Because it’s the end of the working week, we decided to allow ourselves to discuss inside information among recruiters and hr.

As a recruiting agency with extensive experience working with employers, we focus on the fact that often an interesting image is not enough to build a successful career. Indeed, sooner or later, but the moment of changing the workplace will happen and then they will be assessed by the results of labor.

In the meantime, catch a selection of recommendations for an easy life inside the office.

Let’s face it: talent is overvalued. The world is full of incredibly talented people who remain unknown and underestimated. At the same time, less talented people (for example, some representatives of pop culture) successfully capture and hold public attention.

The offices also have their own “rock stars”, who are not the most productive employees, but can safely be called the “favorites” of the company. These people are confident in their relevance and do not worry about the dismissal. How do they do it?

  1. Make a personal style.

Sometimes it is a style of clothes (Cher, Lady Gaga), sometimes a special hairstyle (Ariana Grande, Strange Al Jankovic), but the main idea is to take on a look that will be distinctive and memorable.

Rock stars in the business world do the same. The most obvious example is Steve Jobs’s signature black pants and black turtleneck sweater. Other stories that took place were: a strategist who puts on a completely white suit, a marketing guru who applied evening make-up even during the daytime, and a head of sales department in a 24/7 hat.

The main rule: to be different.

2.Excess overconfidence

Even if you are incredibly talented, in order to rise to the stage and sing you need a little audacity. Especially, if your talent is not exclusive. The only way to prove yourself is to be so incredibly confident in yourself that your audience will not doubt your skills.

The office has the same rules. When you are 100% sure that you can add value to absolutely any project or situation, most people will think that this is true. Indeed, the career of many “rock stars” in the workplace is completely based on the support and promotion of the great ideas of other, more talented people.

Conclusion: be confident. Is always.

3.Work in cool projects.

Truly talented people, as a rule, work a lot to improve their craft, and this is perfectly normal if you love the process itself. “Rock Stars,” however, can sense what people want to hear, and then give them what they want. That is why attractive pop singers are becoming world famous, while their equally talented colleagues from other areas of art remain within their framework.

At work, “giving them what they want” means associating themselves and becoming a representative of the ideas and projects that are most likely to receive funding and attention from management. This is not a theft of a colleague’s work. “Rock Star” gives the project more PR within the company, as well as a sense of cohesion.

Remember: pay attention to prominent projects.

4.Do not forget about the team.

When rock stars perform at concerts, they always – ALWAYS – introduce the audience to their musicians, introducing each by name and allowing them to perform a short solo. And the star of the stage does not do it out of a sense of duty – it controls every performance, so that it complements the show, but does not change the accents.

Similarly, if you are a rock star at work, you must constantly and publicly pay tribute to and praise everyone who works with and for you. If you are really sincere, your colleagues will not be offended by your popularity, and instead will actively attract you to your team.

Conclusion: as soon as you find yourself in the center of attention, share your fame.