Raising an employee or looking for a unique specialist is the first question when choosing Executive Search


We have already discussed the prospect of “growing” talent within the company instead of Executive Search. In order for this process to go smoothly, hr must prepare an employee development plan within the company in advance. A possible minus of this strategy is the turnover, which is observed in 75% of companies.

Agencies providing the Executive Search service warn that this selection will cost more than traditional recruiting and may take longer. At the same time, the removal of a working employee to a new position may be faster, although it will take some time to adapt.

In fact, you should resort to Executive Search when the missing “link” is a very specific or rare specialist with unique knowledge. Well, or a TOP manager who could lead a company / department and successfully cope with his duties. Responsibility for the results of the work of the found specialist lies, among other things, with the Executive Search Agency, because, as a rule, a 3-month guarantee “acts” on him.

In Ukraine, the Executive Search school as such never existed – all the knowledge that recruiters use was acquired by them in practice or obtained through training in international companies. Recruit Alliance Agency has long been an official representative of a well-known international recruiting company, therefore it has experience in selecting unique specialists with the competencies that the client needs.

A vertically growing employee within the company may hide his dissatisfaction with working conditions, especially if he was promised an increase. A specialist found from outside will agree to change his job only if he prepares a comfortable workplace, convenient geography and other nuances.

Preparation for Executive Search takes place in several stages, at each of which the client receives an interim report from the agency. It:
– mandatory screening for preparing a long-list followed by a short-list
– determination of the terms of selection, including the level of confidentiality
– several interview circles with selected candidates
– preparation of the offer
– control of the appointment of a hired candidate

Summing up, we can say that not every company can afford the Executive Search service. But for complex vacancies, it can be a really effective solution.

If you want to know more about the cost and features of this service – contact us for advice.