The main trends in recruiting for 2020


Next year, a successful recruiting agency will add screening to its arsenal, learn to save recruiter time through video interviews and bring the collection of recommendations from employees to automation.

In general recruitment, the selection of personnel is carried out through special platforms where applicants post resumes. If earlier for the initial contact with hr it was enough to send data about yourself, then soon everything will change. Now the candidate will first pass a short automated question / answer format test. For this, for example, Google-forms or other online questionnaires will be used, collecting brief information and downloading it to the recruiter in the mail. And only after a “successful delivery” a future employee will be asked for a resume. Such screening will help save time and improve the result of job vacancies.

In addition to automated selection, which is so popular in IT recruiting, another useful tool will come into the general – video interviews. Big cities, international companies, globalization – global trends are changing established methods of selection agencies. Now a telephone interview will not be enough – for serious positions you need to know more about the person, to observe him, his reaction.

In internal recruiting, changes will also occur. If earlier attempts to close vacancies through employee recommendations were targeted, now large companies integrate more funds into this tool. Moreover, special programs like Empoyee Referrals appear that help to monitor the effectiveness of the recommendation system both within the company and on public sites such as Facebook.

PS According to forecasts, next year the main headache hr is also transforming. Now it’s not the search for relevant candidates that will become the cornerstone, but the attempts to attract and motivate them. Which again brings us back to the need to work on the brand of the employer.