9 key tips for hiring talent born after 1995


In America they are called “Generation Z” – these are the youngest of job seekers who post their resumes on job search sites. They grew up all their lives in the field of communications, the Internet was available to most almost from birth. But these they are not looking for just what kind of job – they are ready to wait for the profession of a dream.

Yesterday’s teenagers are very valuable for the marketing departments, because no one like them feels current trends. IT companies often engage opinion leaders under the age of 22 to collaborate on application development. But the recruiter and HR must understand that what is truly valuable to Generation Z can be very different from the standard benefits for the rest of the staff.

But the question remains open: how to interest the younger generation? As an answer, we prepared an adaptive translation of forbes.com article, which is useful to recruiting agencies and business owners.

  1. Be honest in vacancies. If the work does not live up to expectations, the Z-worker simply will not return and will not feel remorse about this.
  2. Write down the company’s mission, be socially responsible, start taking care of the environment
  3. Try to organize mobile workstations equipped with portable equipment. It is more convenient and cheaper.
  4. Take care of education – invite a new Z-employee to take specialized courses at the company’s expense (for example, now popular “Fish”, KAMA, Svitlo, etc.) – this event will improve the quality of the services provided and become a platform for networking.
  5. Give them the opportunity to accelerate career growth. The recruiting agency receives one of 3 resumes for the position of TOP management from candidates up to 30 and this is normal.
  6. Search for candidates through video clips in social networks, in telegram channels or through advertising on Instagram
  7. Develop a personal leader’s brand – today it’s with great pleasure that they go to work in a team with a cool leader or on a good project. Often just a company name in a job is not enough.
  8. Indicate that you are open to offers and try to keep a promise.
  9. Get ready to set budgets – Marketing without a budget doesn’t work in the modern digital world. Here, even with an infinitely talented marketer, if you want to be No. 1, be prepared to invest in promotion.

These recommendations have been adapted to current needs from our practice. If you want to know more, contact the Recruit Alliance.