When is it better to delegate the selection of top management to a recruiting agency?


Very often, companies do not order their own HR departments to search for top managers, but turn to recruitment agencies. There are several reasons for this:

An internal recruiter is busy with projects of a middle level of. They are pulled by all managers, internal customers, and they close the vacancies as fast as possible. Therefore, external consultants are engaged to close the position and not to waste time.

A situation when both internal recruiters and the market should not know about  a vacancy opening. Most often the agencies are engaged in this case. It happens that agencies are looking for a candidate, and the person is still working in this position – and a strategy of their replacement  is just being prepared. Because it is not always possible to dismiss a top manager overnight.

Internal HR managers are not always trusted the selection of top-level managers due to internal communication, internal connections. There are very serious risks that a person, who is planned to be replaced, will find it out and will go somewhere ahead of time, or vice versa – he/she will fix his/her position and remain in business. That is, various manipulations are possible on their part.

A situation where a company cannot act on its own behalf. For example, a manager knows for sure that he/she wants to have a particular person from a certain company, but there is an agreement with it not to take aggressive actions. In this case the agency represents the company.

A small HR department. For example, this often happens with pharmaceutic companies. Then the HR department actually controls the work of providers, its function is to provide communication with them.

Lack of access to the body (to the customer) from internal recruiters and the possibility of access from agencies. Then the agency is also given the vacant positions.

And there can also be an inverse task – they turn to agencies to employ a top- manager of the company or take him/her away from the company so that they themselves do not know about it. This happens more and more often currently. This is a hidden outplacement. That is, you need to make sure that the person leaves voluntarily, and they are sure that they themselves quit, having received the best offer, and in no case they went to the competitors of the company, to whom the employer does not want to let them go.