The most famous major outsourcers and their success stories


Outsourcing (outsourcing: outer-source-using – use of an external source) is a service that allows delegating certain business processes to executors outside the company. This is a fairly common practice that allows you to optimize the internal work of the enterprise, concentrating on the main tasks for its growth. However, in the field of it, outsourcing of personnel covers a greater volume of work, for example, projects for the development, testing, and closure of technical maintenance issues.

It would be the right decision to divide the two areas of outsourcing companies into IT and general. In the field of information technology, according to the Global International Rating of the International Association of Outsourcing professionals, 18 companies with offices in Ukraine immediately got on the board of honor. Moreover, 12 of them are Ukrainian, with a staff of 200 to 4,500 people. These, of course, are well-known outsourcers:

And 6 more international companies with offices in Ukrainian cities:
– EPAM (more than 5500 employees in Ukraine, head office in the USA);
– Luxoft (more than 3,500 employees in Ukraine, head office in Switzerland);
– TEAM International Services (more than 300 employees in Ukraine, head office in the USA);
– Itera (about 100 employees in Ukraine, head office in Norway);
– Softjourn (more than 100 employees in Ukraine, head office in the USA);
– Artezio (more than 300 employees in the world, head office in Russia).
information taken from the open source site

In the field of general outsourcing, it is more difficult to identify market leaders, as Ukrainian companies do not fall into international selections. If you are looking for, for example, an outsourced marketing department, large local selections and ratings of leading experts will help you. If you need to find a contractor to resolve issues with outsourcing staff, please contact the Recruit Alliance.