Our agency has a good tradition – to share knowledge. In the office of Recruit Alliance, you can find several dozens of the most relevant books on Executive Search, recruiting, consulting and HR in Ukraine and abroad. On Tuesdays, as a rule, we discuss worthy book copies that have passed the test of interest and usefulness.

Today we decided to make a selection of “eternal” literature for recruiters who decided to move to the big league. These are books about motivation, about sales techniques. Without understanding how the candidates who are hunted and searched through Executive Search think, you cannot grow in that direction. But having at least theoretical experience in the field will be much simpler.

So, TOP books highly recommended by us for reading:

“Money Ball” (The Man Who Changed Everything) Michael Lewis has already been screened, but the book, as usual, is stronger. This is a story about a baseball manager who, without a lot of money, figured out how to get every chance of winning with the help of proper recruitment. The book will teach you to find true talent among those who could be underestimated. In addition, it proves once again that it is not necessary to have large budgets for victory – faith in victory and accurate calculation decide everything.

“Hire with your head” Lou Adler – the book is not new, but it describes the trends of the American labor market, which gradually come to Ukraine. It’s especially good for recruiters working with it-companies, where the topic of freelance, outsourcing and transitions from project to project has shown the advantage of quality over the number of working hours in one place.

“96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before Hiring,” Paul Falcone will be helpful for the selection managers who have already learned Svetlana Ivanova’s works along and across. The book is not a list of questions and the correct answers. She talks more about causal relationships in long dialogues with the applicant and shows how to correctly interpret the answers to behavioral questions.

“How to Identify a Liar” by Gregory Hartley and Marianne Karinch – literature that slightly reveals NLP, but if used wisely, the unpleasant consequences of excessive credulity can be avoided. The authors seem to say that people lie and that’s normal. But if your task is to see more than they want to show you – which, incidentally, is important for the Executive Search manager – then find a couple of free evenings to learn tips on how to recognize manipulative practice.

“Who” by Jeff Smart and Randy Street. This is a real scientific treatise, written in a simple and understandable language, about how the HR department works in large companies and how much its error costs to the business owner. On the one hand, this material will tell you how to reach the full-time HR manager through solving his problem. On the other hand, why it is important not to make a mistake when selecting TOP management.

Read books, find out more and share your findings with us 🙂