When is it better to choose Executive Search, instead of “growing” talents within the company


When a company opens a vacancy for a position of a TOP manager or a highly specialized staff, as a rule, among the management and HR, the discussion process begins – where to find the right person. Executive search experts strongly recommend that you do not cover it with an internal reserve, because a good brand manager is not always an excellent leader. Moreover, if the team has already set global goals for the year and the removal of one of the performers can significantly slow down the implementation process.

Criteria to help determine what to choose: executive search services or talent management

If the answers to all these questions are “No”, then most likely the withdrawal of a trained person to the TOP position can significantly harm the company’s strategy. Moreover, it will be several months before shareholders and investors realize that something went wrong.

Studies by the HAY Group consulting company show that more than 75% of large international companies strive to hire their TOP managers among working staff. At the same time, they note a big turnover among the heads of the department, as if they remain inside the same enterprise for a long time they “lose” their wages and can burn out without changing their focus.

What are the positive aspects of executive search in the Ukrainian labor market:

In addition, the selection of exclusive professionals is a timeless service and labor market trends. Complex vacancies can be closed both during the winter holidays and during the peak months. But you need to be prepared that the negotiation process and the preparation of a pool of suitable candidates can take up to 2 months of work.