6 big mistakes in hiring it-specialists


The rapid growth of the IT-market in Ukraine contributes to a change in the balance of the employer-applicant. According to our analytics, today the number of open vacancies is 2 times the number of applicants for developer positions. Therefore, the number one task for an IT recruiter is to find a worthy specialist and be able to attract him to the customer company earlier than others.

Our recruiting agency does not lose hope of making the selection process mutually beneficial, therefore, we have prepared a list of simple tips on how to become a more desirable employer. Make at least a couple of them and your rating among applicants will increase significantly. Please note that the discussed senior level vacancies.

Stop looking for superheroes and rock stars

Ask any HR specialist: IT employees are a very calm audience that knows the cost of an hour of their work. Very rarely, they show a desire to compete for a place only if it is truly worthy. Moreover, they do not really like excessive emotionality. Therefore, choosing between a “tasty description” and a simple but understandable presentation format, take the second.

Update the list of benefits

“Buns and coffee” remained back in 2010, along with bash.org and other sysadmin jokes. Today, IT employees will prefer more days of remote work, atmospheric conditions in the office or useful bonuses. If you think about it, look at the experience of colleagues: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:655463756661894758

Stimulate knowledge

If you do not train / do not motivate your developers to train, then very soon his skills will become obsolete. To make it easier to decide, be aware that finding a new person is always more expensive than investing in an existing employee.

Be open to new technologies

Nobody wants to return to the obsolete stacks that they had in their work several years ago. If the company follows the market news, then its employees will not get bored. Of course, without fanaticism 🙂

Do not forget to test candidates, conduct a technical interview

To hire a good person with a beautiful resume, so that after 3 months you will be disappointed in his abilities – this happens more often than we would like. Therefore, even in the case of 100 percent confidence, it is still worth spending time and testing skills.

Use current tools

Communicate on social networks, send SMS with gratitude after the interview, be in touch by mail and not make calls without warning. Ethical principles have changed, but are still in demand. Especially if you want to hunt a tough specialist who needs to be impressed.

To find out real statistics, to understand exactly who is needed, to find several good candidates for the same positions at once, to spend less than 4 months in the search – all this is real when recruiting, if you work with the Recruit Alliance.