Forecast of the IT labor market for 2020


Traditionally, by the end of the calendar year, Forrester prepared a forecast for Visa for IT trends (including recruiting, outsourcing agencies, prospects for specialists, etc.).

Global automation is coming, focus on the interaction with artificial intelligence and, logically, interest in Big Data. Over the past 3 years, marketing has seen a decline in customer happiness: free shipping, bonuses, and loyalty systems are no longer decisive factors when choosing a manufacturer. Now almost 60% of decisions are made based on company values.

In recruiting and HR, the behavior model will also change: now the IT director or company manager will invest even more in the knowledge of employees. Subordinates will learn more complex technologies and become more mobile, which means groups for projects will become more flexible. The gap between the best and the lagging employees will grow. All this will lead to a reduction in the staff of the customer service department: Forrester predicts up to 25% of layoffs. The main goal is to get the most out of the trend for automation, and take the lead in a changing market.

Budgets for data processing will grow at least 2 times a minimum, which means more investment will be directed to training Big Data literacy. Also, the security sector expects more effort and expense, as dipfeiks and other harmful developments will become even more active. Large corporations will introduce new rules on the protection of personal data, but the number of claims from users about immunity will still grow by 300% or more.

AI workers will replace mass workers, but those who stay will earn more. Up to 1 million layoffs of office staff of a narrow specialization are planned, although multidisciplinary staff will receive up to 330,000 new jobs.

Well, bad news for startups: now the leader’s charisma will not be enough to get investment. Venture funds will be ready to give money only for thoughtful and calculated business plans.

Translation of the report was prepared by Liga.Tech for which many thanks to them 🙂