Recruiting marketing: what tools help to bring the agency to the TOP positions


A recruiting agency is not a private client of promotion companies and this has its own reasons. In the field of recruitment, word of mouth works well, work with customer feedback and digital. The lack of classical tools is well compensated by the so-called “affiliate program” with job platforms, which regularly engages in the PR of its brand and, for the company, advertises regular wholesale customers.

Heads of recruiting agencies know that this is the case when the number of outgoing applications does not matter. If the advertising company is not properly maintained in the recruitment agency (although in fact they are the same recruiters), 80% of the incoming are job seekers, paid work with which is an illegal business in Ukraine.

Let’s leave the lyrics and move on to the main point: what tools should you invest in?

There is an opinion that legal business, banking, recruiting and other fundamental areas should strictly comply with the classical style. But what is happening on the Ukrainian market of services suggests otherwise. To stay “on the wave” you need to be brave and not afraid to change.