What Ukrainian specialists (not programmers) will be attracted to it?


In 2020, recruiting trends retain their positions: the staff wants to work in IT, and employers cannot find developers and other specialists to work in IT. HR managers of companies are forced to change their requests to about-it professionals: now a marketer does not have to have experience with the blockchain in order to get an interview in the main business center of the country. However, a recruiting agency is more likely to hunt you if you have the appropriate skills. And wages, of course, will be better. In our article, we will prepare a list of recommendations that will help you grow as a specialist.

  1. In whatever near-marketing profession you would develop, shift your focus to the global goal – the growth and development of your company. For this, recruiters recommend “leaning” on training and practice in the field of product thinking. Learn more about product marketing, working with databases and their visualization to optimize production, produce product maps, principles of marketing design.
  2. If you work with people, then in the digital world your skills in writing manuals (internal communications, instructions, training programs), performance management strategies based on the received data (yes, again working with arrays and information) will be in demand. In addition, it is advisable to pump your skills of empathy, the ability to motivate and integrate a team for a great purpose.
  3. HR-s of it-companies will be looking day and night for cool sales managers for their products. However, even in our database of inquiries the number of required sales specialists is 3 times higher than the number of representatives of other professions. In honor will be the skills:
    – building a sales strategy (including recommendations for the marketing department)
    – knowledge of customer retention practices
    – the ability to maintain market position when changing the focus of the company
    – design service
    – ability to adapt quickly with internal changes of the company

4. Well, for those who are not afraid to change their profession and are ready to “enter IT” as an it specialist, you should pay attention to the following professions: frontend & backend developers, fullstack, testers (automation), devOps. The more “in the subject” and closer to development, the easier it will be to find a job and grow on the career ladder.

And some relevant statistics to explain why we talk so much about it:

Of 4921 it-specialist interviewed, 62.2% work in this area from 1 to 5 years (almost half – up to 2 years)
Moreover, the level of their wages is from $ 2000 and almost every year this minimum grows by $ 100-200.
And, best of all, working in it you can safely stay in your favorite city or look for yourself in any country in the world – smart specialists are easily taken for remote work and / or a convenient schedule.

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