What’s new in foreign recruiting practices


A company researching the international business market, Fortune Business Insights predicts that in 2025 the market for recruiting software will grow to $ 3,000 million. Of course, the field of personnel selection will always remain the most communicative direction, where the main emphasis will be put on live communication. But at the initial selection, digital technologies help out a lot with samples of high-level specialists, especially in the IT field.

Foreign markets hr focus on selection automation for the following reasons:

  1. The ability to connect to huge amounts of information, convenient work with them (fast processing, filters, output)
  2. Integration of different tools during the course of hr work, for example, the ability to automate the distribution of vacancies and connect bots for auto answer or configure auto redial for suitable candidates through CRM
  3. The presence of a “cold calculation”, which excludes the human factor in the initial screening of resumes
  4. Analysis of the performance of the sercer and the quality of communications of the recruiter

Our foreign colleagues have prepared a list of current software that helps to search, select and hunt the best personnel in the labor market. Perhaps not all the tools will be relevant for Ukraine, but the general principles will definitely be useful to recruiters working with international markets.

  1. Ascendify is a development that allows not only to find a suitable candidate, but also with the help of artificial intelligence to determine his possible career growth within the company. Having a predicted development path, it will be easier for internal hr to understand employee performance.
  2. ADP Workforce Now offers automated publication of information about the vacancy and the company, generates an approximate period and cost of hiring in the selected field. Data is generated in collaboration with job portals.
  3. Freshteam, which is popular in the pharmaceutical, media and technology sectors, offers a developed algorithm for finding and adapting employees to a new location.
  4. HappierHire is a handy application for small businesses that downloads thousands of suitable resumes from all possible sites.
  5. JazzHR offers not only search assistance, but also a micro-space for internal hr, where you can create your own discussion boards, vote for your chosen strategy and conduct dialogs.

These developments are projected to be relevant in 2020. However, no one bothers to try them in work already in 2019.

Illustration and 5 more relevant tools taken from the site for HR