How to survive a company in isolation

So that you do not get bored during the quarantine period, we launched the first newsletter of our Newsletter from the Recruit Alliance. We publish the text of the first letter on the site:

It is customary to say that a time of crisis is a time of opportunity. Entrepreneurs are exploring ways to transform their business and ways to optimize costs. Even taking into account all the benefits that the Ukrainian state is ready to provide to businessmen, the issue of the payment of wages, taxes and the solution of labor issues during the quarantine period force many to reconsider the composition of the staff.

It may seem that the selection of new employees now is an untimely waste of effort and money. However, based on our experience, the best time to form the strongest team within the company cannot be found.

Business owners will have to focus on keeping it afloat. For this, it will be useful to him already “ready-made”, experienced workers who know the market and its mechanics well. There is simply no time left for growing talent within the company and correcting mistakes.

On the other hand, reloading the entire sphere of services and goods, closing long-standing companies and a sharp jump in online commerce will give us many talented specialists. Right now, they decide to slow down, review their resume, brush up on knowledge and find themselves in a new team.

The ideal time to invest in the most valuable resource: in your business and your team.

Some tips regarding the company’s operation during the quarantine period:

  • With an experienced, creative team, it’s easier to adapt to the trends of a changing market. It is better to find a cool specialist with Executive Search once than to lose time and money with yesterday’s students;
  • Young projects will need to be reinvested on the go. Most likely, a marketing director and a sales manager with experience in successfully starting startups will come in handy.
  • The desire to “wait out” the crisis can be too disastrous. Eat resources, and miss all opportunities.

Our current analytics about the labor market:

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What happens to the recruiting market?

If everything is clear with the leisure and entertainment industry, then in recruiting (or rather in IT recruiting) there is a not-so-obvious jump. Thanks to Zoom, Skype and other programs for remote communication, the IT recruitment market is likely to survive this crisis.

Out of 120 active projects, only 3 applications were paused, although the number of incoming requests is growing. The most popular vacancies, as before, are artificial intelligence specialist, robotic engineer, Data Scientist, Full-stack developer and smart sales managers. The force majeure situation unpleasantly affected the work of startups and small outsourcing companies, but after the reformation of the departments they will return to projects again.

it рекрутинговое агентство подбор it персонала подбор it специалистов поиск it специалистов подбор ит персонала

What is advised to do to maintain a working atmosphere during a forced remote:

  • Start the work day at the same time as usual. Having a good night’s sleep is, of course, nice, but a week in a relaxed mode can affect the results not in the best way.
  • Try to make a list of tasks in the morning and discuss its feasibility with the management / team every day. This will help keep the situation under control.
  • Stop updating the Facebook feed – there is always bad news, too many distractions. Of course, this recommendation is not relevant for SMM managers, recruiters and other workers in the media industry.

What are the forecasts and recommendations for sourcing?

  • Today, social networks and instant messengers are the most visited sites. At least 15 job offers / resumes are published daily in trade unions.
  • Take all of the automated matching courses you’ve heard of before. Coursera, Youtube and other sites are now as open as possible.
  • Do not worry that your workplace will be reduced. According to studies, the number of it-vacancies is still several times higher than the number of relevant candidates.

A couple of weeks at home, silence and everything will be all right.

If you are now in search of the right person for your project, we are ready to help you – Recruit Alliance is working as usual.

Quarantine IT recruitment

While the coronavirus is raging in the world and the whole of Ukraine has gone to quarantine, we continue to receive these strange letters with recommendations on how to safely select it-specialists. Most often, spammers advise not to shake hands, use masks, or better yet, conduct interviews on Skype. However, if you have been in it-recruiting for a long time, you know that out of 10 interviews, 9 will definitely be online.

What is really happening on the market right now?

it рекрутинговое агентство подбор it персонала подбор it специалистов поиск it специалистов подбор ит персонала

While our relocate-invasive developers are discussing the minuses of working and living abroad on the forum, local it-workers had to temporarily refuse the possibility of moving and study more closely the proposals of companies with offices in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Lviv or Odessa. These cities are still leading in terms of the number of vacancies, and over the past year they have increased the average proposed salary by 26% (according to studies by the State Statistics Service for 2019).

On the other hand, IT specialists have even more often requested vacancies with the conditions of remote work – now it is 4.2% instead of 2% a year earlier. Developers are most interested in remote – they account for almost 16% of all vacancies with the ability to work partly or permanently at home. A similar trend is visible all over the world, but it is important to understand that employers are ready to give greater freedom to Senior +, or at least Middle, but not Junior at all.

What other questions to a vacancy (working conditions) may be?

  • adherence to the agreed schedule for the revision of salaries (it turns out that many companies promise an increase in salaries every six months, but this does not happen more often than every 2 years and then, after a reminder)
  • unpaid overtime, but strict control over tracking in case of a flaw (here it’s more about personal attitude within the team, of course)
  • poorly functioning ventilation in the workplace (summer is ahead, and working in a stuffy open space is too uncomfortable)
  • few initiatives from leadership in the direction of career growth, development, courses, training, etc.
  • too aggressive HLS propaganda in the workplace (it is interesting that in parallel there is a question to the lack of compensation for visiting the gym)

To summarize, then ahead of us:

  • A slight stagnation in the selection process due to force majeure at the state level. But if you urgently need valuable personnel – you know what to do
  • If you do not already have a process HR on staff – urgently look for him/her, it will save you from unpleasant publications on and one well-known Italian site (s)
  • Think about giving remote more often

Do not be sick and good luck in the hiring!

How to make a cool resume for a Google it-recruiter

Most recently, we talked about how working at Google is not as beautiful as it seems to everyone. Their employer brand helps full-time IT recruiters to receive millions of applications (to be more precise, approximately 3.3 million in 2019) from the best developers, QA, PM, etc. This is more than 9000 resumes every day! Therefore, it is logical that in order to get into the staff of Google, the applicant must not only correctly execute the CV, but also make it catchy.

5 tips for applying for a resume if you want to go to Google (we’ll add that these rules apply to any it-company):

  • Use keywords to describe your candidacy. You can easily find the main requirements for the vacancy and integrate them into the description of your experience (or even better, briefly mention in the cover letter). But only if they correspond to your competencies.
  • Do not forget to indicate “added value”, that is, not only indicate the programming languages ​​with which you worked, but also the projects where you used them. Ideally, indicate what they achieved at the previous place of work, that they successfully released. Simply put, C ++, Java, Python are good, but a little more is needed for the dream to work.
  • If you are a Junior and yesterday’s graduate, move away from listing numbers and dates. Focus on university projects, a description of academic practice, groundwork in term papers, your own ideas. Simply put, when filling out a questionnaire, think about how to impress and interest. Ideally, emphasize that your views resonate with company values.
  • Develop the theme of your achievements. For example, if you are applying for a sales position, indicate how you managed to increase sales. Briefly, but it might work. Of course, you may suspect that the potential employer will simply steal your idea without employment, but this rarely happens in life. Big companies need not only inspirers, but performers.
  • The proverb “brevity is the sister of talent” is relevant as never before when writing a resume. It is clear that 10 years of experience in different companies is difficult to fit into one page. Originality and sites for creating a creative resume will come to the rescue. Recruiters will surely remember and appreciate the original feed.

Becoming one in a million is possible. The main thing is to make sure that you really want it and are ready to withstand all periods of waiting.


We talked so much about outstaffing that it was time to uncover the nuances of its subspecies with unique functionality – it outstaffing. Technically, it is no different from other activities, but, at least in Ukraine, it is almost more popular. It is important to distinguish between the concept of IT outsourcing, where the provider provides services, performing tasks in his office, and IT outstaffing, where the intermediary “leases”, arranges for the project work for the client of its performers.

Outstaff developers do the same as regular employees. The customer does not take responsibility for micromanagement and the solution of labor, tax issues. In the Ukrainian it-labor market, the number of Middle + vacancies significantly exceeds the number of relevant candidates, which is why they dictate the working conditions. For employers, it becomes a problem to find a competent employee and keep him on the staff. It is even more difficult to attract a high-quality, high-level contractor to the project work, while leaving the opportunity to really influence his schedule / task performance. IT outstaffers come to the rescue.

What IT outstaffing saves from:

  • Search for artists on the freelance exchange
  • Attempts to persuade a senior level specialist to complete a test task
  • The need to control and verify the quality of work on the remote
  • Selection, employment, dismissal on new projects
  • Workflow interruptions due to employee dismissal / illness
  • Temporary waste of accounting and HR departments
  • Tax burden

The team of the IT outstaffing provider can work with specialists of any level and specialization: from Junior to Senior + developer, QA, PM, DevOps, UX / UI designer, product marketer, copywriter, etc.

As a rule, the monitoring of tasks is carried out in a format convenient for the client. In the case of remote cooperation, the performers are controlled through Jira, Teamwork or any other tracking system. If it’s convenient, then every week begins with planning the team’s work to avoid “downtime”.

Payment can be either a subscription or a project – as agreed by the customer and the contractor. When choosing a contractor, we recommend clarifying his specialization and ordering a portfolio so as not to run into scammers.

In addition, do not forget that in Ukraine, only a resident outstaffer can conduct activities that are legal in terms of labor legislation.

Recruitment news and trands

Our Irish colleagues recruiters for the first time recorded a minimum unemployment rate of 4.8% in 2019. The main reason is called the rapid increase in the number of jobs in it (about 900 development companies with more than 20,000 people appeared on the island) and a considerable amount of export (16 billion euros per year). But what is good for job seekers complicates the lives of business owners. For example, in the selection of personnel, a real struggle for valuable personnel began. Therefore, local recruiting companies have to come up with the most effective methods for closing vacancies, make more flexible conditions and prepare interesting social packages.

It was the Irish who suggested that regular hr and recruiters pay attention to the following trends, which are likely to come in handy next year:

1.More Artificial Intelligence at Sourcing

The written code helps filter out those who do not exactly fit the request. It is not always possible to entrust the selection of suitable candidates to the program, but he will cope with the preparation of the most representative sample. Another good invention is chatbots, which saves sorsers. Firstly, they are always in touch, and secondly, they help to give answers to primitive questions without spending man-hours.

2. Focus on candidates’ soft skills

Predict by 2030 the value of emotional intelligence will significantly increase in the selection. Up to 22% of the solution for European employers will depend on its compliance. Recruiters are advised to pay attention to the following candidates: result-oriented, focused on building healthy relationships in the team and with business partners, respecting the rules and feeling comfortable in the processes, innovative, experimenters, pragmatists.

Ideally, during the withdrawal of an application, find out from the client which processes he would like to automate and which remain with the employees. And push away from his development plan to seek appropriate personnel.

3. Automation boom in HR

Employers began to understand how much time is spent on HR managers to create comfortable conditions for each employee. Therefore, sweat tasks will be automated soon and they will help to control, rather than generate requests. Simply put, record the presence / absence of an employee, give the go-ahead or ban on vacation, etc.

To summarize, we can say that the future of recruiting is confidently moving in the direction of automation. However, the interview process and the preparation of cases will still remain under the control of the performers. Let’s see if such changes are relevant for our region.


This year, the turnover of the Ukrainian it-business will exceed the $ 5 billion mark, experts say. According to the database of recruiting agencies, which regularly cut and analyze the it-market, now there are approximately 4000 companies in Ukraine. In addition, we are regularly contacted in search of IT personnel for relocate to Europe and the USA. And this is a small fraction of the $ 3.7 trillion spent per year on information technology in the world. Basically, recruiters are asked to pay a Middle specialist, which means that his salary level will start at $ 3,000. You can actually earn a similar amount (and even more) by closing one such vacancy. Therefore, there are many who want to join the it-sphere and the Ukrainian it-recruiting market is growing. Although it happens, it is going through difficult times due to high competition.

Each agency has its own base of developers / QA / support / designers / etc, who were interviewed earlier, but for some reason they did not come up or were not interested in the offered vacancy. These people are a very valuable resource: they have a high level of knowledge and are rarely in an open job search. They have 4 years of experience in the it field and a portfolio worth hunting for.

In very small it-recruiting agencies, there may be a “virtual” base of potentially interesting it-employees, formed through deep sourcing or using ready-made selection algorithms. It’s normal practice if there is no free, ideally suitable candidate at the moment. In this case, the timing of closing a vacancy depends on the professionalism of recruiters (as a rule, the first “show” of 2-3 relevant applicants in the first week).

Therefore, it is necessary to choose it-recruiters at the call of the heart, no matter how arrogant it sounds. The best minds and reliable professionals are involved in the field now, but the one to whom the client can truly trust will show a good result. Indeed, too much depends on a properly functioning communication chain.

If you have questions that will help you decide whether to apply for a service, you can ask us.


Increasingly, recruiters, especially Executive Search, are finding it harder to close a project. This applies to three groups of applicants in Ukraine: high-level IT specialists (Middle +), TOP management and unique specialists. In 2020, recruiting companies spend many hours looking for a competent contractor in new directions, such as promotion, smm, PPC, production, etc. And every year there are more vacancies with highly specialized skills in the field of online promotion, the age of the candidates is younger, and their requirements for a new job are more original.

Global trends affect everything: fashion, nutrition, lifestyle, and therefore working conditions. If earlier people sought wealth as such for the sake of status and material wealth, now the focus has shifted to the possibility of self-realization, creativity and life-work balance. More recently, in large cities, working hours occupied all daylight hours, and “life” began closer to night. A couple of hours to sleep was enough for young people in the morning to again plunge into a not-so-interesting labor routine necessary for survival. During this period of time, the main arguments in negotiations with potential candidates for Executive Search specialists were: money, official bonuses (car, payment of relocate, etc.), status.

In the 21st century, values ​​have changed rapidly. According to Phillips research, 92% of people surveyed who work think that quality sleep is the most important element in their health. In their opinion, a dream is their personal guarantee of well-being, which affects good relations with a partner, interest in life and motivation in work. They will not sacrifice personal comfort even for the sake of very financially attractive long-term job offers.

The second necessary minimum for the dream to work in 2020 is the opportunity for spiritual growth and self-development. Of great importance is belonging to something important, developing. An ideal company should have a good library, courses, paid hours for training. However, managers often meet subordinates who want to grow professionally. It’s just that before employees did not always talk about their desire, while the Z generation considers this a must-have item on any offer.

Well, the last thing that is important is the focus on caring for the environment. Of course, in Ukraine it is more difficult to do this – waste recycling, the use of decaying materials in production and energy saving do not stand on stream. But you can start small and thereby gain confidence.

Therefore, it is important for a recruiter to be in a trend, follow the news in the world, be interested in new professions. This will allow us to give higher indicators for work, and to feel ourselves “on the wave”.


At the end of last year, LinkedInk compiled a list of the most sought-after specialists in 2020. The assumption was based on the number of vacancies posted, a study of their growth and open communications between companies, recruits and job seekers. In short, in the future our world is waiting for Isaac Asimov and IT-technologies – robotics, artificial intelligence and engineering. But, dear humanitarians, do not rush to be upset – for us, too, have left few places with good pay.

Of course, the posted data will be more relevant for those who are looking for an opportunity to relocate or already work in IT in the USA. Trends tend to spread, especially in the era of remote work, interviews on Skype and globalization.

So, dear agencies and companies for it and the general selection of personnel, pay attention to the resume of the following specialists:

Artificial intelligence specialist

Annual growth rate: 74%

Skills: machine learning, deep learning, TensorFlow, Python, natural language processing

Robotics engineer

Annual growth: 40%

The leading industries hiring these job seekers are: information technology and services, industrial automation, computer software, financial services, automotive

Average annual wage: $ 85k

Data scientist

Annual growth rate: 37%

Skills: Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, R, Apache Spark

Average annual wage: $ 143k

Full-stack engineer

Annual Growth: 35%

Skills: React.js, Node.js, JavaScript, AngularJS, CSS

Average annual wage: $ 82k

SP Engineer

Annual growth: 34%

Skills: Amazon Web Services, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker Products, Terraform

Average annual wage: $ 130k

Specialist in working with customers

Annual growth: 34%

Skills: Software as a Service, Salesforce, Customer Relationship Management, Account Management, Customer Retention

Average annual wage: $ 90k

Sales Manager

Annual growth: 34%

Skills: Salesforce, Software as a Service (SaaS), Leadership, Sales

Average annual wage: $ 60k

Data engineer

Annual growth: 33%

Skills: Apache Spark, Hadoop, Python, Extract / Transform / Load (ETL), Amazon Web Services

Average annual wage: $ 100k

Behavioral Health Technician

Annual growth: 33%

Skills: Applied Behavioral Analysis, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Behavioral Health, Mental Health

Average annual wage: $ 33k

Cybersecurity specialist

Annual growth rate: 30%

Skills: cybersecurity, information security, network security, vulnerability assessment, information security

Average annual wage: $ 103k

Backend developer

Annual growth rate: 30%

Skills: Node.js, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services, Git, MongoDB

Average annual wage: $ 100k

Chief Revenue Officer

Annual growth: 28%

Skills: strategic partnerships, startups, software as a service, market entry strategy, executive management

Average annual wage: $ 70k

Cloud Engineer

Annual growth rate: 27%

Work-unique skills: Amazon Web Services, cloud computing, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins products

Average annual wage: $ 80k

Javascript developer

Annual growth rate: 25%

Skills: React.js, Node.js, AngularJS, JavaScript, CSS

Average annual wage: $ 110k

Product creator

Annual Growth: 24%

Leading industries: information technology and services, financial services, computer software, insurance, hospitals and healthcare

Average annual wage: $ 115k

Interested in analytics in terms of salaries in the IT sector in Ukraine?

Contact us 🙂

What Ukrainian specialists (not programmers) will be attracted to it?

In 2020, recruiting trends retain their positions: the staff wants to work in IT, and employers cannot find developers and other specialists to work in IT. HR managers of companies are forced to change their requests to about-it professionals: now a marketer does not have to have experience with the blockchain in order to get an interview in the main business center of the country. However, a recruiting agency is more likely to hunt you if you have the appropriate skills. And wages, of course, will be better. In our article, we will prepare a list of recommendations that will help you grow as a specialist.

  1. In whatever near-marketing profession you would develop, shift your focus to the global goal – the growth and development of your company. For this, recruiters recommend “leaning” on training and practice in the field of product thinking. Learn more about product marketing, working with databases and their visualization to optimize production, produce product maps, principles of marketing design.
  2. If you work with people, then in the digital world your skills in writing manuals (internal communications, instructions, training programs), performance management strategies based on the received data (yes, again working with arrays and information) will be in demand. In addition, it is advisable to pump your skills of empathy, the ability to motivate and integrate a team for a great purpose.
  3. HR-s of it-companies will be looking day and night for cool sales managers for their products. However, even in our database of inquiries the number of required sales specialists is 3 times higher than the number of representatives of other professions. In honor will be the skills:
    – building a sales strategy (including recommendations for the marketing department)
    – knowledge of customer retention practices
    – the ability to maintain market position when changing the focus of the company
    – design service
    – ability to adapt quickly with internal changes of the company

4. Well, for those who are not afraid to change their profession and are ready to “enter IT” as an it specialist, you should pay attention to the following professions: frontend & backend developers, fullstack, testers (automation), devOps. The more “in the subject” and closer to development, the easier it will be to find a job and grow on the career ladder.

And some relevant statistics to explain why we talk so much about it:

Of 4921 it-specialist interviewed, 62.2% work in this area from 1 to 5 years (almost half – up to 2 years)
Moreover, the level of their wages is from $ 2000 and almost every year this minimum grows by $ 100-200.
And, best of all, working in it you can safely stay in your favorite city or look for yourself in any country in the world – smart specialists are easily taken for remote work and / or a convenient schedule.

If you are an employer and you cannot find the right employee, then we will surely cope with this task for you. Find out more about the Recruit Alliance extortion service.

The main trends in recruiting for 2020

Next year, a successful recruiting agency will add screening to its arsenal, learn to save recruiter time through video interviews and bring the collection of recommendations from employees to automation.

In general recruitment, the selection of personnel is carried out through special platforms where applicants post resumes. If earlier for the initial contact with hr it was enough to send data about yourself, then soon everything will change. Now the candidate will first pass a short automated question / answer format test. For this, for example, Google-forms or other online questionnaires will be used, collecting brief information and downloading it to the recruiter in the mail. And only after a “successful delivery” a future employee will be asked for a resume. Such screening will help save time and improve the result of job vacancies.

In addition to automated selection, which is so popular in IT recruiting, another useful tool will come into the general – video interviews. Big cities, international companies, globalization – global trends are changing established methods of selection agencies. Now a telephone interview will not be enough – for serious positions you need to know more about the person, to observe him, his reaction.

In internal recruiting, changes will also occur. If earlier attempts to close vacancies through employee recommendations were targeted, now large companies integrate more funds into this tool. Moreover, special programs like Empoyee Referrals appear that help to monitor the effectiveness of the recommendation system both within the company and on public sites such as Facebook.

PS According to forecasts, next year the main headache hr is also transforming. Now it’s not the search for relevant candidates that will become the cornerstone, but the attempts to attract and motivate them. Which again brings us back to the need to work on the brand of the employer.

Who are HRDs and why could they become the best CEO for their company

We provide a brief translation of the material “Why HR Leaders Never Become the CEO, but Should,” which may be useful to recruiters planning to move from staffing to managerial functions.

A small introduction: we took up this text so that young people from recruiting agencies do not look at their profession as a temporary life stage. This article will help dispel doubts about the foggy future of hr. In addition, foreign practices are not the first to raise the topic of the prospects of working with staff and, in particular, the potential for vertical growth within the company.

In the modern world, the main assets of a company are its values, culture and team. Trends and technologies change too rapidly to make a single bet on them. At the same time, a well-coordinated team of professionals can quickly pick up a new vector of enterprise development and thereby help it stay afloat. Therefore, HR is always aware of what is happening inside and a lot depends on it.

There is an opinion that appointing an employee to the position of CEO is a reward or a bonus, but in fact it is a challenge that requires even more effort, talent and a desire to learn. To a greater extent – to become a team leader and competently manage it. However, if the CEO of an enterprise becomes the head of one of the areas, then he risks allocating resources incorrectly, focusing only on his specialization. This may result in:
– Incorrect distribution of staff load
– The collapse of the team due to incorrect leadership
– Loss of customers due to inability to build a dialogue

All these errors can be avoided by an expert in communications and human resources management – HRD. Moreover, he/she can:

  • Increase the company’s income from mergers and acquisitions. It’s no secret that any changes in the organization of the company affect the morale of the team. According to the Harvard Business Review, up to 90% of the prospects and potential of the company after the merger is not realized due to the inability to reorganize the staff. On the other hand, HRD can prepare people: organize training, test opportunities. Become a coach, not a boss, thereby preserving both jobs and efficiency.
  • Avoid dismissal of the “rock stars” of the state, helping them not to stagnate for a long time. Such people cannot work without a clear goal and moral support from the leader. As soon as they feel that they are losing ground, they will immediately begin to look for another job. Personnel specialist will be able to “catch” the moment, and even better to carry out prophylaxis.
  • Build trust in the company, both inside and outside. Business ethics, the brand of a reliable and caring employer, and many other factors strongly influence the company’s position in the market. Here you can recall about #MeToo and other social actions that greatly shook the position of the seemingly mastodons of the industry. An experienced HR could foresee any excess of powers or find the most painless way to resolve the conflict without public disclosure.

On our own, we add that the ability of HRD to become CEO, at the moment, is low. But the movement in this direction has begun, and perhaps soon in Ukraine the situation will change dramatically.

Forecast of the IT labor market for 2020

Traditionally, by the end of the calendar year, Forrester prepared a forecast for Visa for IT trends (including recruiting, outsourcing agencies, prospects for specialists, etc.).

Global automation is coming, focus on the interaction with artificial intelligence and, logically, interest in Big Data. Over the past 3 years, marketing has seen a decline in customer happiness: free shipping, bonuses, and loyalty systems are no longer decisive factors when choosing a manufacturer. Now almost 60% of decisions are made based on company values.

In recruiting and HR, the behavior model will also change: now the IT director or company manager will invest even more in the knowledge of employees. Subordinates will learn more complex technologies and become more mobile, which means groups for projects will become more flexible. The gap between the best and the lagging employees will grow. All this will lead to a reduction in the staff of the customer service department: Forrester predicts up to 25% of layoffs. The main goal is to get the most out of the trend for automation, and take the lead in a changing market.

Budgets for data processing will grow at least 2 times a minimum, which means more investment will be directed to training Big Data literacy. Also, the security sector expects more effort and expense, as dipfeiks and other harmful developments will become even more active. Large corporations will introduce new rules on the protection of personal data, but the number of claims from users about immunity will still grow by 300% or more.

AI workers will replace mass workers, but those who stay will earn more. Up to 1 million layoffs of office staff of a narrow specialization are planned, although multidisciplinary staff will receive up to 330,000 new jobs.

Well, bad news for startups: now the leader’s charisma will not be enough to get investment. Venture funds will be ready to give money only for thoughtful and calculated business plans.

Translation of the report was prepared by Liga.Tech for which many thanks to them 🙂

What’s new in foreign recruiting practices

A company researching the international business market, Fortune Business Insights predicts that in 2025 the market for recruiting software will grow to $ 3,000 million. Of course, the field of personnel selection will always remain the most communicative direction, where the main emphasis will be put on live communication. But at the initial selection, digital technologies help out a lot with samples of high-level specialists, especially in the IT field.

Foreign markets hr focus on selection automation for the following reasons:

  1. The ability to connect to huge amounts of information, convenient work with them (fast processing, filters, output)
  2. Integration of different tools during the course of hr work, for example, the ability to automate the distribution of vacancies and connect bots for auto answer or configure auto redial for suitable candidates through CRM
  3. The presence of a “cold calculation”, which excludes the human factor in the initial screening of resumes
  4. Analysis of the performance of the sercer and the quality of communications of the recruiter

Our foreign colleagues have prepared a list of current software that helps to search, select and hunt the best personnel in the labor market. Perhaps not all the tools will be relevant for Ukraine, but the general principles will definitely be useful to recruiters working with international markets.

  1. Ascendify is a development that allows not only to find a suitable candidate, but also with the help of artificial intelligence to determine his possible career growth within the company. Having a predicted development path, it will be easier for internal hr to understand employee performance.
  2. ADP Workforce Now offers automated publication of information about the vacancy and the company, generates an approximate period and cost of hiring in the selected field. Data is generated in collaboration with job portals.
  3. Freshteam, which is popular in the pharmaceutical, media and technology sectors, offers a developed algorithm for finding and adapting employees to a new location.
  4. HappierHire is a handy application for small businesses that downloads thousands of suitable resumes from all possible sites.
  5. JazzHR offers not only search assistance, but also a micro-space for internal hr, where you can create your own discussion boards, vote for your chosen strategy and conduct dialogs.

These developments are projected to be relevant in 2020. However, no one bothers to try them in work already in 2019.

Illustration and 5 more relevant tools taken from the site for HR

They will not become astronauts: who will be comfortable in IT recruiting

Before you submit your resume to an it recruiting agency, be sure to read this analysis of the profession. We agree that you can learn any kind of activity, but it’s about hard skills. Soft skills are of great importance here – the character’s warehouse, the ability / desire to sell, work with objections, feel “your own” both in direct selection and at the stage of approving a marketing strategy. But come on in more detail.

920,000 people graduate from Ukrainian universities annually
Only 15% of them work by profession
Every day we get about 15 responses to the position of an it-recruiter
Of the 15 CVs sent, only 1 indicate relevant experience in recruiting / it / hr or, at least, there is a brief cover letter that indicates the candidate’s capabilities and real skills
In a month, we were able to select only 5 people suitable for all characteristics
2 were hired

What is this talking about?

  • That to start work in it-recruiting you need:
  • Have skills or be able to “sell” yourself
  • Read the announcement in detail and be ready to learn (you cannot work with it without knowledge of the materiel)
  • Realistically assess the volume and uniformity of the work ahead

If everything is clear with the first two points, then we’ll talk more about the everyday life of an it-recruiter. In general recruiting, the main work is the analysis of job sites / resumes, the study of open profiles on social networks or direct calls to candidates selected by the client. In IT, monotonous sourcing in LinkedIn, Djinni, GitHub and other sites, where the working skills of specialists are openly represented, occupies 80% of the time.

To collect a pool of 5 suitable Senior + candidates, you need to process 500+ profiles. But the most difficult thing begins in personal communications at the time of transition to the 2nd and 3rd stage: after a technical interview and at the stage of receiving an offer.

The it-recruiting market is tailored for candidates: developers, engineers, testers, designers, etc. Middle + specialists can afford to choose between 3 offers and, as a rule, the recruiter who knows how to sell will work with him.

But there is good news for those who like to work. For example, a good it-recruiter:

  • Closes 3-4 vacancies per month, earning from $ 1,500
  • He receives a small percentage for the recommendation of his specialist (and in the case of a strong friendship, it-schnicks work with one recruiter, there is at least a few)
  • If desired, changes qualifications to it faster and develops faster within its framework
  • The first to know about the most interesting projects, technologies; will fall into a progressive, fun and active “party”
  • Mastering psychology, marketing and other useful sciences without much effort and in practice
  • Can work from anywhere in the world
  • They can become very successful if they do a little more than their colleagues. After all, only 1 out of 10 IT recruiter speaks with one candidate more than 3 times and almost none of the colleagues in other companies / agencies seek to automate their work. Although it helps a lot to not forget anything and earn a reputation as a responsible specialist.

Hiring staff with the same values, style and goals – good or evil for the company?

The Wall Street Journal has published material based on the arguments of HRD and the founders of well-known American companies about the role of corporate culture in recruiting staff. We offer a free translation of a fascinating discussion.

It all starts with the fact that business owners come to understand what their ideal employee should look like. In their opinion, such a person is easier to hire or hire through a selection agency, because the company’s offer fits perfectly into his lifestyle. According to ex-HRD Netflix Patty McCord, this “cultural code,” as recruiters call it, actually has nothing to do with a set of soft skills in the corporate world. It is just a desire to select those people with whom it is pleasant to chat on abstract topics and drink beer after work. HR receive tasks from bosses to find a person in a party, and not to complete tasks.

According to the Korn Ferry consulting firm, in 2018, 100% of 1,100 simplified recruiters took a new trend among job seekers: the need to work in a comfortable environment added to the motivation with the level of wages. Moreover, now candidates first of all look at the atmosphere within the team and all those intangible benefits that the company gives before making its choice. This is good news for employers: such employees value their workplace more, they are more difficult to lure and they enjoy working even when they are not controlled.

But there is some bad news:

  1. Interviewers begin to hire only those people with whom they could get along at an interview. Their level of education and professionalism may fade into the background, which will adversely affect the work of the company (opinion of the Head of the Department of Cultural Transformation Kirsta Anderson from Korn Ferry)
  2. Any innovation, especially if it toughens the corporate culture even a little, is perceived by employees as a personal insult and distrust. People forget that they are at work, not at the resort (Ms. McCord, author of Powerful Workplace Culture Book)
  3. The role of corporate culture is sometimes overstated. According to Deloitte polls, about 7% of workers aged 24 to 36 say they dislike their employer’s culture so much that they intend to quit their job over the next two years. This means that employers cannot “play long” with their staff, expect them to maintain common values.
  4. Lack of flexibility, an extraordinary view of the solution to the problem. Employees similar to each other think and work approximately the same, which gives less room for maneuver in case of a non-trivial situation.

And most importantly, what is included in the concept of corporate culture?
– Collective enthusiasm for a company’s mission or goal
– A similar approach to work (collectively or individually)
– Understanding which decisions will be right, which risks will be assessed, and which will not.

 What is not included in the concept of corporate culture?
– Recruiting for the same diploma / ethnicity / career path
– Waiting for a feeling of comfort in communication with colleagues
– Organization of gifts, games and alcohol in the workplace

Why IT outsourcing is not what you thought

Probably everyone knows the meaning of the word “outsourcing”. Thousands of outsourcing companies work in Ukraine, providing all possible types of services. This is not outstaffing, where legally “renting” of personnel takes place, but taking on some tasks of another company.

Outsourcing is almost in demand in it more than in other areas. Especially popular is the export of it services, which by 2021 will grow to 7 billion dollars – the opinion of the Ukrainian IT Association. Although 2 years ago, this figure barely reached 3 million dollars. In the local market, it business outsourcing began with the work of technical support and system administrators. Even 20 years ago, many companies successfully functioned without an individually designed database, gliders, applications, sites and other seemingly irreplaceable things. Today, the release of each product needs to be supported by media support, and in order to enhance the effect, it is often necessary to digitalize. So there are thousands of sites, games for phones, online questionnaires – almost everything that a modern person deals with daily was created by marketers in collaboration with engineers.

An experienced leader understands that the company cannot specialize in everything at once and gives out development or testing for outsourcing. Therefore, in Ukraine now more than 4,000 it-companies are registered and their number will always grow.

IT outsourcing allows you to significantly save money while obtaining stable quality. Working under the contract, the client knows that the contractor clearly follows the deadlines, otherwise he will not receive payment.

Among the well-known outsourcing companies in Ukraine, there are absolute leaders in terms of the number of personnel: these are EPAM (more than 7,500 people), SoftServe (about 7,000 employees), GlobalLogic (4,300 people). By the way, SoftServe is a Ukrainian company with a head office in the city of Lviv and representative offices in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro and even Wroclaw.

In 2018, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals released the TOP-100 rating of outsourcing companies in the world, which immediately included 12 Ukrainian ones. Considering that the quantity is increasing every year, it can be safely stated that it-outsourcing in Ukraine is not just one out of a thousand directions, but a completely self-sufficient type of activity with its own community and quality criteria.

Recruit Alliance Job Digest

A recruiting agency often receives good vacancies, which we want to talk more about. Especially if the selection of personnel for a specialty was ordered without an exact definition of the functional.

One of these is now in work – an international company needs analytics with a research function. You will not find this vacancy at headhunter Ukraine, but after reading you can feel free to send your CV to us at [email protected] and we will definitely consider it.

So what kind of frames are we looking for?

It’s good if you have already worked in railway logistics or other transportation. You know how to work with sources of information, independently determine the veracity and relevance, make reasonable, but not biased conclusions.

You will need to work in constant contact with the leader: he sets the task, answers clarifying questions, together defines goals. Further, the future employee will recount local and international sources according to the request, analyze and execute in a readable form. To make it easier, a person must first be able to use Excel and PowerPoint.

Our recruiting agency immediately warns that the work will not be easy, but you can determine your own schedule: full-time or part-time.

Salary: up to 35 000 UAH.

Another interesting proposal from the logistics sector is a Customs broker to a large logistics company in Kiev. If you are familiar with customs legislation, know the theory of customs processes and know how to draw up different groups of goods – this is an offer for you.

Expected experience of the applicant from 1 year. You have to deal with the preparation and preliminary analysis of documents, the planning of customs payments and clearance at customs in Kiev and the region.

The company’s office is located in the Shevchenkovsky district, near the Lukyanovka metro station. The work schedule is stable, official employment. Salary level – 20 000 UAH.

If you are interested in these offers, send your CV to our Recruit Alliance Recruitment Agency. According to statistics, more attention is drawn to applications with a cover letter and a photograph of the applicant, but we will certainly consider the request of each applicant.

See you!

Order at a local or international recruiting agency: the pros and cons in one article

What services does a recruiting agency provide?

Recruiting or staffing, headhunting, executive search (unfortunately, the term does not have an established analogue in Russian / Ukrainian), outsourcing, outsourcing and various analytics, research, consulting. As a rule, every Ukrainian or foreign agency or hr-company on outsourcing can work in these areas, but not always on their own. We tell in which case it is better to contact residents and non-residents.

With recruiting, everything is clear – in Ukraine there is a law that clearly regulates this type of activity. The differences begin when working on outstaffing, outsourcing and analytics. If you strive to work only in the legislative field, then be sure to study if your contractor has the appropriate type of activity on the CEEA and is a resident. Only officially recruiting companies operating in Ukraine retain the benefits and pension contributions of the client’s staff. If you care about your employees, then try to take this point into account.

The second is working with relevant information. International recruiting agencies involve local recruiters in cooperation. Without a resident, they cannot determine the real salary market and the ratio of open vacancies to the number of job seekers. Therefore, they will take longer to complete the task, take higher payment and, most likely, will not be able to give real numbers to the client. On the other hand, international companies may have more experience in relocating and closing several vacancies for offices in different companies at once.

Local agencies work well with TOP specialists, because they better understand their values ​​and motivation system. They know all the major industry representatives on the market, so they will quickly make up a short-list of candidates. However, the same information is relevant for mass selection. The disadvantage of Ukrainian headhunting companies is that they may not know all the nuances of international relations, for example, the candidate’s passport has no notes about visiting countries unfriendly to the client or additional taxes. Although this nuance is usually closed by a full-time lawyer.

Pride of IT recruiting agencies: the rating showed a real level of professionalism of Ukrainian developers

Our it recruiting agency has estimated that about 190,000 Middle + level developers work in Ukraine today. Thanks to the proud 21st place in the Eurasian rating of data transfer rates via the Internet, the selection of Ukrainian IT specialists is becoming a popular task for recruiters from all over the world. Therefore, the 4000 it-companies registered with us practically do not leave the state of searching for it-frames.

Another important point for the rating is knowledge of the English language. According to surveys, 70% of Ukrainian developers own foreign at the average and higher levels. However, an it-recruiting agency, before submitting candidates for consideration, still checks their real level of knowledge and it approximately corresponds to statistics.

PricewaterhouseCoopers published a report where the growth of the IT segment in Ukraine was recorded at 15-20 percent annually. In addition, many companies such as Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Apple, Wargaming, Boeing, Skype, eBay, Siemens, IBM have already opened their R&D centers. European IT Outsourcing Intelligence Report recorded Ukrainian specialists in 4th place out of 10 in terms of professionalism. On the other hand, HackerRank gave Ukrainians 11th place in the Best software developers rating for their quick and accurate solutions.

As for payment, on freelance / outsourcing prices for work start for Senior + from $ 25 / hour. This is one of the lowest numbers for a fairly high quality of tasks in the global IT field. Therefore, our specialists understand their relevance, can choose between job offers. If the developer is really a master of his craft, then the line of recruiters is waiting for the end of his project. A good option to “get around” the waiting list is to contact a recruiting agency that has established itself in the market. It better understands the true motives of the applicants and, in the case of a categorical refusal, will be able to offer a worthy replacement.

Instead of conclusions, we suggest that you focus not on the speed of closing vacancies, although this is also important, but on the number and quality of calls for guarantee closing of vacancies. However, you always need to hire those recruiters who are comfortable working with. If you are looking, we at Recruit Alliance will be happy to discuss all possible terms of cooperation.

Recruit Alliance Announces Second Set for IT Recruiting School

On October 20th, the second course of the School of IT Recruiting from the recruitment agency Recruit Alliance will begin. Visit us if you dreamed of working in the IT field, want to learn more about how programs, applications, development are created and why finding good specialists is a challenge every time. IT recruiting is a completely different area to learn.

As a result of our first year, 2 people are already doing a test assignment for employment, and 1 more has accepted an offer from our IT company client. We are pleased to create jobs and help people find “their own.”

What awaits the future IT recruiter in our school?
– First, we’ll explain what it is a recruiting agency and how it works.
– We’ll give a little theoretical basis: we will talk about programming languages, frameworks, testing, ux / ui design, system administrators, DevOps, types of projects and roles in it. Learn how to work not only on LinkedIn, but even on a professional level
– We will give a lot of practice: you will learn how to withdraw applications yourself (and this, for a minute, is perhaps the most important step when working with a client), communicate with applicants, give the right feedback, persuade, “sell” the offer and close even the most complex requests. As a nice bonus, get your interest for work (yes, while studying)
– Then a small test task and a job invitation or a letter of recommendation and certificate

Recruiting it personnel is that new profession in which active people are needed. Not “processors” who are comfortable with treadmill activities for a long time, but those who are close to the “come-see-win” principle will do their job well.

About the course program: 4 weeks of in-patient training at the office of Recruit Alliance (Kyiv, Lev Tolstoy Station)

You will close senior + vacancies, which is much more interesting and more profitable for recruiters. In addition, create your base of loyal job seekers, which will remain relevant for years to come.

If you are interested in earning from $ 1000 per month, being in the know about Ukrainian and foreign it-market news and chatting with interesting people – welcome.

Link to detailed information:

How to get into the rating of the best IT recruiting agencies in Ukraine

IT companies are increasingly recruiting staff through it-recruiting agencies. Since this is one of the most promising business areas in Ukraine, the number of it-recruiters and HR companies is growing every day. So that it-people and selection specialists can quickly find each other, ratings like “The best Ukrainian it specialist recruitment agencies” are created. We asked our colleagues from the jury of such awards how to become the winner of one of them.

First, you need to determine on which site it would be more interesting for you to act as an expert: thematic, like, or professional society like

Secondly, it-recruiting agencies should meet certain requirements. Each site, of course, has its own. For some, it’s enough to be a Premium subscriber or pay for participation in the rating. For others, one should conduct professional practice in a high-quality manner and be distinguished by good indicators of project “closure”.

More details about the quality of practice depends on.

  • The absence of negative reviews or competent work to neutralize them. Portal administrators and editors are open to feedback from their users. If a certain recruiter (company) raises a lot of complaints about the incompetence or unacceptable tone of communication, then it will most likely be banned. He will have one or two chances to explain his behavior, which is important to use. Otherwise, no additional payments will help to become a winner.
  • The correct compilation of vacancies and their closure, timely feedback to applicants. Projects that have been hanging on the same profile for years have a bad effect on reputation.
  • Work with a personal brand: an exhaustive amount of information in the profile, photos, thematic publications, participation in events, reviews. There is nothing wrong with self-PR, on the contrary, it attracts attention and simplifies the work of the jury.
  • Ideally, a couple of large IT companies in the portfolio or several well-known startups
  • The presence of “added” value: social activity, work at the international level, the initiation of projects relevant to the field, own developments, for example, various techniques, tools or applications.

Now more about “closure”. Of course, an it-recruiting agency will not provide true information about its overall effectiveness. But you can understand the level of success by looking at several components:

  • the level of candidates they are looking for
  • regularity of opening / closing vacancies
  • the proportion of customers in the general it-market

Simply put, it’s certainly easier to hire June for outsourcers than architects for a start-up food company, because the quantitative indicator does not work. But according to statistics, the agency that closes Senior + for at least a month is successful. The rest is decided individually.

5 “right” things that show the seriousness of a new employee’s intentions

A successful interview is just the beginning of the journey. The new person shows his real level of professionalism in the first three months of employment. And this is not about the ability to clean up after oneself in a shared kitchen or to maintain a conversation in an informal chat room of colleagues. We have prepared a list of the 5 first steps of the new frame, which, according to recruiters, are indicators of a responsible approach to work.

  1. Immediately after talking with a recruiting agency, but before official employment check your social networks. On LinkedIn, specialists after the project / dismissal collect positive feedback from colleagues and partners, on Facebook and Twitter – they look at content and personal information. Of course, each person deserves privacy, but sometimes a reputation can suffer due to an unsuccessful joke. Remember the case of Justin Sacco, given in an article by experienced crisis managers.
  2. Establishes personal connections, makes contacts or, more simply, “joins the team”. Unfortunately for many introverts, office mode implies minimal communication skills, and even more often – teamwork. If we do not talk about individual cases, often the reason for dismissal in the first months of work is precisely the inability to find a common language with the old-timers. By the way, the task of the hr-manager is to timely detect an emerging problem and neutralize it.
  3. After the first meetings and skype calls, the global goals of the company become clear. At this stage, the new TOP manager should review his strategy first, the new head of the marketing department to recount the campaign and distribution by communication channels, Team Lead – to change the architecture of the code, if necessary, of course. Well, or at least he will have a desire to discuss what he heard, to speak out ideas.
  4. They offer new tools for optimizing tasks, but they do it unobtrusively and without depreciation. Especially if they occupy a managerial position in a highly specialized industry company. For example, New Biz can recommend a recruiter an article with a selection of useful tools, but should not criticize his communications scripts without significant arguments and similar work experience.
    They refine the scheme of internal communications, study the general schedule, pick up ongoing projects. They themselves offer help, but provide an opportunity at the first stages to other more experienced to determine their level of involvement. Here, by the way, it’s important not to overdo it – not to take over everything at once, so as not to lose the reputation of an executive officer.

We remind you that there are no good employees – there are suitable or not. Therefore, the main thing is that the work of a new person resonates with the general mood within the company. If even one of the steps will be taken a little later than the trial period – it is not problem. It is important that the adaptation process is completed in a timely manner and that work begins.

A great way to make the right choice of a person in a team is to entrust the selection to the agency Recruit Alliance.

The trends in the IT labor market – Alexander Rybets column for

We wrote a column for about how the recruitment of Senior + IT candidates to Ukrainian and foreign companies occurs.

More in the material about:

  • Portrait of the perfect candidate
  • Why relocate is not always a good idea
  • How much and for what a recruiting agency receives
  • Place of Ukrainian developers in the Global Technical Hiring & Skills Report 2019
    …and much more.

Figures, statistics and analytics from Recruit Alliance – more information here.

Thank you for your trust!


Now there will be material not for recruiters, but it will probably be useful to HR managers or business owners. This material is a kind of reference to the best-selling book by Igor Mann 8 years ago, “Marketing without a Budget,” which once helped companies grow their brand without much cost. Similar events can be held with yesterday’s students, beginners and “June”, who are just starting their career paths. Please note that the advanced training of TOP managers should take place in a completely different way.

1.Closed clubs, professional societies, meetings for the exchange of experience

Open Facebook, in the left column select “Interesting” and find a list of free / low-cost events on any topic. For example, for IT it can be meetings of Code and Coffee Kyiv enthusiasts in the Dial, for HR benefits from recruiting agencies, networking and social initiatives – these are the IV Forum of Creative Industry. If you increase the budget to 1000 UAH, the offers increases tenfold.

2.Communicate with partners

At least one of the 5 major clients holds seminars / round tables on interesting topics. Find out more about their PR or advertising strategy, there may be some places left for some events. In return, you can offer useful feedback or support on social networks.

3.Share cases inside the company

The longer an employee works, the more he needs recognition and respect 🙂 Try to combine business with pleasure by offering him a small allowance for mentoring or training other employees. To optimize the process, use primarily the format that is convenient for him: either public speaking to colleagues once every couple of weeks, or preparing an article for internal mailing, or presentation.

4.Start the practice of group readings

Make a selection of 12 required books to read per year and invite colleagues to get acquainted with one of them once a month. This practice is useful to companies related to sales, marketing, copywriting, design, etc. Ideally, stimulate a collective discussion of what has been read and offer to integrate knowledge into company practice. You can enter a conditional “motivator” for the most active reader. Well, buy books, of course.

5.Use free features

Youtube courses, online libraries, introductory courses, online schools with lectures that can be watched by the whole team… The list goes on and on. In order not to waste time in vain, be sure to study the personality of the lecturer, listeners’ reviews or look at selections on thematic resources. For example, the reputation of IT courses is well covered by the well-known Ukrainian thematic site.

Remember that when looking for training programs you should pay for:

Unique experience
– Inaccessible to the general public practices
– Save time on independent reserving
– Networking
– Confirmation of skill development
– In all other cases, information can be found, if not free, then much cheaper.

By the way, very soon we will launch one very useful course that will help change your occupation to a more profitable one. If you are just in search – write to us by mail and we will continue the dialogue 🙂


Thursday is almost Friday, so let us step back a little from the theory of recruiting or HR management, and delve into the study of the portrait of applicants. Today there is an interesting process of changing stereotypes. If you freely interpret the famous phrase, today guys in suits do not work as bosses – they are busy with tasks for children in simple jeans and T-shirts. Why is that?

They say that fashion is a mirror of society. More recently, expensive striped costumes, perfect white (blue) shirts and, if you recall the cinema, Prada loafers were considered a sign of success. Today, completely different TOP managers or CEOs come to a meeting at a recruiting agency – these are guys in a “trainee costume”: comfortable pants, sneakers and a sweatshirt.

In the USA, there is a very prestigious Goldman Sachs summer internship for future Wall Street titans. The best students get there, in the image of which authoritative publications, such as Quartz, make a portrait of future applicants. Given the globalization and lack of borders in communications due to the Internet, young geniuses from Wall Street can be safely compared with the next generation of applicants from Ukraine.

So, what our future looks like:

They are cosmopolitan. Between sleep and useful communication, choose the second. They engage in at least one sport “for the soul” or lead an active lifestyle. It is believed that the study of programming languages ​​is more important than knowledge of foreign ones. Nearly three-quarters of young professionals surveyed say Python learning is the best way to spend their free time.

What do these knowledge give us? The ability to be prepared for global trends! Already today, American banks and other financial institutions with Wall Street are starting to collaborate with recruitment agencies so as not to frighten young job seekers with their “too formal” corporate style. Today, the task of a recruiter in the USA is to create the most comfortable atmosphere during the interview, invite the candidate to a convenient office with a smoothie bar or a machine with popcorn, learn more about the global goals and wishes of the future employee.

At the same time, foreign financial institutions completely abolish the dress code at offices and introduce free clothing. A Goldman Sachs survey showed that only 1 out of 10 students will work in the clothes that the employer defines for him. The remaining 9 will prefer another company without restrictions in appearance and dress code.

As they say, warned means armed

Should salary levels be indicated?

In the Baltic states, almost all countries have passed a law stating that an employer is required to indicate the level of wages in a vacancy. If not a number, then at least a plug. A recruiting agency working on behalf of the owner of the company will also not be able to hide information from the applicant. However, the selection agent does not need this – as an expert, he almost immediately understands both the financial expectations and professional skills of the applicant.

But why the employer does not want to indicate the level of remuneration? Far from always the reason is low numbers. More often the situation is defined by the popular phrase “the level of wages will depend on skills.” Simply put, the more tasks a new employee will take on, the more he will earn. If, however, a novice specialist comes to the team, he will, of course, be trained, but he will earn less. Finding a specialist is a difficult decision requiring the closure of many of the “fears” of the company owner. Especially if the company is a startup or a family business.

What fears does the employer face (why does not want to indicate the level of salary):

  • If I write a lot, then I will miss the opportunity to save or spend the budget on inappropriate reviews.
  • I’ll write a little – I’ll miss the professional because of the small difference that I could cover if I knew.

By the way, often the TOP manager or a rare specialist himself calls his terms of cooperation, which greatly simplifies communication.

What we want to say: to indicate whether or not it is up to the employer (recruiter), but according to statistics, more applicants respond to offers with exact numbers (up to 38%, according to data

The remaining components are already clear:

Company Description
Job description (including goals)
Candidate Expectations
You can focus on special skills / level of education / experience / feedback
Working conditions
Responsible person contacts
A junior specialist can be found through ordinary sites. But for professionals more abruptly and managers will have to think over more points than indicating the level of wages.

Want to know which ones? Write to us, we will consult you and help with the hiring.


If you are a business owner, then your only and main subordinate is the director of the company. All other employees are his team with which he realizes his goals. You may not know the exact number of employees, but the loss of control over the actions of the manager is a signal for serious consequences.

Having talked with customers, our recruiters identified several common signs of an imminent change of head of operations. Just let us immediately determine that theft and other illegal actions are not a signal for selecting a new leadership, but an excuse for contacting the police. So:

  1. Learned from acquaintances, received a letter from a recruiting agency or saw an ad on social networks – it doesn’t matter how, but they learned that the CEO is considering job offers. Even if he did not accept them, he is no longer interested in working with you – fire him.
  2. He becomes the reason for the dismissal of key employees of the company. A good specialist is not always a good leader, and here you need to understand whether he is worth it to recruit a new team for him.
  3. The company staff appears more and more strangers. The General Director hires people without consulting the owner, the team puts “his people” in the head, who cannot really explain what they are doing at the moment.
  4. Breaks deadlines, does not stand KPI. Even if the leader is a very good person, this is not a reason to give him more than 2 chances. Otherwise, you will lose your staff, company, and reputation.
  5. Changes the strategy without coordination. Or, for example, redistributes resources, changes the target audience, prices – in a word, throws the chosen path of the company for unproven opportunities without taking risks into account. If he is not stopped in time, even dismissal will not be able to stabilize the situation.
  6. Avoids meetings, does not give full reporting constantly referring to employment. If something is in doubt, this must be checked. Information for owners can only be faked if they are inattentive and trusting. Once a recorded fact of “embellishment” should be a signal for the revision of the candidacy.

Finding a good TOP manager is a quest, but let the fear of a new person not become a reason for you to endure the unscrupulous management of your company. Contact the Recruit Alliance agency and we will help you determine the key characteristics of a suitable leader who will fit into the team and take the company to a new level.

Which professions are most promising

To be a recruiter means always keeping abreast of global news. Knowing about the main trends in the US labor market, one can gradually describe future requests to a recruitment agency. However, many non-resident employers are already asked to select specialists of rare professions. Which ones you will learn from our translation of the Technology Review of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) each year publishes a list of the most breakthrough technologies in the global economy. This year, MIT Technology Review attracted the cooperation of Bill Gates and the following areas of work, he recommends to pay attention:

  1. Robotics (in particular, work with agility). Today, the robot can easily perform the programmed volume of tasks, but once it is shifted slightly in space, the processes will stop. Learning artificial intelligence is now in first place for requests in the United States and other promising countries. Even in the selection of personnel from Ukraine there are requests for those familiar with AI.
  2. New wave of nuclear power. New nuclear designs promise to make this energy source safer and cheaper. Among them are the decay reactors of the fourth generation, the evolution of traditional structures; small modular reactors; and fusion reactors, a technology that seems forever unattainable. Developers of IV generation collapse projects, such as TerrestPower (which was made by Bill Gates as an investor) and TerraPower from Washington, entered into a research partnership with utilities, aiming for a full power supply in the 2020s. It sounds, perhaps, too optimistically, but still people are attracted to this area all the time.
  3. Prediction of preterm labor. American scientists believe that one of the most difficult problems of medicine is the birth of premature babies (today it is 1 child out of 10). A number of startups are developing safe tests to determine the vibrations in seven genes that are associated with preterm birth. For example, Quake has already learned to fix fluctuations through a blood test for quite reasonable money – $ 10. But this is only the beginning for such a promising and socially important direction in medicine.
  4. Another example from medicine is technology optimization. In particular, the creation of an intestinal probe in the form of a tablet, which can be used to study the gastrointestinal tract without the use of anesthesia in adults and children of all ages. The global goal is to minimize discomfort, but at the same time, get the maximum image, including a three-dimensional image and a small section.
  5. Meat substitutes. In 30 years, the planet’s population will increase to almost 10 billion people. And this people will be much richer, the level of consumption of various goods will grow exponentially, which does not bode well for the environment. For example, meat consumption will increase by 70 percent and the only way to preserve the natural resources necessary for keeping cows and other “meat” animals is to find a laboratory analogue to meat. Already today, companies from the Netherlands are engaged in the cultivation of muscle tissue, but the main focus of the day is the taste of the product. If scientific research is yours, then be sure to explore this promising direction.

If your field of activity was mentioned above and you do not know where to look for specialists, then contact us for an Executive search. For over 15 years we have successfully found representatives of the most unusual and rare professions.