Let’s talk a little more about the base, without which no recruiting agency could work. Very often for a long time and successfully working HR people forget or miss seemingly simple things. A great way to stay effective is to spend a couple of minutes a day educating yourself. For example, remember how to close a vacancy.

On the one hand, our main argument and assistant in an interview with the client company is the profile of the candidate. This is a data set that includes a description of key skills, personal characteristics, recommendations, and, if conducted, the results of the survey. The main task of the profile is to show that the person is competent to work on this position. A specialist who provides recruitment services must clearly understand at what stage, according to, for example, the Boston model, the contracting company is located and which employee will fit into its rhythm.

On the other hand, in order to search for an employee it was easier, it is better to start by creating a profile of the position. It should include:

  1. all about the corporate culture, rules, norms, features
  2. description of the future team of the employee, his manager
  3. professional opportunities and prospects
  4. the specificity of the position and its possible nuances that need to be taken into account in the personal qualities of the candidate (perseverance, attentiveness or, for example, ease of character and ingenuity)
    The recruitment agency should not skip any of the company’s profile points, because not every good company is a good candidate. This is not a value judgment, but a description of a frequent case when the two parties simply do not find a common language.

By the way, information about the company is primarily provided by its employees – this will help not only the recruiter, but also the team itself to better understand the overall situation within and in the market. It will be even better if you persuade to participate and top management. To optimize the process, invite them to choose the answers from your options. Below are 3 main questions that will help:

  1. Which of the 10 given characteristics are needed first and foremost, and what could be a compromise
  2. Call the key characteristics of working employees who like
  3. Call the features of working employees which do not like

Of course, the answers to these questions will be useful if they are given by the immediate supervisor of the candidate or top management. A in-house HR specialist may not participate in a survey regarding characteristics, but will be helpful in drawing up a list of values ​​and describing a corporate culture.

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