Why IT outsourcing is not what you thought

Probably everyone knows the meaning of the word “outsourcing”. Thousands of outsourcing companies work in Ukraine, providing all possible types of services. This is not outstaffing, where legally “renting” of personnel takes place, but taking on some tasks of another company.

Outsourcing is almost in demand in it more than in other areas. Especially popular is the export of it services, which by 2021 will grow to 7 billion dollars – the opinion of the Ukrainian IT Association. Although 2 years ago, this figure barely reached 3 million dollars. In the local market, it business outsourcing began with the work of technical support and system administrators. Even 20 years ago, many companies successfully functioned without an individually designed database, gliders, applications, sites and other seemingly irreplaceable things. Today, the release of each product needs to be supported by media support, and in order to enhance the effect, it is often necessary to digitalize. So there are thousands of sites, games for phones, online questionnaires – almost everything that a modern person deals with daily was created by marketers in collaboration with engineers.

An experienced leader understands that the company cannot specialize in everything at once and gives out development or testing for outsourcing. Therefore, in Ukraine now more than 4,000 it-companies are registered and their number will always grow.

IT outsourcing allows you to significantly save money while obtaining stable quality. Working under the contract, the client knows that the contractor clearly follows the deadlines, otherwise he will not receive payment.

Among the well-known outsourcing companies in Ukraine, there are absolute leaders in terms of the number of personnel: these are EPAM (more than 7,500 people), SoftServe (about 7,000 employees), GlobalLogic (4,300 people). By the way, SoftServe is a Ukrainian company with a head office in the city of Lviv and representative offices in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro and even Wroclaw.

In 2018, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals released the TOP-100 rating of outsourcing companies in the world, which immediately included 12 Ukrainian ones. Considering that the quantity is increasing every year, it can be safely stated that it-outsourcing in Ukraine is not just one out of a thousand directions, but a completely self-sufficient type of activity with its own community and quality criteria.

Recruit Alliance Job Digest

A recruiting agency often receives good vacancies, which we want to talk more about. Especially if the selection of personnel for a specialty was ordered without an exact definition of the functional.

One of these is now in work – an international company needs analytics with a research function. You will not find this vacancy at headhunter Ukraine, but after reading you can feel free to send your CV to us at [email protected] and we will definitely consider it.

So what kind of frames are we looking for?

It’s good if you have already worked in railway logistics or other transportation. You know how to work with sources of information, independently determine the veracity and relevance, make reasonable, but not biased conclusions.

You will need to work in constant contact with the leader: he sets the task, answers clarifying questions, together defines goals. Further, the future employee will recount local and international sources according to the request, analyze and execute in a readable form. To make it easier, a person must first be able to use Excel and PowerPoint.

Our recruiting agency immediately warns that the work will not be easy, but you can determine your own schedule: full-time or part-time.

Salary: up to 35 000 UAH.

Another interesting proposal from the logistics sector is a Customs broker to a large logistics company in Kiev. If you are familiar with customs legislation, know the theory of customs processes and know how to draw up different groups of goods – this is an offer for you.

Expected experience of the applicant from 1 year. You have to deal with the preparation and preliminary analysis of documents, the planning of customs payments and clearance at customs in Kiev and the region.

The company’s office is located in the Shevchenkovsky district, near the Lukyanovka metro station. The work schedule is stable, official employment. Salary level – 20 000 UAH.

If you are interested in these offers, send your CV to our Recruit Alliance Recruitment Agency. According to statistics, more attention is drawn to applications with a cover letter and a photograph of the applicant, but we will certainly consider the request of each applicant.

See you!

Order at a local or international recruiting agency: the pros and cons in one article

What services does a recruiting agency provide?

Recruiting or staffing, headhunting, executive search (unfortunately, the term does not have an established analogue in Russian / Ukrainian), outsourcing, outsourcing and various analytics, research, consulting. As a rule, every Ukrainian or foreign agency or hr-company on outsourcing can work in these areas, but not always on their own. We tell in which case it is better to contact residents and non-residents.

With recruiting, everything is clear – in Ukraine there is a law that clearly regulates this type of activity. The differences begin when working on outstaffing, outsourcing and analytics. If you strive to work only in the legislative field, then be sure to study if your contractor has the appropriate type of activity on the CEEA and is a resident. Only officially recruiting companies operating in Ukraine retain the benefits and pension contributions of the client’s staff. If you care about your employees, then try to take this point into account.

The second is working with relevant information. International recruiting agencies involve local recruiters in cooperation. Without a resident, they cannot determine the real salary market and the ratio of open vacancies to the number of job seekers. Therefore, they will take longer to complete the task, take higher payment and, most likely, will not be able to give real numbers to the client. On the other hand, international companies may have more experience in relocating and closing several vacancies for offices in different companies at once.

Local agencies work well with TOP specialists, because they better understand their values ​​and motivation system. They know all the major industry representatives on the market, so they will quickly make up a short-list of candidates. However, the same information is relevant for mass selection. The disadvantage of Ukrainian headhunting companies is that they may not know all the nuances of international relations, for example, the candidate’s passport has no notes about visiting countries unfriendly to the client or additional taxes. Although this nuance is usually closed by a full-time lawyer.

Pride of IT recruiting agencies: the rating showed a real level of professionalism of Ukrainian developers

Our it recruiting agency has estimated that about 190,000 Middle + level developers work in Ukraine today. Thanks to the proud 21st place in the Eurasian rating of data transfer rates via the Internet, the selection of Ukrainian IT specialists is becoming a popular task for recruiters from all over the world. Therefore, the 4000 it-companies registered with us practically do not leave the state of searching for it-frames.

Another important point for the rating is knowledge of the English language. According to surveys, 70% of Ukrainian developers own foreign at the average and higher levels. However, an it-recruiting agency, before submitting candidates for consideration, still checks their real level of knowledge and it approximately corresponds to statistics.

PricewaterhouseCoopers published a report where the growth of the IT segment in Ukraine was recorded at 15-20 percent annually. In addition, many companies such as Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Apple, Wargaming, Boeing, Skype, eBay, Siemens, IBM have already opened their R&D centers. European IT Outsourcing Intelligence Report recorded Ukrainian specialists in 4th place out of 10 in terms of professionalism. On the other hand, HackerRank gave Ukrainians 11th place in the Best software developers rating for their quick and accurate solutions.

As for payment, on freelance / outsourcing prices for work start for Senior + from $ 25 / hour. This is one of the lowest numbers for a fairly high quality of tasks in the global IT field. Therefore, our specialists understand their relevance, can choose between job offers. If the developer is really a master of his craft, then the line of recruiters is waiting for the end of his project. A good option to “get around” the waiting list is to contact a recruiting agency that has established itself in the market. It better understands the true motives of the applicants and, in the case of a categorical refusal, will be able to offer a worthy replacement.

Instead of conclusions, we suggest that you focus not on the speed of closing vacancies, although this is also important, but on the number and quality of calls for guarantee closing of vacancies. However, you always need to hire those recruiters who are comfortable working with. If you are looking, we at Recruit Alliance will be happy to discuss all possible terms of cooperation.

Recruit Alliance Announces Second Set for IT Recruiting School

On October 20th, the second course of the School of IT Recruiting from the recruitment agency Recruit Alliance will begin. Visit us if you dreamed of working in the IT field, want to learn more about how programs, applications, development are created and why finding good specialists is a challenge every time. IT recruiting is a completely different area to learn.

As a result of our first year, 2 people are already doing a test assignment for employment, and 1 more has accepted an offer from our IT company client. We are pleased to create jobs and help people find “their own.”

What awaits the future IT recruiter in our school?
– First, we’ll explain what it is a recruiting agency and how it works.
– We’ll give a little theoretical basis: we will talk about programming languages, frameworks, testing, ux / ui design, system administrators, DevOps, types of projects and roles in it. Learn how to work not only on LinkedIn, but even on a professional level
– We will give a lot of practice: you will learn how to withdraw applications yourself (and this, for a minute, is perhaps the most important step when working with a client), communicate with applicants, give the right feedback, persuade, “sell” the offer and close even the most complex requests. As a nice bonus, get your interest for work (yes, while studying)
– Then a small test task and a job invitation or a letter of recommendation and certificate

Recruiting it personnel is that new profession in which active people are needed. Not “processors” who are comfortable with treadmill activities for a long time, but those who are close to the “come-see-win” principle will do their job well.

About the course program: 4 weeks of in-patient training at the office of Recruit Alliance (Kyiv, Lev Tolstoy Station)

You will close senior + vacancies, which is much more interesting and more profitable for recruiters. In addition, create your base of loyal job seekers, which will remain relevant for years to come.

If you are interested in earning from $ 1000 per month, being in the know about Ukrainian and foreign it-market news and chatting with interesting people – welcome.

Link to detailed information: https://www.it-recruting-school.com

How to get into the rating of the best IT recruiting agencies in Ukraine

IT companies are increasingly recruiting staff through it-recruiting agencies. Since this is one of the most promising business areas in Ukraine, the number of it-recruiters and HR companies is growing every day. So that it-people and selection specialists can quickly find each other, ratings like “The best Ukrainian it specialist recruitment agencies” are created. We asked our colleagues from the jury of such awards how to become the winner of one of them.

First, you need to determine on which site it would be more interesting for you to act as an expert: thematic, like DOU.ua, or professional society like rabota.ua

Secondly, it-recruiting agencies should meet certain requirements. Each site, of course, has its own. For some, it’s enough to be a Premium subscriber or pay for participation in the rating. For others, one should conduct professional practice in a high-quality manner and be distinguished by good indicators of project “closure”.

More details about the quality of practice depends on.

  • The absence of negative reviews or competent work to neutralize them. Portal administrators and editors are open to feedback from their users. If a certain recruiter (company) raises a lot of complaints about the incompetence or unacceptable tone of communication, then it will most likely be banned. He will have one or two chances to explain his behavior, which is important to use. Otherwise, no additional payments will help to become a winner.
  • The correct compilation of vacancies and their closure, timely feedback to applicants. Projects that have been hanging on the same profile for years have a bad effect on reputation.
  • Work with a personal brand: an exhaustive amount of information in the profile, photos, thematic publications, participation in events, reviews. There is nothing wrong with self-PR, on the contrary, it attracts attention and simplifies the work of the jury.
  • Ideally, a couple of large IT companies in the portfolio or several well-known startups
  • The presence of “added” value: social activity, work at the international level, the initiation of projects relevant to the field, own developments, for example, various techniques, tools or applications.

Now more about “closure”. Of course, an it-recruiting agency will not provide true information about its overall effectiveness. But you can understand the level of success by looking at several components:

  • the level of candidates they are looking for
  • regularity of opening / closing vacancies
  • the proportion of customers in the general it-market

Simply put, it’s certainly easier to hire June for outsourcers than architects for a start-up food company, because the quantitative indicator does not work. But according to statistics, the agency that closes Senior + for at least a month is successful. The rest is decided individually.

5 “right” things that show the seriousness of a new employee’s intentions

A successful interview is just the beginning of the journey. The new person shows his real level of professionalism in the first three months of employment. And this is not about the ability to clean up after oneself in a shared kitchen or to maintain a conversation in an informal chat room of colleagues. We have prepared a list of the 5 first steps of the new frame, which, according to recruiters, are indicators of a responsible approach to work.

  1. Immediately after talking with a recruiting agency, but before official employment check your social networks. On LinkedIn, specialists after the project / dismissal collect positive feedback from colleagues and partners, on Facebook and Twitter – they look at content and personal information. Of course, each person deserves privacy, but sometimes a reputation can suffer due to an unsuccessful joke. Remember the case of Justin Sacco, given in an article by experienced crisis managers.
  2. Establishes personal connections, makes contacts or, more simply, “joins the team”. Unfortunately for many introverts, office mode implies minimal communication skills, and even more often – teamwork. If we do not talk about individual cases, often the reason for dismissal in the first months of work is precisely the inability to find a common language with the old-timers. By the way, the task of the hr-manager is to timely detect an emerging problem and neutralize it.
  3. After the first meetings and skype calls, the global goals of the company become clear. At this stage, the new TOP manager should review his strategy first, the new head of the marketing department to recount the campaign and distribution by communication channels, Team Lead – to change the architecture of the code, if necessary, of course. Well, or at least he will have a desire to discuss what he heard, to speak out ideas.
  4. They offer new tools for optimizing tasks, but they do it unobtrusively and without depreciation. Especially if they occupy a managerial position in a highly specialized industry company. For example, New Biz can recommend a recruiter an article with a selection of useful tools, but should not criticize his communications scripts without significant arguments and similar work experience.
    They refine the scheme of internal communications, study the general schedule, pick up ongoing projects. They themselves offer help, but provide an opportunity at the first stages to other more experienced to determine their level of involvement. Here, by the way, it’s important not to overdo it – not to take over everything at once, so as not to lose the reputation of an executive officer.

We remind you that there are no good employees – there are suitable or not. Therefore, the main thing is that the work of a new person resonates with the general mood within the company. If even one of the steps will be taken a little later than the trial period – it is not problem. It is important that the adaptation process is completed in a timely manner and that work begins.

A great way to make the right choice of a person in a team is to entrust the selection to the agency Recruit Alliance.

The trends in the IT labor market – Alexander Rybets column for ain.ua

We wrote a column for ain.ua about how the recruitment of Senior + IT candidates to Ukrainian and foreign companies occurs.

More in the material about:

  • Portrait of the perfect candidate
  • Why relocate is not always a good idea
  • How much and for what a recruiting agency receives
  • Place of Ukrainian developers in the Global Technical Hiring & Skills Report 2019
    …and much more.

Figures, statistics and analytics from Recruit Alliance – more information here.

Thank you for your trust!


Now there will be material not for recruiters, but it will probably be useful to HR managers or business owners. This material is a kind of reference to the best-selling book by Igor Mann 8 years ago, “Marketing without a Budget,” which once helped companies grow their brand without much cost. Similar events can be held with yesterday’s students, beginners and “June”, who are just starting their career paths. Please note that the advanced training of TOP managers should take place in a completely different way.

1.Closed clubs, professional societies, meetings for the exchange of experience

Open Facebook, in the left column select “Interesting” and find a list of free / low-cost events on any topic. For example, for IT it can be meetings of Code and Coffee Kyiv enthusiasts in the Dial, for HR benefits from recruiting agencies, networking and social initiatives – these are the IV Forum of Creative Industry. If you increase the budget to 1000 UAH, the offers increases tenfold.

2.Communicate with partners

At least one of the 5 major clients holds seminars / round tables on interesting topics. Find out more about their PR or advertising strategy, there may be some places left for some events. In return, you can offer useful feedback or support on social networks.

3.Share cases inside the company

The longer an employee works, the more he needs recognition and respect 🙂 Try to combine business with pleasure by offering him a small allowance for mentoring or training other employees. To optimize the process, use primarily the format that is convenient for him: either public speaking to colleagues once every couple of weeks, or preparing an article for internal mailing, or presentation.

4.Start the practice of group readings

Make a selection of 12 required books to read per year and invite colleagues to get acquainted with one of them once a month. This practice is useful to companies related to sales, marketing, copywriting, design, etc. Ideally, stimulate a collective discussion of what has been read and offer to integrate knowledge into company practice. You can enter a conditional “motivator” for the most active reader. Well, buy books, of course.

5.Use free features

Youtube courses, online libraries, introductory courses, online schools with lectures that can be watched by the whole team… The list goes on and on. In order not to waste time in vain, be sure to study the personality of the lecturer, listeners’ reviews or look at selections on thematic resources. For example, the reputation of IT courses is well covered by the well-known Ukrainian thematic site.

Remember that when looking for training programs you should pay for:

Unique experience
– Inaccessible to the general public practices
– Save time on independent reserving
– Networking
– Confirmation of skill development
– In all other cases, information can be found, if not free, then much cheaper.

By the way, very soon we will launch one very useful course that will help change your occupation to a more profitable one. If you are just in search – write to us by mail and we will continue the dialogue 🙂