Increasingly, recruiters, especially Executive Search, are finding it harder to close a project. This applies to three groups of applicants in Ukraine: high-level IT specialists (Middle +), TOP management and unique specialists. In 2020, recruiting companies spend many hours looking for a competent contractor in new directions, such as promotion, smm, PPC, production, etc. And every year there are more vacancies with highly specialized skills in the field of online promotion, the age of the candidates is younger, and their requirements for a new job are more original.

Global trends affect everything: fashion, nutrition, lifestyle, and therefore working conditions. If earlier people sought wealth as such for the sake of status and material wealth, now the focus has shifted to the possibility of self-realization, creativity and life-work balance. More recently, in large cities, working hours occupied all daylight hours, and “life” began closer to night. A couple of hours to sleep was enough for young people in the morning to again plunge into a not-so-interesting labor routine necessary for survival. During this period of time, the main arguments in negotiations with potential candidates for Executive Search specialists were: money, official bonuses (car, payment of relocate, etc.), status.

In the 21st century, values ​​have changed rapidly. According to Phillips research, 92% of people surveyed who work think that quality sleep is the most important element in their health. In their opinion, a dream is their personal guarantee of well-being, which affects good relations with a partner, interest in life and motivation in work. They will not sacrifice personal comfort even for the sake of very financially attractive long-term job offers.

The second necessary minimum for the dream to work in 2020 is the opportunity for spiritual growth and self-development. Of great importance is belonging to something important, developing. An ideal company should have a good library, courses, paid hours for training. However, managers often meet subordinates who want to grow professionally. It’s just that before employees did not always talk about their desire, while the Z generation considers this a must-have item on any offer.

Well, the last thing that is important is the focus on caring for the environment. Of course, in Ukraine it is more difficult to do this – waste recycling, the use of decaying materials in production and energy saving do not stand on stream. But you can start small and thereby gain confidence.

Therefore, it is important for a recruiter to be in a trend, follow the news in the world, be interested in new professions. This will allow us to give higher indicators for work, and to feel ourselves “on the wave”.