When is it profitable to order an outsourcing service from Ukraine?


Ukrainian programmers, as a rule, are ready to work both in grocery companies and in outsourcing companies. Moreover, every year the Ukrainian IT market is growing at a 26% minimum, which stimulates the development of other businesses, including HR outsourcing companies. Due to this fact, many developers, programmers, designers and qa-specialists not only were able to find conditions for high wages, but received unique experience working on foreign projects.

And yet, who should seek outsourcing specialists in Ukraine?

As a rule, they are looking for the same specialists as ours. In IT it will be: Senior JS, Senior Fullstack, Lead DevOps, Senior Java, Crm dynamicsm Middle Backend developer, Senior .net core, middle / senior react, middle \ senior python, QA, Android / IOS Developer, Java Developer, Fullstack Developer etc.

Especially popular are specialists from large cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkov), because it is easier to arrange a meeting for a recruiter with them. The salary level of the outsourcer will, of course, differ from the market average for local ones. In addition, you need to carefully read the offer, because the amount of payment can be indicated GROSS (before tax) or Net (final figure).

Studying the possibilities of outsourcing services, foreign clients are often interested in the number of candidates open for cooperation. That is, many companies are more comfortable immediately hiring a team of developers so that they close the issues on the project on their own. However, it is more convenient for some clients to independently assemble a team of specialists around the world and they invite one by one to cooperate. The average term of cooperation is a year with the possibility of extension.

It’s better to order services at the end of summer, when many specialists complete projects and look at offers on the market. The second most popular period is right after the winter holidays, when vacations are over and people are looking for interesting orders with renewed vigor.

By the way, outsourcing can be not only in the it-sphere. In Ukraine, they are also looking for marketers and their colleagues (especially from digital), call center operators, secretaries and representatives of other professions who are ready to work remotely according to a non-standard schedule.

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