How to start an agency recruitment motivation system


Searched, searched, searched, but could not find. Or searched, found, but missed. Or it happens: I searched, found, checked, but he could not stand the trial period and left. Which of these scenarios is most attractive to a recruiting agency? The correct answer is no. Because effective work on the selection of personnel begins with a properly constructed metric for evaluating effectiveness.

They are:

  1. Working with the recruiting funnel is a well-known technique, including the stages of attracting, involving, evaluating and selecting, receiving offers from the company and, of course, hiring. We recommend using internal CRM to obtain the most accurate historical and statistical data.
  2. Assessment of the quality of hiring through the ratio of the total number of candidates found and their “eligibility” for the vacancy
  3. Ability to meet deadlines
  4. Calculation of the cost of selecting one candidate (advertising, promotion, participation in thematic events, business trips, etc.)
  5. How many of vacancies per recruiter
  6. Global assessment of communication channels for the entire agency: this is not “the cost of selecting one candidate”, but the total expenses of the company on the communication platforms for all recruiters
  7. Assessment of the quality of work through feedback from client companies. Simply put, the determination of whether the internal HR manager or director of the company is satisfied with the work of the agency
  8. Counting the number of accepted offers for a month / year
  9. The regularity of the provision of additional services, for example, payroll market analytics or an assessment of the level of satisfaction with the working conditions of the best employees

Further, the task of the manager of the recruiting team is to organize the work in such a way that all employees:

Do not implement the system immediately and unconditionally. Do this step by step with the test period. Focus on the positive aspects of implementation, minimizing the burden of responsibility and the possibility of punishment. Be self-critical and use arguments about efficiency, the need to keep up with the times and optimize work processes.

If the introduction of the motivation system went without errors and conflicts, then most likely something went wrong 🙂 Discomfort within the team in the first three months is normal. So you can better understand what moments will have to change for your company.