Why IT outsourcing is not what you thought


Probably everyone knows the meaning of the word “outsourcing”. Thousands of outsourcing companies work in Ukraine, providing all possible types of services. This is not outstaffing, where legally “renting” of personnel takes place, but taking on some tasks of another company.

Outsourcing is almost in demand in it more than in other areas. Especially popular is the export of it services, which by 2021 will grow to 7 billion dollars – the opinion of the Ukrainian IT Association. Although 2 years ago, this figure barely reached 3 million dollars. In the local market, it business outsourcing began with the work of technical support and system administrators. Even 20 years ago, many companies successfully functioned without an individually designed database, gliders, applications, sites and other seemingly irreplaceable things. Today, the release of each product needs to be supported by media support, and in order to enhance the effect, it is often necessary to digitalize. So there are thousands of sites, games for phones, online questionnaires – almost everything that a modern person deals with daily was created by marketers in collaboration with engineers.

An experienced leader understands that the company cannot specialize in everything at once and gives out development or testing for outsourcing. Therefore, in Ukraine now more than 4,000 it-companies are registered and their number will always grow.

IT outsourcing allows you to significantly save money while obtaining stable quality. Working under the contract, the client knows that the contractor clearly follows the deadlines, otherwise he will not receive payment.

Among the well-known outsourcing companies in Ukraine, there are absolute leaders in terms of the number of personnel: these are EPAM (more than 7,500 people), SoftServe (about 7,000 employees), GlobalLogic (4,300 people). By the way, SoftServe is a Ukrainian company with a head office in the city of Lviv and representative offices in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro and even Wroclaw.

In 2018, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals released the TOP-100 rating of outsourcing companies in the world, which immediately included 12 Ukrainian ones. Considering that the quantity is increasing every year, it can be safely stated that it-outsourcing in Ukraine is not just one out of a thousand directions, but a completely self-sufficient type of activity with its own community and quality criteria.