How to recruit a team for an it-startup


Recruiting, especially in the IT field, is the same market where buyers (clients) can attract the best developers (in the context of “more suitable for their project, with relevant experience / knowledge”) for payment (good pay / cool project / benefits / individual conditions). With prey, the one who can offer more or is able to bargain leaves. IT startups are the second. Let them have less payment or worse conditions, but they:

In our experience, the speed of closing a vacancy for a startup is approximately 2-2.5 times higher than for a large it-company. Just because the customer is more responsive.

Steps to close a developer’s vacancy with it-recruiters in a startup:

  1. Determine the USP vacancies: it’s good to study the product that the candidate will have to work on, discuss “flexible” moments with the client, and draw a portrait of a potential candidate.
  2. Concentrate on “hangout” developer habitats: thematic sites, forums, groups in social networks / telegram. Our candidate should look for something more than just pay in a future job. He must have an inquiring mind and, as they say, an open-mind – such a person can be attracted to the project with perspective.
  3. Reduce the interview stages to the minimum number, persuade the client to give test assignments directly at meetings. Try to convey the idea that in this case, the closing efficiency is directly related to the speed of interaction.
  4. A cool developer is the main link in the recruitment chain for a startup. After signing the offer, you can interview him for recommendations of other missing links.

We use the same strategy for marketers, managers, salespeople. They may have a little experience, but it is necessary – this is a completed higher education in the chosen field, communication skills and willingness to work on KPI are well developed.

A startup is about a result, not a process. Its employees must be checked for effectiveness even at the stage of interviews.

We do not want to say that general recruiting is easier than IT. But 20 years of work in the Ukrainian labor market have taught that a growing interest in the field of information technology makes its representatives more in demand, and, therefore, selective in finding a job.

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