Legal outstaffing in Ukraine: myth or reality?


Outstaffing in a free translation sounds like “the withdrawal of staff from the company’s staff.” Today Ukraine does not impose any legal restrictions on the services of outstaffing. The only exception is made in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 05.20.2013 No. 359: the so-called outstaffing services can be provided only by a legally working recruiting agency.

What does the Recruit Alliance offer?

Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro and other Ukrainian cities can count on a personal meeting with our specialist for consultation. We will talk about everything related to the optimization of labor costs for company personnel. The price of services depends on the size of the state and is discussed individually.

For those who want to understand the nuances of “ashore” we explain:

After the staff is removed from the state, the Outstaffer company leases employees to its client. In fact, people remain working in their places, but the agency takes care of all labor disputes, payroll and other nuances.

The customer is left with the Recruit Alliance’s labor process information and administrative expenses. Our company submits a report on internal HR administration and payments within the agreed time.

We recommend using the services of Ukrainian agencies. Because for official registration in Ukraine we make deductions to the pension font, which means that all employees of the client company accumulate experience, will receive retirement benefits and retain social benefits. In addition, their relationship with the employer is fully controlled by the Labor Code. On the other hand, the client company can maintain a certain form

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