How to prepare a vacancy for a IT engineer


Today, good IT engineer can be found only with a few communication channels: the Internet, recommendations and thematic events. Yes, these are completely different platforms, but one thing unites them: preparation for them begins with the preparation of the most comprehensive application or, more simply, vacancies.

An IT vacancy should answer the following questions:

• Are you looking for a specialist for a new project or want to add resources to a working team?

• Are you looking for a full-time employee or is it possible to remove?

• What is your budget?

• What is the functionality of the future employee and how are you ready to motivate him?

• What company values ​​should a future employee share?

Before the interview, remind yourself that it went well and not very much during your last recruitment.

If you are working with a recruiting agency, then this information should be sufficient. If you plan to close the vacancy on your own, then involve your employees in the search (of course, for a bonus), use the company’s social networks and take part in popular discussions on thematic sites. Be prepared for criticism – it can open up additional opportunities for you and become a good advertisement.