5 books about recruitment and sales


The recruiter’s book Tuesday is back on air. Today we’ll talk about the literature that we will really encounter in the library of a recruiting agency. Of course, some of our “burning” heads find time to read foreign literature and listen to podcasts. But with a greater probability at a small talk on a thematic forum you can discuss with a colleague of their other office only Ivanova’s works or new items in NLP.

Although many companies invest in the development of their staff. For example, if you didn’t get to know Lebon and his Psychology of the Masses during your university years, now is the time to order a purchase for the boss. For HR and those who work with staff, you need to be able to convince without screaming. In addition, relevant negotiation tactics in obviously difficult situations will be useful to you.

To learn more about job descriptions, job placement methods, the nuances of personnel work, etc., can be found in the book “Personnel Manager Handbook”. It gives a thorough digression into the life of HR, which is especially useful for agent recruiters and those who plan to work on tenders with government customers.

“Consulting sales” has long been the reference book of sales specialists of our agency. Recruiting is not just a service, it is a constant consultation and analysis. Offering to find a specialist in the company, the recruiter takes responsibility for the main resource of the business – its people. Therefore, it is important, even at the stage of discussion of possible cooperation, to very clearly indicate the values ​​and find a compromise in the format.

The recipe book for the right interview, “Important Questions for an Interview,” by Victoria A. Hovermeyer, names 701 topics for discussion with applicants. They are especially useful during interviews, because they will help to reveal both unpreparedness and rehearsed answers. Actual for all areas.
Well, our favorite book, motivating you not to waste time on Executive Search, is “Hire Rock Stars” by Jeff Hyman. We have already talked about rock stars in the company that help take off the coolest projects. Moreover, their added value is made by the fact that they charge people around them. Strong leaders, top managers, leaders – all those whom Ukrainian businessmen have been looking for in their teams for so long.

And these are only 5 books that are worth scrolling through in the near future. Although in fact there are 1001 of them, because in each work you can find something important. Even if we turn to the cinema, where for the first time the Oscars were awarded a foreign film about hired employees. But if the owners of the house turned to the agency, then there might not have been a story 🙂

But this is a completely different story.