IT specialists are now in demand more than ever. Their salary level is growing every year, and the number of vacancies greatly exceeds the purely “free” Middle + level developers.

Question: Is it realistic to choose the best IT specialist in your segment without spending the entire company budget on it?

We answer: Of course, yes, but with nuances. The easiest way is to contact an it recruiting agency. But if there is a desire, then you can try to do it yourself.

If you are the owner of the company and before that did not face the closure of it-vacancies, then urgently try to delegate the task to a more competent employee (ideally the manager of the department of the it department). Surely, you simply will not have time to learn the intricacies of it-recruiting (stacks, programming languages, GitHub checks, etc.), and without this knowledge, the chances of finding a developer that meets your requirements tend to zero. At the same time, your full-time it-schnick will be able to correctly create a vacancy, and check the competence of candidates, and, which is especially valuable, think over additional tasks that will help to “load” a future employee.

If you have an idea about the it sphere, but you are a beginner startup without a budget, think of alternative ways of motivating / attracting specialists. What could it be:

If you can boast the skills of a good negotiator / salesman:

Try to find an opportunity for collaboration: if you are launching a useful product (for example, an online advertising optimization service), offer it outsourcers free access to the product with no limitation period for a good sale discount.
Chat the artist, giving him flexible conditions: not tough deadlines, the ability to work on the project not a full time, a limited number of edits, etc.
Offer the implementation of your project as a diploma to teaching it-schools with a proposal to immediately hire a student who can get as close as possible to solving the problem (at least have an idea of ​​the development stages). The mentoring of teachers should protect you from unsustainable developments.
Frankly, all these methods may not work in your case. We strongly recommend that employers save their nerves and time by contacting a trusted it-recruiting agency with a large base and experience.

We will be happy to advise you on any issue related to it recruiting.