What can go wrong in communication with a client-recruiter


Client-performer communication always consists of compromises. But during the crisis that we have been observing over the past few weeks, the number of “sharp corners” is growing exponentially. Let us today allow ourselves to relax a bit and talk about what can be annoying on both sides in the recruitment process.

общение рекрутера с клиентом подбор персонала рекрутинг корона

Problem 1: Let’s start your search now, but we will get a candidate for work after quarantine

As a rule, if a person is in search, then he plans to begin to carry out tasks now. Maximum – after 2 weeks. Finding the best job seeker on the market (especially relevant for quarantine IT recruiting) is no longer easy, and keeping it unaware for several weeks, especially months, is a task with three stars. Good developers from our database receive 5 offers per day, therefore even the most interesting projects may simply not wait for him.

Problem 2: Do not call the salary plug in any case – let the candidate (TOP manager or Senior +) specify at the interview

Let’s be honest: recruiting is the same market where demand is satisfied by supply. If the applicant is interested in the project, but I want to know how much they evaluate his work, this is normal. Of course, the recruiter is required to comply with the terms of the contract and may “pull” with the answer for some time. Or try to persuade the candidate to voice their expectations, confirming that they fit into the company’s budget. We would recommend to be as honest as possible, even with a recruiting agency – this will help to build the right negotiation process.

Problem 3: We have no time to keep stop lists

To begin with: stop lists are lists of applicants who have already tried for this position and have not come up. The market in Ukraine is quite small and among many recruiters the pool of candidates competent for the selected position will consist of approximately similar candidates. Of course, everyone will offer “their own”, but repetition is quite possible. In order to preserve the reputation of professionals and not violate the confidentiality agreement, it is worth knowing in advance who to screen out.

Problem 4: Cancel Interviews – From Today We Freeze The Project

Almost every company, including a recruiting company, is currently going through difficult times. Remaining human is the only thing that matters, because the crisis will end, and the first impression will remain forever. It would be a good decision to inform in advance and, if there is a ready pool, close the round of interviews with those who have already prepared the test task.

The task of the Recruit Alliance is to find a constructive solution even in the most difficult and conflict situations. Therefore, we recommend that you do not forget about the role of mutual respect and ethics in work processes.