Recruit Alliance Announces Second Set for IT Recruiting School


On October 20th, the second course of the School of IT Recruiting from the recruitment agency Recruit Alliance will begin. Visit us if you dreamed of working in the IT field, want to learn more about how programs, applications, development are created and why finding good specialists is a challenge every time. IT recruiting is a completely different area to learn.

As a result of our first year, 2 people are already doing a test assignment for employment, and 1 more has accepted an offer from our IT company client. We are pleased to create jobs and help people find “their own.”

What awaits the future IT recruiter in our school?
– First, we’ll explain what it is a recruiting agency and how it works.
– We’ll give a little theoretical basis: we will talk about programming languages, frameworks, testing, ux / ui design, system administrators, DevOps, types of projects and roles in it. Learn how to work not only on LinkedIn, but even on a professional level
– We will give a lot of practice: you will learn how to withdraw applications yourself (and this, for a minute, is perhaps the most important step when working with a client), communicate with applicants, give the right feedback, persuade, “sell” the offer and close even the most complex requests. As a nice bonus, get your interest for work (yes, while studying)
– Then a small test task and a job invitation or a letter of recommendation and certificate

Recruiting it personnel is that new profession in which active people are needed. Not “processors” who are comfortable with treadmill activities for a long time, but those who are close to the “come-see-win” principle will do their job well.

About the course program: 4 weeks of in-patient training at the office of Recruit Alliance (Kyiv, Lev Tolstoy Station)

You will close senior + vacancies, which is much more interesting and more profitable for recruiters. In addition, create your base of loyal job seekers, which will remain relevant for years to come.

If you are interested in earning from $ 1000 per month, being in the know about Ukrainian and foreign it-market news and chatting with interesting people – welcome.

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