Order at a local or international recruiting agency: the pros and cons in one article


What services does a recruiting agency provide?

Recruiting or staffing, headhunting, executive search (unfortunately, the term does not have an established analogue in Russian / Ukrainian), outsourcing, outsourcing and various analytics, research, consulting. As a rule, every Ukrainian or foreign agency or hr-company on outsourcing can work in these areas, but not always on their own. We tell in which case it is better to contact residents and non-residents.

With recruiting, everything is clear – in Ukraine there is a law that clearly regulates this type of activity. The differences begin when working on outstaffing, outsourcing and analytics. If you strive to work only in the legislative field, then be sure to study if your contractor has the appropriate type of activity on the CEEA and is a resident. Only officially recruiting companies operating in Ukraine retain the benefits and pension contributions of the client’s staff. If you care about your employees, then try to take this point into account.

The second is working with relevant information. International recruiting agencies involve local recruiters in cooperation. Without a resident, they cannot determine the real salary market and the ratio of open vacancies to the number of job seekers. Therefore, they will take longer to complete the task, take higher payment and, most likely, will not be able to give real numbers to the client. On the other hand, international companies may have more experience in relocating and closing several vacancies for offices in different companies at once.

Local agencies work well with TOP specialists, because they better understand their values ​​and motivation system. They know all the major industry representatives on the market, so they will quickly make up a short-list of candidates. However, the same information is relevant for mass selection. The disadvantage of Ukrainian headhunting companies is that they may not know all the nuances of international relations, for example, the candidate’s passport has no notes about visiting countries unfriendly to the client or additional taxes. Although this nuance is usually closed by a full-time lawyer.