How Ukrainian IT companies celebrate holidays with their employees


The work of an it-recruiting agency is always a little more than staff search and recruiting. Since the Ukrainian it-labor market is constantly in search of good candidates, and the number of vacancies significantly exceeds the number of people in the search, a recruiter should always be ready for creativity in work. Once, in our company, a project was successfully closed, where the final argument for the applicant was the “landmark day” of the interview. Of course, this is rather an exception to the rule, but we strongly recommend that you do not omit the human factor when discussing offers.

In addition to the technical characteristics, you can tell a little more about the internal kitchen of the it-company. Everything is clear with insurance and cookies, but not every company can boast of generous celebrations. For example, for the celebration of the 2019 New Year, AltexSoft gathered their colleagues from all offices and invited them to dance to the performance of Druga Rika, a popular group in Ukraine. Astound Commerce “supported” the tradition and invited TNMK to light on the Urban NY’19 Dvizh.

Ascendix Technologies invited employees to show talent and take part in an impromptu musical. B2B Soft went further and organized their own Oscar Film Festival, rewarding the best for the talent of a director, screenwriter and actor (and relevant work achievements, of course).

Binary Studio conducted a larger-scale action, inviting the team to a Christmas trip to the most fabulous cities in Europe. ElifTech and Interkassa organized a holiday in the Carpathians with pokatushki, bowling and billiards. And FiduciaSoft went to bask in the sun in Sharm El Sheikh. However, Brander, who organized the most comfortable celebration in the style of pajamas-party, was also remembered.

Knowing about the potential capabilities of it-companies, their openness to the team and the ability to really brightly reboot after workdays, it is much easier to “sell” an offer to it-specialists.

The moral is: recruiters, do not spare time to write more information about the client and interview the internal hr.

Well, an additional bonus: this material can come in handy for preparing a fast New Year corporate party. Learn more about interesting scenarios from last year at DOU.