How does the selection of an IT specialist in Ukraine begin?


To begin with, in it-recruiting agencies, requests for the selection of developers come, for the most part, to the general mail. Next, negotiations with the client begin, drawing up general requirements and discussing the algorithm of work (in some cases, the requisition may be confidential or have other restrictions). We will discuss in more detail the first stages.

The sales funnel in it recruiting looks like this: sourcing (at least 300 cold contacts) – contacts (20 warm) – interviewing (8 meetings) – 2 offers – 1 employee. Given the low efficiency, it is necessary to carefully prepare the text of the vacancy and the interview script.

In addition to the clear requirements for hard skills, it is advisable for the client to get complete information about the project, its prospects and team. We understand that Team Lead is most likely very busy with current tasks, but a short discussion with him of expectations from the candidate will greatly simplify the search.

In the labor market, the requirements of employers for employers are slightly different from other professions. For them, basic needs are wider, including those that are considered to be “buns” or additional bonuses. For example, this applies to personal adaptation in the first week, paid training, regular corporate events for a reboot, tight work with the team, openness and accessibility of management, etc. Of course, there is nothing unusual in this list, but, alas, not every Ukrainian company can provide such working conditions.

In the item “not necessary, but desirable” for a strong employer brand, transparent information about the company, work on the development of talents, the ability to influence business processes and implement your ideas remain.

What exactly should be in a perfectly composed vacancy for an IT worker (from the most important to the least significant):
– Technologies and methodologies used in the work
– Working conditions
– Salary
– Project Description
– Company specialization
– Learning opportunities
– Social package
– Buns
– A few words about the team
– Corporate Culture at a Glance

And only after the finished vacancy and clarification of additional issues with the client, sourcing and selection begins. You can learn more about them by leaving a request on our website.