Hiring the best candidates and keeping them in the company – don’t you think that very soon Ukrainian companies will start incorporating hr-branding into their marketing strategies?

The reason is simple and clear: good employees make the company richer and more attractive for investment. And if earlier marketers used CX (customer experience) in their communications for social platforms and media more often, now they are replaced by EX (employee experience). Photos of smiling employees, funny shots from corporate events, participation of the company’s teams in charity marathons – all this contributes to the growth of brand loyalty. And then it becomes a working tool for a recruiting agency and hr-manager when recruiting.

CEOs are telling journalists about bonus systems and inviting them to interview in their informal business spaces where the spirit of non-conformism reigns. IT companies go even further: they offer their employees the services of a massage therapist in the office, hire a full-time travel agent and start up office animals. People spend more time at work, they have common goals, interests and a sense of cohesion. In other words – a common story.

Storytelling is a long-used marketing tool. In hr, it starts from the moment of the interview, where the recruiter, while presenting the vacancy, gives a brief description of the company: how long has it existed, what is the global mission, goal.

Deloitte in its report “Global Human Capital Trends” indicated that 79% of the surveyed CEOs identified EX as the main aspect of stimulating the growth of the company. Even the Harvard Business Review, conducting its own research in 250 Fortune 100 companies, confirmed that those who invest in EX get 4 times more profit. Moreover, they do not have to make for this an incredible effort – it is enough to give employees the opportunity to speak.

For example:

Adobe receives real-time feedback in the form of stories from its employees, on the basis of which it determines how to improve working conditions already now, for example, change the office style (decor, floor, technical content). LinkedIn holds HR hackathons, where everyone can tell about their work, try themselves as their colleagues. At Airbnb, employees are involved in creating design projects for common areas (conference rooms, for example), and KPMG has taken patronage over the San Diego Zoo and in every possible way engages employees in animal care.

Involvement in a common story makes people happier, their productivity grows. In addition, a good and useful thing unites.

Catch several ways to make your company’s brand more attractive:

1.Talk about a person, not a team

Employees can be encouraged in different ways, but one of the most effective and intangible is the recognition of his merits. Give a short note on the company’s website or in the media, write a press release, or invite him to speak with his story at the nearest profile event. Of course, all this is best done by agreeing with the employee.

2. Think of a common interest within the company.

Charity, cleaning of territories, eco-sorting, football – whatever, if only it could unite most of the team, it was not a burden and gave the spirit of community. By the way, a great option is competitive tournaments between competing companies with the support of the mainstream media. There is also a visual component, for example, the form and attributes of support groups.

3. Help dreams to come true

Remember scenes from American films, where in interest groups everyone tells their story? If you modify it a bit, you get a completely working EX tool. His main task is to learn about dreams, goals, hobbies. A convenient place for such conversations – corporate parties, common meals and dr. And then a mechanic: to give tickets to a favorite concert, organize a celebration in his lifestyle, pay for courses, help in solving family issues. Get right on target – a satisfied employee himself will become the best PR manager of the company.

If you thoroughly study the motives and interests of people in the state, then the situation will soon improve with the selection of personnel. By the way, a recruiting agency that conducts an independent survey before closing vacancies can, among other things, suggest which internal corporate points you should pay attention to.