As invaluable as executive search firms are for companies, they can also make a tremendous difference in the careers of professionals who are in the market for a new job. Tapping into a recruiter’s help calls for forethought as well as networking skills — считает manager of executive search consultants & recruitment американской компании BridgeStreet Partners.

(c) 10 Tips for Networking with an Executive Recruiter

Executive Search is a direct search for highly specialized personnel, for example, top managers or representatives of unique professions, as a rule, without posting vacancies. A representative of an executive search agency does not directly hunt one specialist upon request from a client. First, he compiles a list of competing companies (or receives it from the client), approves the sample with the client, receives as much information as possible about the desired ones, and only then begins to communicate with them.

So, who could be the focus of executive search for a recruiter?

After determining the pool of candidates, the most interesting thing for the recruiter begins – he tries to sell the candidate the job of his dreams. In the first round, he tries by hook or by crook to find the direct contact of the right person (sometimes for this you have to call directly to the company where the candidate works and introduce himself as another person).

The second is to persuade him to consider the proposal, because in 9 out of 10 cases the “victim” of executive search has been working happily in one place for many years and does not see the need to look for something new. Well, or the boss is standing nearby, in which such conversations are not appropriate.

And only after that, perhaps, the first meeting will take place, where the candidate will tell for the sake of what conditions he can think about a job change. Next up is the right tripartite communications.

I must say that executive search is a very interesting and difficult task, because we are talking about “luring” and a dialogue not with one, but with several applicants at once. Therefore, it is important in the process of “negotiations” not only to complete the task, but also to maintain the anonymity, reputation and attractiveness of the client-company brand.