What is the difference between recruiting and hr?


Recruit Alliance is a recruiting agency providing recruitment services. In this article we will act as experts rooting for a team of recruiters, although, of course, our favorite representatives of client companies are hr 🙂

Many companies, especially those related to the IT sector and start-up startups / entrepreneurs in Ukraine, simultaneously pursue 2 goals: to hire the best specialists (in this situation, competent and “inexpensive”) and save on selection. In order to contact recruiters less often, the founders invite hr to cooperate, promising him or her to work with employed personnel, although they soon set a task to close positions. A person without appropriate skills does this for a long time and not in the way that management would like. Taking care of the employees working in the company and managing to monitor the market for closing vacancies is sure to burn out.

In fact, the profession of “recruiter” is closer to the field of sales. The selection specialist performs many “selling” functions: from attracting the best candidate to selling him the brand of the employer. HR more often studies labor law, encourages employees to develop, launches training programs for them, and monitors effectiveness. Sending hundreds of messages, studying thousands of resumes is difficult to combine with a thorough immersion in the organization of work processes in the enterprise.

Even in the most innovative startups, HR is engaged in large-scale but familiar work of “supporting” employees: weekends, holidays, illnesses, accrual of salaries, etc., but most importantly, it makes sure that they feel happy at work.

Of the 56 hr-managers we interviewed, 36 admitted that before concluding a contract with us, they themselves closed all vacancies. But it turned out that such savings in recruitment led to a noticeable decline in morale, both for the personnel manager and the team as a whole. In order for the work processes to not stop, it was decided to turn to a professional recruiting agency.

So, how to create an effective HR department to do without recruiters:
1. Recognize that for different functions you need to hire different specialists;
2. If possible, automate the selection process or develop an internal CRM (especially relevant for team work and before the “large” set);
3. Eliminate hr & recruitment department from administrative tasks;
4. Prepare training videos (job descriptions) for new HR professionals;
5. Determine the optimal rhythm of work and set the KPI for sourcing / selection;
6. Organize several meetings of HR and representatives of the financial department to discuss possible costs and determine budgets. The sooner this happens, the easier it will be for managers to work.

Recruiting and hr are different professions within the same profession. If you are looking for a quality closing of vacancies in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine – contact us.