How to get into the rating of the best IT recruiting agencies in Ukraine


IT companies are increasingly recruiting staff through it-recruiting agencies. Since this is one of the most promising business areas in Ukraine, the number of it-recruiters and HR companies is growing every day. So that it-people and selection specialists can quickly find each other, ratings like “The best Ukrainian it specialist recruitment agencies” are created. We asked our colleagues from the jury of such awards how to become the winner of one of them.

First, you need to determine on which site it would be more interesting for you to act as an expert: thematic, like, or professional society like

Secondly, it-recruiting agencies should meet certain requirements. Each site, of course, has its own. For some, it’s enough to be a Premium subscriber or pay for participation in the rating. For others, one should conduct professional practice in a high-quality manner and be distinguished by good indicators of project “closure”.

More details about the quality of practice depends on.

Now more about “closure”. Of course, an it-recruiting agency will not provide true information about its overall effectiveness. But you can understand the level of success by looking at several components:

Simply put, it’s certainly easier to hire June for outsourcers than architects for a start-up food company, because the quantitative indicator does not work. But according to statistics, the agency that closes Senior + for at least a month is successful. The rest is decided individually.