What is staff outsourcing and how much does it cost?


Outsourcing is the use of external labor resources to close urgent, temporary, routine, and sometimes permanent tasks. When a request arises, the contractors appear – outsourcing company – specialists providing hr outsourcing and other services.

What are the most common outsourcing companies in Ukraine:

providing it-services (development, management, storage)
closing business processes (from recruiting to taking on tasks to optimize internal processes)
sales, production and communications (marketing departments, production of video materials, call centers, quality control, etc.)
financial services and accounting

Outsourcing services are needed at the stages of rapid growth of the company, when all resources are thrown to new tasks. On the other hand, forwarding more complex tasks that are directly related to the company’s activities (for example, in the IT sphere) is also a very common practice.

Why will outsourcing staff always be a good offer? Provided that the client has found a responsible company that respects the terms of cooperation and confidentiality.

We give the most obvious figures. For the functionality of the back office of an IT company, you need: rental of premises, organization of a workplace (furniture and appliances), payment of wages, vacation and other mandatory expenses (office, coffee, electricity), taxes. Even with the most modest calculations and dubious working conditions, the costs will exceed the amount of $ 3,000. And this is without taking into account the time spent on communication with staff.

At the same time, a company engaged in personnel outsourcing assumes all costs and provides services through the remuneration of its specialists. In addition, outsourcing of personnel in the city of Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro and other Ukrainian cities allows an additional loan for VAT.

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