How to open a recruiting agency in Ukraine


To begin with, let’s agree that this article is not about a recruitment agency (job search for a candidate), but about recruitment services. This information is relevant for large cities, such as Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov, etc., while for small settlements our instructions may not work for individual reasons.

It is advisable that the founder of the company be a headhunter with experience: either work in a recruiting company before, or freelanced. Ideally, he has his own accumulated base of HR managers and company owners, or a commercial vein and a diploma in recruiting modern courses. Then the routine begins, without which nothing will work:

  1. You register a company / individual entrepreneur with the appropriate KVED, for example, for 2019 – this is 78.10 “Activities of employment agencies”. We strongly recommend that you do this, because after a while, when you want to expand the package of HR services, you will find out that only officially working companies can provide them.
  2. Be sure to start an online database (CRM is not important) of customers, which will be filled with recruiters. Employees change, but one company can use the services many times. Especially, if every six months to a year you make ringing in the database and remind you of successful cooperation, selling your services is a normal practice among selection agencies.
  3. Create company platforms: website, social networks, catalogs, thematic portals, message boards. Develop a content plan, discuss SEO promotion with advertising, advertising – there is great competition in the market, you will have to maintain your position all the time. But the smaller the city, the cheaper marketing will cost you.
  4. Develop a unified application withdrawal scheme – here your recruiting skills and recommendations of more experienced colleagues will come in handy. Recruiting is not a new profession; you won’t have to come up with a bicycle.
  5. Think about creating a sales team at least outsourcing and the optimal number of requests that the agency will be able to handle. To take and not to carry out is as bad as looking for new customers.
  6. The recoupment period of the selection agency is up to six months maximum. To arrive at this figure, determine the percentage suitable for your market (from 5% to 25%) or a fixed amount (does not work long). In addition, we advise you to work on a prepaid basis, since a business based on communications should contain at least some guarantees of mutual interest
  7. Gradually identify your strengths and focus on it, not forgetting about your personal PR or PR brand: online training, webinars, participation in events, cooperation and collaboration.

Be effective and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Having traveled 20 years in recruiting, we can safely say that only experience will teach you how to achieve your goal the first time. But for this, time must pass and “your” team gain a foothold.