Out of staff – can it be legal?


Last month, Ukrainian Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Timothy Milovanov unveiled the curtain on the draft new Labor Code. Now it will talk about outstaffing and outsourcing, which will help staff to build more flexible relationships with the employer. An international practice with 50+ years of experience will finally be on the agenda with us. All this once again confirms: outstaffing services is not only legal, but also very convenient for all its participants.

All outstaffer activities are regulated by the contract and the Laws of Ukraine. Therefore, the withdrawal from the state is an absolutely legal way to optimize costs. We have already described the mechanics of the interaction of participants many times, and what nuances can be and what to look for when choosing a contractor.

The outsuffing service will interest the owner of the company who is ready to move away from operational processes and focus on global goals, for example, developing a new direction or increasing sales department performance. In Ukraine, large international companies have resorted to optimization, which have already used outstaffing in countries where both head office (USA, Korea, European countries) and production are located.

Litigation occurred exclusively with non-resident providers. Those outstaffers who work under the laws of Ukraine and are current registered legal entities in our country, have probably never encountered legal proceedings. Moreover, if their client is it-companies, “renting” Ukrainian developers on a large scale for a project and on a long-term basis.

By the way, in the field of IT, the concepts of “outstaffing” and “outsourcing” are often considered similar. Of course, their mechanics are somewhat similar, and the nuances are exclusively in the legal field.

If you are a representative of an IT product company or a startup, and are looking for a reliable development partner, be sure to learn more about the following points:
– The real level of salary of the corresponding specialist in the market – it may turn out that you were looking for a Senior engineer, and “rent” Middle, at best, for $ 7000 with real $ 2500
– How many more projects are there in the partner’s work, so as not to be yet another temporary customer with whom they work without a soul (which is really important)
– Confidentiality
– Duration of contract and penalties in case of break

These are just the first steps to consider. You can learn more by calling 0632371696 and 0673214664