What to keep in mind when you looking for LinkedIn employees


The emergence of social networks has made the life of company owners and hr-managers easier. Having run through Facebook on the candidate’s page, in 5 minutes you can get the portrait of a person as close to reality as possible. Even better, the recruiting agency finds the active profile of the future Top Manager on LinkedIn. About what you should pay attention when working with Link th we will discuss further.

Seventy percent of employed professionals are potential candidates.

They are not looking for new positions, often already working in hiring. You will not find their resumes in the public domain, but you will be able to entice a future employer with a strong brand or individual opportunities. Remember that almost everyone is open to better opportunities. A small life hack: do not forget to fill your social networks with information – it’s easier to “hold” attention.

Reason for changing jobs # 1 is a career opportunity.

You can be a cool sales manager in any company. Candidates are not looking for just a job – they are looking for an opportunity for growth and development. Therefore, hr or recruitment agency should prepare its unique offer or position with a larger area of ​​responsibility, for example, by several people in submission.

Take care of the life-work balance of your employees

When preparing a proposal, be sure to list the company’s philosophy, schedule and additional features, if any. For example, you allow 4 days a month of work at home and this can be a decisive factor for young parents. Or vice versa – access to the office 24/7, which will allow really enthusiastic employees to build their individual mode of operation. However, even if there are no bonuses, be sure to include basic information.

Use company contact network

In LinkedIn, there is a stronger community of colleagues of one specialization or activity. Many groups, pages and mutual friendship – one way or another, everyone is updated on the events of the domestic market of the profession. A recruiter can easily track a person’s interest in changing jobs by reading his latest publications. The main thing is not to be too intrusive. Another option is to work not only directly on behalf of a company or a recruiting agency, but also to use employee profiles to increase coverage.

Make the content to your pages

Post information not only as needed, but also for informational balance. Create a publication calendar. Show your intellectual contribution to the profession (publications, research), meeting with colleagues (participation in events, reviews of threads), start discussions on abstract topics (not politics, of course). Live pages “tighten.”

Remember that the best way to hire a good specialist is to entrust his search to professionals with a solid base of candidates.