Interesting Executive Search Case from Recruit Alliance Practice


Executive Search is the selection of highly specialized specialists and TOP managers by attracting targeted, often already employed, people to a client’s vacancy. Sometimes cases of executive search firms are classified information related to unfair competition. And sometimes – unusual stories that are interesting to share over a cup of tea. We will leave closed information for internal use and talk about finding people of non-trivial professions.

A beloved client, an experienced investor and the owner of a dozen successful companies, turned to our office in Kiev for the executive search service. He says: “I have a dream …” and asks to help find the best rabbit breeder in Ukraine. A person must have rich experience, high KPI and appropriate soft skills. The search gave 3 weeks maximum. Within the agreed period, we the agency announces to the client a list of candidates who are ready to leave their work on the farms and start their project. But in response: “Thank you, for now postpone. Better hire me a nut cultivator. ” I must say that the task has changed more than once, but has always been closed. Because the main rule in executive search services is to fulfill the promise.

Another interesting case is the search for biotechnologists to move to Iceland. It is believed that Ukrainian biotechnology is one of the best in the world in terms of its scientific base. Other wishes: English, at least some experience (ideally 3 years) and readiness for relocate. The pool of candidates was drawn up quickly enough, but – that’s not the problem — on the day the proposal was prepared, each applicant didn’t have something to do: they either approved a graduate school of a dream in the USA, then there were notes in the passport about visiting undesirable countries. As a result, it was possible to collect not the entire list, but those who left still send postcards and thank for the opportunity. Nicely 🙂

It often happens that the executive search process is slowed down due to the personal unwillingness of the client to accept a new person in the team. He cannot trust a hired specialist or simply leave operational matters to a new team member. Therefore, we recommend colleagues not to be afraid to work with the fears of their customers. Do not give them impossible promises, take care of your reputation and then the client will trust, and the vacancy will be successfully closed for each of the parties.

All materials are based on personal experience and published with the consent of the participants.