This year, the turnover of the Ukrainian it-business will exceed the $ 5 billion mark, experts say. According to the database of recruiting agencies, which regularly cut and analyze the it-market, now there are approximately 4000 companies in Ukraine. In addition, we are regularly contacted in search of IT personnel for relocate to Europe and the USA. And this is a small fraction of the $ 3.7 trillion spent per year on information technology in the world. Basically, recruiters are asked to pay a Middle specialist, which means that his salary level will start at $ 3,000. You can actually earn a similar amount (and even more) by closing one such vacancy. Therefore, there are many who want to join the it-sphere and the Ukrainian it-recruiting market is growing. Although it happens, it is going through difficult times due to high competition.

Each agency has its own base of developers / QA / support / designers / etc, who were interviewed earlier, but for some reason they did not come up or were not interested in the offered vacancy. These people are a very valuable resource: they have a high level of knowledge and are rarely in an open job search. They have 4 years of experience in the it field and a portfolio worth hunting for.

In very small it-recruiting agencies, there may be a “virtual” base of potentially interesting it-employees, formed through deep sourcing or using ready-made selection algorithms. It’s normal practice if there is no free, ideally suitable candidate at the moment. In this case, the timing of closing a vacancy depends on the professionalism of recruiters (as a rule, the first “show” of 2-3 relevant applicants in the first week).

Therefore, it is necessary to choose it-recruiters at the call of the heart, no matter how arrogant it sounds. The best minds and reliable professionals are involved in the field now, but the one to whom the client can truly trust will show a good result. Indeed, too much depends on a properly functioning communication chain.

If you have questions that will help you decide whether to apply for a service, you can ask us.