Recruiting is the search, selection, selection and hiring of a specialist reward. Executive search is one of the areas of recruiting where the agency not only provides the client with a pool of suitable candidates, but also takes care of anonymity, conducts closed negotiations, lures, etc. Simply put, executive search means closing a job of increased complexity.

In large cities, such as Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov, and Dnieper, executive search is resorted to when hiring top management, while in small cities, applications are often sent to “rare” specialists: farmers, engineers, and specialists to attract investment.

Executive search firms, as a rule, charge higher fees for their services than for classic recruiting. But the guarantee for the candidate lasts longer – from six months to a year, subject to all points of the agreement on cooperation between the two parties. By the way, in the West, the cost of a “direct search” starts at $ 50,000 per candidate. In Ukraine, the price tag, of course, is ten times lower.

How does Executive Search work? After the vacancy is removed from the client, the recruiting agency analyzes the labor market and job seekers. It is not looking for a specific person who liked the company – this service is called headhunting. At this moment, work begins with direct competitors, because in their staff, as a rule, there is a candidate with relevant experience. Sometimes a direct search includes access to foreign markets, where it is easier to find a specialist, even when it comes to “returning” the applicant to Ukraine. By the way, right now there is a trend of reverse labor migration.

Recruiters study the agency’s internal base, view available analytics and publications on the Internet, and hold meetings in the conditions of maximum confidentiality. Only after obtaining preliminary consent from the candidate, the agency invites him to a meeting with the client.

Over 20 years of practice, the Recruit Alliance has applied for Executive search more than a hundred times. We have experience in closing vacancies of the level and TOP management, and key personnel in the restaurant business, scientific forwarders, it-specialists, the best representatives of the marketing market, farmers, logistics, sales, engineers and others.

If you are currently looking for a unique specialist, contact us – we will show you who is best suited for a vacant position and will orientate by its level of salary.