10 words clinging to employers for job interviews


Svetlana Ivanova spoke about socially approved answers. Psychologist and career coach Holly Crawford went further and identified 10 marker words that make the recruiter and HR manager more susceptible to interviewing. From their use you can “hide” the real competence and level of knowledge. Or confirm your real skills and get a dream job.

What are these words?

  1. Combining pronouns: we, ours, etc.

And now the candidate thinks that the entire recruiting agency will consider him an inseparable puzzle of a large team. But no.

2. Convenient features

Always available for customers, multi-tasking, flexible in negotiations, result oriented

3. Defining Leadership

An unsuccessful case also deserves to be heard if, in the process, the applicant has figured out how to overcome the difficult situation as a winner. Or at least take a chance and take responsibility.

4. Showing that the warrior is ready for battle

Nothing confirms professionalism as the ability to give practical advice to the top manager of the company at the first interview. Much better, if at the second meeting the candidate can voice his plan of action for the near future.

5. Confirming independence and responsibility

Mandatory parameters for the management staff, but also highly desirable for the average employee. Being proactive and effective are the best soft skills in many positions.

6. Clear figures, volumes, coverage

“At the last place of work, I carried out the established sales plan by 200% and myself raised 3 managers, one of whom later headed the competing department” – this phrase not only boasts, but also real facts. That’s what the arguments from the candidate should sound.

7. Performance criteria

A future employee who already during the first conversation wants to understand what is expected of him will at least be remembered. The father of advertising, Mr. Ogilvy, said that the consumer remembers the advertisement that he himself invented. It works the same with employers.

8. Flattery and indifference

A great scenario: get ahead of the HR manager’s questions and tell yourself what exactly you liked about the company and / or the vacancy. For a better argument, you should read publications, social networks and see advertising of the future employer.

9. Using storytelling

Until recently, it was the main tool of the marketer. Now it serves the benefit of “selling themselves” job seekers. And you can talk about anything, the main thing is that the story resonates with the company or person at the interview. Of the most popular topics: how I got into a difficult situation at work, but found a way out of it.

10. Words of thanks

Politeness is a necessary minimum. Of course, the TOP specialist can afford more, but they are not found as often as we would like. Most applicants still want to advise them not to take risks and try to follow the rules of etiquette.