At the end of last year, LinkedInk compiled a list of the most sought-after specialists in 2020. The assumption was based on the number of vacancies posted, a study of their growth and open communications between companies, recruits and job seekers. In short, in the future our world is waiting for Isaac Asimov and IT-technologies – robotics, artificial intelligence and engineering. But, dear humanitarians, do not rush to be upset – for us, too, have left few places with good pay.

Of course, the posted data will be more relevant for those who are looking for an opportunity to relocate or already work in IT in the USA. Trends tend to spread, especially in the era of remote work, interviews on Skype and globalization.

So, dear agencies and companies for it and the general selection of personnel, pay attention to the resume of the following specialists:

Artificial intelligence specialist

Annual growth rate: 74%

Skills: machine learning, deep learning, TensorFlow, Python, natural language processing

Robotics engineer

Annual growth: 40%

The leading industries hiring these job seekers are: information technology and services, industrial automation, computer software, financial services, automotive

Average annual wage: $ 85k

Data scientist

Annual growth rate: 37%

Skills: Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, R, Apache Spark

Average annual wage: $ 143k

Full-stack engineer

Annual Growth: 35%

Skills: React.js, Node.js, JavaScript, AngularJS, CSS

Average annual wage: $ 82k

SP Engineer

Annual growth: 34%

Skills: Amazon Web Services, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker Products, Terraform

Average annual wage: $ 130k

Specialist in working with customers

Annual growth: 34%

Skills: Software as a Service, Salesforce, Customer Relationship Management, Account Management, Customer Retention

Average annual wage: $ 90k

Sales Manager

Annual growth: 34%

Skills: Salesforce, Software as a Service (SaaS), Leadership, Sales

Average annual wage: $ 60k

Data engineer

Annual growth: 33%

Skills: Apache Spark, Hadoop, Python, Extract / Transform / Load (ETL), Amazon Web Services

Average annual wage: $ 100k

Behavioral Health Technician

Annual growth: 33%

Skills: Applied Behavioral Analysis, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Behavioral Health, Mental Health

Average annual wage: $ 33k

Cybersecurity specialist

Annual growth rate: 30%

Skills: cybersecurity, information security, network security, vulnerability assessment, information security

Average annual wage: $ 103k

Backend developer

Annual growth rate: 30%

Skills: Node.js, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services, Git, MongoDB

Average annual wage: $ 100k

Chief Revenue Officer

Annual growth: 28%

Skills: strategic partnerships, startups, software as a service, market entry strategy, executive management

Average annual wage: $ 70k

Cloud Engineer

Annual growth rate: 27%

Work-unique skills: Amazon Web Services, cloud computing, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins products

Average annual wage: $ 80k

Javascript developer

Annual growth rate: 25%

Skills: React.js, Node.js, AngularJS, JavaScript, CSS

Average annual wage: $ 110k

Product creator

Annual Growth: 24%

Leading industries: information technology and services, financial services, computer software, insurance, hospitals and healthcare

Average annual wage: $ 115k

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