend more time at work, they have common goals, interests and a sense of cohesion. In other words – a common story.

Storytelling is a long-used marketing tool. In hr, it starts from the moment of the interview, where the recruiter, while presenting the vacancy, gives a brief description of the company: how long has it existed, what is the global mission, goal.

Deloitte in its report “Global Human Capital Trends” indicated that 79% of the surveyed CEOs identified EX as the main aspect of stimulating the growth of the company. Even the Harvard Business Review, conducting its own research in 250 Fortune 100 companies, confirmed that those who invest in EX get 4 times more profit. Moreover, they do not have to make for this an incredible effort – it is enough to give employees the opportunity to speak.

For example:

Adobe receives real-time feedback in the form of stories from its employees, on the basis of which it determines how to improve working conditions already now, for example, change the office style (decor, floor, technical content). LinkedIn holds HR hackathons, where everyone can tell about their work, try themselves as their colleagues. At Airbnb, employees are involved in creating design projects for common areas (conference rooms, for example), and KPMG has taken patronage over the San Diego Zoo and in every possible way engages employees in animal care.

Involvement in a common story makes people happier, their productivity grows. In addition, a good and useful thing unites.

Catch several ways to make your company’s brand more attractive:

1.Talk about a person, not a team

Employees can be encouraged in different ways, but one of the most effective and intangible is the recognition of his merits. Give a short note on the company’s website or in the media, write a press release, or invite him to speak with his story at the nearest profile event. Of course, all this is best done by agreeing with the employee.

2. Think of a common interest within the company.

Charity, cleaning of territories, eco-sorting, football – whatever, if only it could unite most of the team, it was not a burden and gave the spirit of community. By the way, a great option is competitive tournaments between competing companies with the support of the mainstream media. There is also a visual component, for example, the form and attributes of support groups.

3. Help dreams to come true

Remember scenes from American films, where in interest groups everyone tells their story? If you modify it a bit, you get a completely working EX tool. His main task is to learn about dreams, goals, hobbies. A convenient place for such conversations – corporate parties, common meals and dr. And then a mechanic: to give tickets to a favorite concert, organize a celebration in his lifestyle, pay for courses, help in solving family issues. Get right on target – a satisfied employee himself will become the best PR manager of the company.

If you thoroughly study the motives and interests of people in the state, then the situation will soon improve with the selection of personnel. By the way, a recruiting agency that conducts an independent survey before closing vacancies can, among other things, suggest which internal corporate points you should pay attention to.


Remember once the press content analysis was popular? This is such a technical test for the presence of propaganda or hidden campaigning. A competent person determined the number of emotionally-colored words used, and then drew conclusions about the author’s goals. There is a similar method in working with candidates, but it is called linguistic analysis of speech.

Is a recruiting agency trying to get into the head of a candidate and learn his secrets? Not at all. In fact, the recruiter, who owns this technique, will be able to understand only how the applicant himself assesses his abilities and experience. If a person is confident in his abilities, then his speech will consist of positive markers. But if the experience brought him some suffering, then he would use the appropriate adjectives. This will help to understand what kind of employment suits him better.

For example: Unfortunately (negative), my education does not correspond (negative) to my professional ambitions. But I took the risk (pos.) and was able (pos.) to take the position of an intern in the QA department. Now I have received (positive) good practice, pulled up (positive) theory and can (positively) be an excellent Junior QA.

It can be concluded that a person is inclined to compare himself with other specialists and is dependent on an external assessment of his knowledge. But he is not afraid to participate in contests, and therefore he considers himself to be quick-witted and capable of learning. In addition, his self-motivation and self-study skills work well. For initial positions, this is good data.

Or another example: At the previous place of work I had to (neg.) engage in monotonous mechanical work (neg.) because of what I did not have time (neg.) to create a large number of innovative advertising campaigns. This is not bad (neg.), my portfolio has been replenished (pos.) with a lot of applied projects. Now it is easier for me (pos.) to take on big tasks, where I can do creative work (pos.), and be highly productive (pos.) with small tasks.

It shows the employee’s unwillingness to do routine work, to be subordinate. Most comfortable he feels in an atmosphere of creation. But, if he is given the opportunity to lead a serious project, he is ready to close all positions at once – so tired of being a performer. In addition, he likes the company, which follow modern developments.

Another way is to analyze the propositions. Yes, this is exactly what the parts of the utterance are called, which are always true, even if the message has a hypothetical or negative color. They help us take a broader look at the situation.

For example: Now I know how to work in international markets – this means that he did not know before, because experience in this direction can only be counted from the position voiced

If this happens, then I will be ready to take responsibility – until the last moment the applicant will shift the responsibility to others

If we work together, then I will offer you more – I’m not sure that the company meets expectations / it will meet expectations.

I managed better commercial projects – work with barter partners was not very successful

Yes, it’s simple. The main thing is to be attentive and not to forget not only to read out individual words, but also to perceive the received information. Recruitment agency with great experience “clicks” such communications almost instantly, but for beginners in HR we would advise asking for written responses – it’s easier to analyze.


The client asked to find the best specialist in the market. You selected several people, conducted interviews with them. And now, after more than two weeks, the customer company can not make a choice. Another couple of days and you are going to make a new pool of candidates. Why it happens – read on.

Today we are armed with information from social studies, surveys and analytics of our partners – international recruiting agencies. In addition, we will try to shift the emphasis to another team – candidates for the position.

The 3Gem survey, conducted in January 2018, was attended by 9,000 full-time Top-managers from 11 countries. According to their report, 67% of the interviewed employees accepted the second job offer, because waiting for at least some response from the first “dream job” lasted too long. Moreover, 70% of applicants reported that they “switch over” to the next vacancy, if the recruiter does not contact them in the next couple of days. Please note that this is not a notice of acceptance for a job, but a minimum feedback with approximate predictions on the timing of a decision.

Only 12% of respondents found it acceptable to spend a month waiting for feedback about an interview. So the remaining 8 out of 10 candidates will assume that your recruitment agency did not meet their expectations. Because first of all they are speaking with you.

On the other hand, an anonymous survey of Glassdoor, which was attended by about 84,000 people in search of work from 25 countries, showed that the “interview” stage takes more than a month. So, for the lower positions this practice can be general.

How can a recruiting agency make the process as effective as possible for each of the parties?

  1. Determine deadlines with the client to prepare the candidate for the waiting time
  2. Check with the applicant of his temporary possibilities, whether he is considering other proposals. Determine the level of interest in working with the client company
  3. In the event of an exit from the schedule, politely remind about the deadlines. If you realize that the process is delayed for a long time, remind about the risks
  4. Stay in touch with the candidate, regardless of the feedback of the client company

It so happens that the candidate is intelligent, but the head of company-customer is confused by something. Try to talk with the client about 3 main questions (can he do the work? does he make an impression of the interested specialist? how is he better / worse than other candidates?) And then it will be easier to determine the true cause.
Do not fool and do not give false hopes.
And do not forget the main thing: the task of the recruiter is to smooth out difficult moments, to be support and an experienced comrade for each of the parties. Owning the art of recruitment, you can close even the most difficult job.

Especially if you hire to search Recruit Alliance team.


The base on statistics, in 2016, 7% of the population of Ukraine lived in Kiev. How many of them were IT-specialists – history is silent. Today we know the approximate number of IT specialists (184,700 developers – data from The State of European Tech 2018) in Ukraine. DOU says that 40% of them are located in Kiev and 6% abroad. This means that almost 100,000 IT workers either work or are looking for projects outside the capital.

A logical question arises: how to find a specialist for a company in a small city?

We, as an experienced recruiting agency, which has long been closing developer jobs, recommend next options. The only caveat – study the issue of motivation and the fundamentals of the selection of a person before starting independent searches. After all, the main disadvantage of “working alone” – a small local labor market forces us to be as flexible as possible in negotiations and avoid parting on “negative” in every way. Moreover, there are reputational risks of working on behalf of the company, and not through the “shield of anonymity” in the person of the hired recruiter.

How can you find an IT specialist to work in a small city:

  1. To take a student and train “for yourself” with further employment
  2. Use recruitment sites: both well-known and local
  3. Save time and effort by calling a recruitment agency for help (this can be done by calling +38 (044) 237-05-12 (+380673214664) or leaving a request on the website)
  4. Search for candidates in local social networking groups
  5. Buy a paid account on Github
  6. Hunt specialists from competitors or invite from other cities

Most likely, you will have to go through each of these steps before the project team is assembled. The recruitment agency will come to the rescue and it does not matter which city the main office is located in: almost all issues can be solved online, and the question of interviews is solved by one or two recruiter trips.

In addition, we provide outstaffing services that optimize staff costs. We will be happy to answer additional questions.


StackOverflow is a Q&A site which helps developers solve problems in the professional community. And this is more than 250 talented employees around the world headquartered in New York. But okay, well, who does not know about StackOverflow? 🙂

Its CEO Joel Spolsky wrote a huge note about what kind of IT-people actually taked to cool projects. Of course, recruiting in the USA and Ukraine is different, but why not learn from the best?

In short, everyone needs “Smart and Get things done.” So the main task of the recruitment agency is to make sure that the candidate is smart and knows how to achieve the goal. Clever, but not charged for results, become good theorists. Purposeful, but stupid, will bring chaos and destruction.

Determining the presence of two characteristics in one candidate is possible exclusively during the interview. Frequent mistakes that occur during interviews:

  1. Monologue of recruiter, not a dialogue. In this case, the candidate can only agree that it can make a false impression of competence. In fact, it is a common mistake of many people to think: “He thinks like me, that’s way he is grade.”
  2. To think that knowing theoretical details will help the candidate to be effective in practice.

What to do? To give open, proven in the process of recruitment issues. If you are just starting out in IT recruiting, look at the Joel script. He suggests moving in stages. Namely:

Start with an acquaintance, tell more about the interview, determine the timing of the meeting. Ask how a person got, whether he is in a good mood. Reassure that it is important for a company not to overwhelm a candidate with complex issues, but to understand how he will solve a particular problem.
Discuss the last project that the candidate worked on. If you communicate with a junior or yesterday’s graduate, learn about the courses or subjects at the university. About any practical experience. Determine what interested them more, and what remains out of attention.
The main thing is to look for “resonating” moments, from which the candidate, say banal, his eyes burn. Try to “do a brat” at the interview, giving an opportunity to the IT-person to tell his own story. If he really loves his job, then the conversation will turn out to be lively with compliments or criticism of the ex-colleagues, boss or project. A motivated, loving candidate can not remain indifferent.

Another important nuance: an intelligent specialist can explain difficult moments so that even a child will understand them.

Try to catch in the story the moment when the candidate acted as a leader. Perhaps he managed to take responsibility for a misunderstanding in front of the customer or to unite the team and solve the problem in a short time. A good answer is a story about achievements, a bad one is a disclaimer of responsibility and the phrase “it was impossible.”

Next is the technical part of the interview, which will help to understand the practical skills of the candidate. It includes a discussion of errors in the process of performing a test task or solving fast impromptu problems on the board.

If everything went well, the final stage of the interview (5-10 minutes) is the “sale” of the workplace to the candidate. A few words about the company, goals, project, team and bonuses. The recruiter offers the candidate to ask questions if they arise. If not, that’s ok too.

Time to make a decision about the candidate – 3 minutes after the interview. Good practice is to send a short feedback in 15-20 minutes after the interview. If you think or weigh a decision for a long time, the candidate does not fit. In the process of hiring can not be half measures: either this person is competent or not convinced. According to statistics, about 20% of selected candidates are accepted into the state, which means 4 out of 5 specialists will have to receive from you “Thank you very much, but at the moment you are not ready to make an offer.”

Let us add that this letter should list the reasons for the refusal. And do not delay, forcing the candidate to beg for feedback – this is a bad tone.

Recruit Alliance has a separate IT-department that covers even the most complex and unusual applications. Upon request, provide written customer reviews.


The success of a business is largely determined by properly selected, trained and motivated employees. Moreover, in the process of evaluating the investment attractiveness of a company, staff analysis is often carried out: if not all of the staff, then top management at a minimum.

Today it’s not so easy to find a really suitable and professional candidate. One of the reasons is the “demographic hole”, formed due to the economic situation of the late 80s – early 90s. The second is the ratio of professional / personal qualities. For example, an “average” specialist in terms of characteristics may turn out to be the soul of a team, and his more stellar colleague may be a conflict introvert. Much depends on the expectations of the client company, because at the first stage the recruitment agency tries to gather as much information as possible about each suitable candidate, including his personal characteristics. The next stage is the assessment, which allows you to understand whether the “best specialist = appropriate” scheme will work.

In short, according to Svetlana Ivanova’s book, The Art of Personnel Recruitment, there are 7 general personnel assessment methods:

  • allocation which came to us from Soviet times and it is still happened in budget organizations. It is rather a lottery where, without any assessment of a new person, they are “thrown” him or her into a new team. “Allocation” does not help the workflow and may even worsen the atmosphere in the company.
  • acquaintance – employment by recommendation. Cons of this method: the inability to impartially assess competence.
  • random selection – recruitment without the participation of the hr-manager, conducted due to a sharp shortage of personnel. The case when you need to quickly find a manager, and there is no time for comparison or monitoring.
  • intuitive – based on a person’s perception. A technique whose effectiveness is impossible to predict. A well-known fact: we like people like us more, although their professional qualities may not fit the application.
  • delegated by a recruiter or other hiring specialist. He understands the features of corporate culture, the nuances of the future team, the situation on the labor market. In addition, in this case, the discussion will be collective (at least, a representative of the client company and a recruiting specialist), but the decision is personally for the head of the future employee.
  • questioning (testing) – if time allows and there is enough experience in interpreting the results, then this method will be optimal. It is based on dry facts, although it admits its own nuances. Such as: the risk of demotivating the best specialist who does not want to bother, or get distorted facts from a candidate who is familiar with the logic of the questionnaires.
  • interviews using different methods – practice, time-tested. It is not difficult to learn it, but you need to constantly keep abreast of news in hr, take training courses and have a great experience in recruiting staff.

More about what techniques work, we will tell in the following publications. If you can’t wait – order recruitment service from Recruit Alliance .

How to make a candidate suitable for a job

The process of looking for candidate may take a different amount of time, and its goal is always the same – to find the right employee for a long time (we do not speak about project vacancies now). The key word is “right”, but its mean “suitable”, because among the ten talented specialists only one will resonate.

One of the most popular ways to check for compatibility is a trial period. By the way, not only for the specialist and the owner of the company, but also the recruiting agency are interested in successful passage.

In fact, refusal to work (or vice versa – from a candidate) happens in approximately 10 cases out of 100. If the reasons are adequate (did not work well with the team, could not fulfill the expected amount of work, personal circumstances), then a 3-month warranty comes into effect for recruitment in exchange for the retired candidate. And this is not about the resumption of the search process – in fact, this is a large-scale work, including a detailed review of the application form, its adjustment, the preparation of a new pool of people, and so on.

In order to avoid such situations Recruit Alliance recommends:

Carefully check the application:

  • If this is a new client, discuss each one sentence with his representative. For example, you are looking for a Marketing Director, so you need to clarify exactly what functions he should perform: develop a strategy or work according to a plan, be an ideological only inspirer or personally close digital, develop a network or work with a brand – there can be completely different expectations from one vacancy .
  • Specify the nuances. For example, what kind of level of “stress tolerance” and “sociability” is meant. If the future accountant may encounter attempts at a raider seizure, then his or her experience should be relevant.
  • A request for a specific specialist hunting also needs to be worked out, because it’s about one chance and all the possible reputational risks for each of the participants. Especially if in the end the candidate and the employer will not work together.

Be empathic, try to clearly understand what personal qualities the candidate must possess in order to be comfortable part of the team. To do this, you can go to the company to “look at the team”, search social networks, and discuss about hypothetical situations with a future supervisor.

Work with a list of candidate recommendations. Of course, it is necessary to proceed from a specific situation, but in most cases it is worth checking not only the last place of work, but also the previous one. Try to ask those questions that will help determine the real level of competence and areas of responsibility.

At least attend the first interview. First, learn more about the expectations of the client, and secondly, you will be the moral support of the candidate. Under stressful conditions, even an experienced top manager can “roll the wrong way” in conversation and spoil the overall impression. Help him, direct him to the conversation – you already know that he is the one who is needed. If the interview fails, you can do the work on the bugs.

Be ready for force majeure. It rarely, but it happens.

After receiving the candidate for a trial period, advise the parties to sign a detailed job offer, in order to clearly understand what the process participants expect from each other. It is worth mentioning:

  • list of tasks for the period of probation
  • job description in which it is written who will be the immediate superior of the future employee
  • salary level (with all bonuses, amercement and other details)
  • features of working conditions

For a period of probation, keep in touch with two parties. So you can help smooth out difficult moments, or perhaps remind you of mutual promises. And after all such, apparently, trifles influence the decision on admission to the staff / acceptance of the offer.


As a rule, high-level professionals do not look for work through Job Search Site. You will most likely find a pair of suitable resumes in the general database, but the likelihood that the first selected specialist will immediately come to your job is minimal. Moreover, almost all of these questionnaires will either be irrelevant or placed for the sake of monitoring the level of wages in the market.

In our experience, half of the potential candidates have never posted their resumes on Job Search Site. And did not explore it for interesting proposals. These people are ” found” through narrow-profile communities, thematic events, with recommendations, or lured away from other companies. Therefore, the search for such specialists takes time and very delicate negotiation tactics. And it is the recruitment agency that knows how to interview several candidates, while maintaining the confidentiality of each parties.

Important conditions for Executive Search:

– Employed candidates may fear your call, suspecting a “test of loyalty” from the current leadership. Here, by the way, is not an easy moment for everyone – sometimes the failure of one specialist can shorten an already short list to 2 people, which will affect the performance indicators of the headhunter. Therefore, a good recruitment agency works on a proven communication algorithm. Inexperienced HR managers can do a lot of harm in this situation.

– Reputational risks escalating in small markets. In areas where is only 10-15 large companies work and all the chief engineers are good know each other, word of mouth works well. Some unsuccessful negotiations with an incompetent hunter, and the reputation of a careless employer will be fixed for a long time. At the same time, positive negotiations, even without a positive result, can bear fruit in a year, two or three.

– Understand the difference between finding an ordinary employee and a unique specialist. A large resume database on job search sites is no guarantee that at least one of them will meet expectations. Unfortunately, many tend to exaggerate their abilities on paper, and in order to understand the real level of competence, you will have to go through more than one stage of interviewing.

– Awareness of the risks, when the deadlines grow. If in Ukraine there are only two necessary specialists, then choosing between them in the period of 6 months means losing both. Without a clear timing and constant contact with the candidate, this nuance can be missed

– Salary is not always the deciding factor. Good specialists can already choose between other types of motivations, since they are provided with high wages in any of the companies. In order to immediately determine the type of future employee and understand whether a 50-year-old design engineer is suitable for a team with an open-mind and an open-space-office, you need to be more than just a hiring manager.

The list is endless, but the main conclusion is: if you want to get a result, trust the professionals. The Recruit Alliance team for almost 20 years successfully closes all possible personnel searches for Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Want to know more – please write