Three whale successful meeting with foreign company


Let’s continue the interview topic, which is almost 100% dependent on employment. If a recruiting agency sends an invitation to an interviewer for an online interview (via Skype, Zoom, or any other call application), the fun will soon begin. The maximum that can be done in this case is to prepare well.

In our experience, the result is 3 conditions: working internet, proper self-presentation and interest in the customer company.

Test your connection:

Let’s start with the banal, but trying to get an interview while standing in line or next to the playground is a risky event. If the recruiter still understands, then the prospective employer, as a rule, carefully plans its schedule and may not wait for the third attempt to call in a quieter place. And don’t forget about the time difference. Particularly noteworthy is the case where the delay in dealing with the United States was perceived as a biased attitude and the candidate was constantly interrupted and responded in a timely manner. After elimination of technical problems, a second interview took place and the person was hired. But this story is rather an exception.

Prepare a cheat sheet with information about yourself by:

How many years of work experience

What were the projects (2-3 interesting examples)

Your strong skills

Areas / Areas of Interest (eg Agribusiness or IT because…)

Why you are looking for a new job

Read about the company:

Check out the About us page on the company website

In the Google News section, select a one-year time limit and read about company external communications

Whenever possible, learn more about competitive metrics, see what’s different from your market counterparts.

This is the most general information that will help with the first “cold” contact. Not every recruitment agency gives this instruction, although the job of a recruiter is to be a consultant at the same time for each party.

By the way, if we talk about the interview again, its success depends on the teamwork: the recruiter’s feedback and the personal desire of the applicant.

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