The success of a business is largely determined by properly selected, trained and motivated employees. Moreover, in the process of evaluating the investment attractiveness of a company, staff analysis is often carried out: if not all of the staff, then top management at a minimum.

Today it’s not so easy to find a really suitable and professional candidate. One of the reasons is the “demographic hole”, formed due to the economic situation of the late 80s – early 90s. The second is the ratio of professional / personal qualities. For example, an “average” specialist in terms of characteristics may turn out to be the soul of a team, and his more stellar colleague may be a conflict introvert. Much depends on the expectations of the client company, because at the first stage the recruitment agency tries to gather as much information as possible about each suitable candidate, including his personal characteristics. The next stage is the assessment, which allows you to understand whether the “best specialist = appropriate” scheme will work.

In short, according to Svetlana Ivanova’s book, The Art of Personnel Recruitment, there are 7 general personnel assessment methods:

More about what techniques work, we will tell in the following publications. If you can’t wait – order recruitment service from Recruit Alliance .