Why companies hire the wrong people


The research company Leadership IQ found that 46% of employed professionals begin to regret their choice of job in the next 18 months. After that, their motivation level drops, labor results tend to zero and the next change of company occurs. There are always a lot of such “jumpers” replacing employers every 2 years on the market. One of the main reasons why this happens is that the recruiter poorly studied the person’s profile and could not or did not want to determine his real needs. He thought that he saved time for the client by recommending hiring an almost suitable person, but it turned out that the customer was in the red both in time and in money.

The reasons for this puncture can be different. But most often they start with the same phrase: “Hello, a recruiting agency? For yesterday I need a sales manager / marketer / director … Let the candidate be not perfect, but soon. ” No selection specialist will undertake a project with tight deadlines with a guaranteed result. Because, if he agrees, then most likely the client expects a fraud: understatement to the candidate or an embellished portrait of the applicant to the employer.

According to a CareerBuilder survey conducted in 2017, companies lose about $ 14,900 annually on bad hiring. This figure consists of repeated publication of applications, missed projects, payment of compensation, etc. An HR manager can hire a candidate based on his personal feelings – he / she knows the company better from the inside, understands what type of people get along in the department where there is a vacancy, and who will be comfortable with the project manager. But an external recruiter cannot take that risk even in the 5th year of cooperation – a specialist should not be tested for more than one interview.

What other risks exist when choosing the wrong candidate:

Only a careful study of the information field around the candidate will protect against all these failures – this is feedback from previous places of work, monitoring of social activity, verification of the veracity of KPI indicators and others.

Honesty is the best policy when looking for employees. Expecting sincerity from the candidate, be honest in reply: speak directly about the nuances of his or her functionality at the future place of work. In this case, it is possible that your applicant will be included in those 19% of the lucky ones who have been working in the same company for more than 3 years and do not plan to leave it.